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Dispatches from Mobile Senior Bowl 2022 Wrap Up

A very large segment of the over 2,000 NFL Executives, League Personnel people and the media are gone by Senior Bowl gameday. Thank you football gods. There is now room to breathe for those of us that are hardcore Draftniks who stay for the actual game. And for those who say the game does not matter, I say… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL NFL Draft First Round Prospects

The most frequent question that I get asked during Senior Bowl week in Mobile every year is which players of the 100+ who are present for the game will end up being First Round Picks in the upcoming Draft. So as I regroup from the week, and the almost 500 mile drive home, Sunday I will grab the… Read More »


The Senior Bowl Game is tomorrow and today is a day of rest for most of us covering the game, whether we like it or not. So as I was searching for Shrine Game stats, unsuccessfully I might add, I was looking at my composite practice notes for the week. As I did so it came to me… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL 2022 Dispatches from Mobile

I think I have everything dried out from Wednesday’s rainy practice sessions. The notes today will be a bit disjointed (which may not seem new to you) but juggling backpacks, pens & notebooks, while trying to not absorb too much rain was a struggle. Football is a game you can play in the rain, but it’s not much… Read More »

Senior Bowl Impressions Tuesday

The stadium is closed and the sun is setting, somewhere behind those clouds, to the West out my hotel window. The first practices are in the books and hundreds of us will be tweeting and blogging about what we thought we saw going on. Let’s get right to the QB situation, as that always seems to be of… Read More »

“Way Too Early” 2022 College Football Power Rankings

Yes, it is way too early to get a big snapshot of the FBS rankings for 2022. But then again when the editor (read the boss) requests such a piece, then the time is right. We pretty much know which guys are headed for the pros, but are still a bit away from the secondary deadline day for… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s Final 2021 All-Rookie Team

The regular season has concluded and I have my final All-Rookie Team for you. Because it wraps up the season I am also including a list of notable Rookies who just couldn’t quite impress me enough to make the team. Some of these guys were injured part of the season, while others came on late after a slow… Read More »

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rankings (pre-Bowl) 12-04-2021

Here we go folks. I did these rankings late Saturday night as the Michigan game was wrapping up. I have witnesses who will verify that timing. ALABAMA    12-1    Seen this before haven’t we?! Guess I will also add that I have to vote for BRYCE YOUNG/QB as the Heisman Winner. MICHIGAN   12-1     JIM… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 13, 2021

The big news of this past week in college football, at least on the field, truly had to be JIM HARBAUGH, and Michigan, finally beating Ohio State.  No matter what anyone in the Wolverines’ Football Program says, that is one huge gorilla off of their back. Coach BO can rest easy, for now, up in football heaven. They… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 12, 2021

And the slaughter of college Head Coaches continues as Florida’s DAN MULLEN bit the dust after the Gators lost again, this time to Missouri. So now, IMO, the race is on to grab Billy Napier away from Louisiana/Lafayette, which just upped it’s season record to 10-1. That gives the former SABAN assistant his 3rd straight 10-Win season there.… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 11, 2021

It’s late in the season, but the hits just keep on coming, as Dick Clark used to say. The magic that had been CALEB WILLIAMS ran out on the Oklahoma Sooners as they were soundly beaten and beaten up by a high energy BAYLOR football team that handed the Sooners their first loss of the 2021 season, in… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 10, 2021

It’s time for Fall chaos in the world of College Football. We are starting down the home stretch of the season and teams are wearing down, in most cases. Therefore, we are seeing multiple top ranked teams bite the dust with upset losses. This past weekend, unbeaten Michigan State lost to Purdue, and the magic glass slipper was… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 9, 2021

They scheduled a football game out in Provo, Utah last Saturday night, and a basketball game broke out. That’s not true, but for folks who check the college football scoreboard it must have looked that way at first glance. But it was only a case of both teams having mediocre defenses this season, and their offenses picking up… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 8, 2021 College Season

As usually transpires, as the season progresses, teams continue to show their true colors. But hiccups occur, like in the Big Ten, where despite the return of SEAN CLIFFORD at the QB position, and playing at home in Happy Valley, the Nittany Lions fell after what felt like a gazillion OT’s, to lowly Illinois. As good of a… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 7, 2021

I guess one of the big stories around college football last weekend was the announcement that LSU had reached a buyout agreement with Head Coach ED ORGERON. There had been hot rumors flying around all season that the LSU Athletic Director, who did NOT hire Coach O, was looking to hand the football program over to someone of… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 6, 2021

Some rather “interesting” developments amongst some of the best football programs in the country were pretty hard to miss last weekend.  First of all was the end to the longest Win streak in college football when Texas A&M Head Coach JIMBO FISHER did indeed pick off his old boss, NICK SABAN, in Aggieland. What made it so impressive… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 5, 2021

It seems quite clear to me, as we almost reach the halfway mark of the 2021 Collegiate Football season, that ALABAMA and GEORGIA are clearly 1 & 1A in whichever order you prefer. Georgia handled Arkansas, who was coming off of their big win over QB-less Texas A&M, with their own backup at the helm, while Alabama ran… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 4, 2021

Just a brief explanation of how I decide what games to watch for scouting purposes on any given weekend. The primary, overriding criteria, by far, is the competitive nature of the matchup for each game. I absolutely refuse to create a thumbnail on an athlete playing for a nationally ranked program that is playing some cream puff competition.… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 3, 2021

Let’s see here… Southern Cal fired respected Coach Clay Helton a week ago. And the Football Gods have responded, and with a vengeance. Starting QB KEDON SLOVIS went down to a serious injury against Washington State. He was replaced by true frosh JAXSON DART, who had a great game against Washington State. This story sounds eerily familiar for… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 2, 2021

I want to flash back one week to start this week’s edition of WCME. I ran out of time last week, and did not have enough time to watch my recording of the Nevada/Cal game from Week 1 action. I have since watched it, and felt like I needed to flash back and give my impressions from watching… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 1, 2021

The college football season has truly begun, after a “fake” start the final weekend of August. We were presented with a full slate of games, with some high powered matchups. There were plenty of upsets, and even more close calls for highly ranked teams. Expectations are that we will be watching a plethora of legit NFL candidates in… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Training Camp

I am skipping to my highest ranked teams, who seem to be sure shots to battle deep into the Play-Offs next January/February. You might ask, and rightfully so, what happened to teams 7-24? As I did my initial roster perusals looking for plusses and minuses, it became clear to me that there is a huge cluster of teams… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Preliminary/Training Camp

It’s never too early to look at how teams stack up competitively, even at the start of Training Camps.  This is the time of year when optimism reigns supreme for most fans, but for others the bad news has already started, ala injury issues for MICHAEL THOMAS/SAINTS and CARSON WENTZ/COLTS. But let’s take the big picture into account… Read More »

DRAFT Review 2021 AFC West

And last, but not least, we look at the AFC West, with young star QB PATRICK MAHOMES. The CHIEFS took it on the chin in the Super Bowl, trying to repeat their 2020 title there. But their OL let them down and cagey vet  TOM BRADY took apart the CHIEFS secondary. The CHARGERS, led by star Rookie QB… Read More »

DRAFT Reviews 2021 NFC West

Let’s head West for the NFC Division with the CARDINALS, RAMS, 49’ERS, and SEA HAWKS. It was a strange 3 days for these teams in general. The 4 teams combined for only 27 Picks overall. The SEA HAWKS, thanks primarily to credit card trades to bolster their 2020 roster, were left with a measly 3 Picks, the fewest… Read More »