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We are still almost 2 months away from the opening of NFL Training Camps, but now that VFA and the Draft Process are pretty much concluded it is certainly not too early to talk about the pros and cons of roster shuffling that has taken place around the League. So let me start with the AFC West and… Read More »

College Football 2015 Musings

I truly intended for my next article to be some new analysis of the 2015 Draft and team roster improvements around the NFL. That is still on my agenda, but while doing some early 2016 prospect research I came up with some College Football observations that I just had to put on paper. I couldn’t help but chuckle… Read More »

2015 DRAFT in the Rear View Mirror

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the present becomes the past in today’s high speed tech world. The Draft is still less than a month ago and yet to many folks it is a distant memory. Now that I have caught my breath I want to revisit how that event has affected rosters around the League.… Read More »

PACKERS 2015 Roster

Clearly, yours truly has not gotten the PACKERS out of his system, despite now living in Florida. I have been printing Rookie lists and checking on NFC North rosters in recent days to put together a post-Draft gain/loss article and found myself getting caught up in September roster projections for Green Bay. So despite all common logic I… Read More »

All-Star Draft Scoreboard

One of the major components of the pre-Draft off season events each year is the parade of All-Star games that dot the calendar, primarily in January. There primary value is to provide a look at prospects in pads and competing against players who will be fellow Rookies in the NFL the following season. There has been a lot… Read More »

Day 2 Review Day 3 Projections

I have always felt that Rounds 4-7 truly make or break an NFL teams’s Draft each year. Teams ought to be able to do well in the Top 100. But finding a couple of eventual starters in Round 4-7 is critical to long term success. Teams must also acquire some depth and Special Teams help in the rounds… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

PACKERS fans try to relax, but it’s looking like there will not be an ILB worth picking by the PACK @ #62. Maybe Whitey can draft a FB and slide him over to ILB later in the Draft. BY the way if any of you missed it the PACKERS do intend to switch their No, 1 Pick S/RANDALL… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

OK one of the bad boys has been taken… DGB. This is somewhere between PLAXICO BURRESS & LARRY FITZGERALD. The question is can someone in the TITANS organization get inside his head and mentor him. Kid has had a tough life and deserves the benefit ogf the doubt and a chance to turn himself around as a human… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

Did you listen carefully that when the pick was read PRESTON SMITH was called a LB? Not sure I see him as being that mobile. He’s also a bit light as a 5-Technique. This reminds me a lot of RYAN KERRIGAN coming out of Purdue. Home team… DA BEAS are up. It has to be a defender. Go… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

I’m not betting on it but the JETS could sure use an all around TE like MAXX WILLIAMS in that Offense. Just sayin’ Lots of money and effort tied up in the JETS receiving corps with this pick of DEVIN SMITH. Wake up BROWNS you needed him. Better get another WR targeted and pull her trigger RAY FARMER.… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

Hey REECE this is not DONOVAN McNABB it’s SMITH. Really impressed at the Senior Bowl. Plug and play RT. Two stinking picks and ESPN needs a commercial break already?! Gonna be a long nite with commercials. I have no intention to blog with every pick tonight so bear with me. I promise i am making projections before the… Read More »

Draft Blog Day 2

A big strapping S in lANDON COLLINS. THat is a solid choice and a big need for the G-Men IMO. he should have been taken last night. TJ CLEMMINGS or JAKE FISHER to protect JAMEIS?! With all the offensive needs they may have to tie LOVIE down tonight.

Draft Blog Day 2

So here we go and Uncle Colin is on the edge of his seat with news that the GIANTS have traded into the TITAN s spot at No. 33. Who they lookin at Colin? Word is that LA’EL COLLINS is indeed still in this Draft pool. Could JAELEM STRONG be the guy for the G-Men? Maybe MAXX WILLIAMS/TE… Read More »

Round 1 Random Thoughts

Round 1 is in the books from Chicago and overall not too many surprises. Clearly despite all the disclaimers most teams did indeed see Marcus Mariota as a potential Franchise QB. The TITANS had calls to trade up but their king’s ransom requests were too much for other teams to stomach. I don’t think anyone wanted to repeat… Read More »

PIGSKIN PAUL’s Top 100 2015 Draft

Here are my Top 100 players as we head to Draft Thursday. 1 Jameis Winston/QB/Florida State 2 Marcus Mariota/QB/Oregon 3 Leonard Williams/DL/USC 4 Amari Cooper/WR/ALabama 5 Kevin White/WR/West Virginia 6 Donte Fowler/ER/Florida 7 Trae Waynes/CB?Michigan State 8 Vic Beasley/ER?Clemson 9 Danny SHelton/NT?Washington 10 Todd Gurley/RB?Georgia 11 DeVANTE PARKER/WR/Louisville 12 Brandon Scherff/G/T/Iowa 13 Ereck Flowers/OT/Mami 14 Malcom Brown/DT/Texas 15… Read More »


I got a late request to do a PATRIOTS Mock. This can often turn into a bit of an exercise in futility. Trying to read the mind of LITTLE BILL is tough as heck. But why not give it a shot. Let me start though, by saying that the team has already acknowledged that they don’t see the… Read More »


The TEXANS have a been somewhat of a roller coaster team the past few years and much of the issue has been at the QB position. But I’m not convinced that is an emphasis in their current Draft plans. Replacing older & departed players might be a bigger concern, along with finding more help up front for All-WoRLD… Read More »


THe NFC South is arguably the weakest division in the NFL. The Panthers and Falcons look to hit the jackpot in this Draft and put them themselves in the hunt with the SAINTS, who look to be retooling. FALCONS Round 1, Pick 8 VICTOR BEASLEY/ER/CLEMSON/6’3/246 GBN Rank: 8 He’s a monster behind the opponents line of scrimmage. His… Read More »


Before I get back into Team Mocks I want to post a list of players who I do not see getting the luv they deserve… IMO. I want to get it up now because several names on this list have suddenly gotten some mention in the media this past week. The list is a week old in my… Read More »


The BROWNS struggled with their Draft Class of 2014 because of “personal issues” with both their top Picks. But don’t expect the team to look at only boy scout personalities or panic for perceived needs this time around. They have more than enough needs to simply draft for the best players available to them…. I think. BROWNS Round… Read More »

With some serious VFA signings it seems like a clear signal that the COLTS are all-in to win a Super Bowl now! To that end let’s add the following Draft group of Rookies to their roster. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Round 1, Pick 29 CAMERON ERVING/T/C/FLORIDA STATE/6’6/313 GBN Rank: 29 It’s never a bad thing to add a player right… Read More »


Let’s start today’s Mocks with one of the few teams that does not have a Pick in Round 1. Despite that void, and another in Round 4, the BILLS have generated a lot of off-season buzz because the new sheriff in town is named REX RYAN. Any and all help they can procure in this Draft will be… Read More »


OAKLAND RAIDERS Reggie McKenzie is still trying to pull this team out of a black hole and fighting that inward-sucking momentum/powerful is very difficult. He has a full compliment of Picks this time around, but nothing extra. The team looks to have signed a better class of VFA, so adding a solid Draft to that effort could mean… Read More »


Time to move along with two of the most popular teams as the GBN Report website. Both have rosters in shake-up mode again, as they seek to get younger and back into serious Play-Off contention. NEW YORK GIANTS Round 1, Pick 9 LA’EL COLLINS/OT/LSU/6’4/305 Most feel COLLINS is the safest, most pro ready OL in the Draft. He’s… Read More »

Rankings By Position

by Pigskin Paul Guillemette, GBN Associate Editor We’re closing in on the 2015 Draft and I felt a need to make a few positional ranking changes. So here they are, subtle as most may be. QB: Sure things here do not exist. Between off-field baggage and read/option offenses the reality is risk and uncertainty run rampant. That and… Read More »