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What PIcks by Team Mean to me

I will assume that most of you have made good use of one of the GBN’s best Draft tools… the Picks by Team chart. Nothing I’ve seen elsewhere packs more info into a couple of pages than Colin’s summary. So let me tell you what I have gleaned from his spread sheet/chart. 1) There are only 253 Draft… Read More »

Under Valued Draft Prospects 2016

Every Draft season we have our standard categories for articles about Prospects: Mock Drafts, Top 100 lists, Sleepers, Overrated/underrated etc. Not to get too cute or play semantical games with you, I would like to put a slight twist and abstain from referring to players as underrated, but rather to term them as Under Valued. So here is… Read More »

RB Prospect Wear & Tear

Much of the de-emphasis on the RB position every year when the Draft rolls around, at least in recent history, is due in large part to the current pro emphasis on passing attacks. But there are some other major factors in play. With the seeming “equal” ability of more players these days chances of grabbing a good RB… Read More »

Post Combine Watch List

I find it amusing, and perhaps a bit pathetic, that in today’s world of what’s happening now, things from a week ago are like ancient history. Hey folks, the NFL COMBINE, which many people can’t even see in their rear view mirror anymore, ended one week and a day ago. Come on folks that is not ancient history.… Read More »


Even though I would be the first to admit that too much emphasis can be placed on what this year’s Draft prospects do later this week at the the NFL Combine in Indy, in their undies, I would also maintain that the info gathered during the process is a very large piece of the jigsaw puzzle that composes… Read More »


One of the great things about sports, beyond the realm of gambling, is the myriad of opportunities fans get to second guess decisions that are made from trades to starting line-ups to critical play calling and ad infinitum. So let me join in the chorus of voices making judgements on the wisdom of the recently (albeit tardy) release… Read More »



Who Caught My Eye Bowl Edition

ANDREW ADAMS/S/UCONN 6’0/198 #22 The best all-around defender on the UCONN roster proved his worth again in their Bowl loss as he more than held up his end of the defensive effort. I saw him miss badly on one open field tackle in the 2nd half, but that might be considered nit-picking for a guy who was credited… Read More »

Thinking Out Loud

I spent most of my Sunday watching Week 17 of NFL action, the final regular season games. I did not watch every game of course so I will be careful not to comment on game action from those I did not actually see. But here are my thoughts based on what flashed, or crawled across my TV screen,… Read More »

College Football Rankings Nov. 23, 2015

The season has trickled down to a precious few. Most teams have only 1 regular season game left (a few have 2) and then many big dogs have Conference Championship games to play. Here is how I currently rank the Top 20, with a look at who they still have to play. There could still be some ranking… Read More »

College Football FBS Rankings 11/10/2015

Here we go again in the topsy turvy world of College Football. We had 4 major unbeatens bite the bullet over weekend 10 of the season. We might lose another 1 or 2 this weekend, but let’s take a look at where Pigskin Paul sees teams ranked as of today. 1) CLEMSON 9-0 With a solid W over… Read More »

Mid-Season NFL All-Rookie Team

Taking into account BYE Weeks, we are pretty much at the midway point of the NFL season. I thought I’d look around the League and put together an All-Rookie team. Clearly, this team could look quite different at the end of the season, primarily because of injuries and late developing players. For instance, LB/JORDAN HICKS/EAGLES just went down… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 10

The dreaded double digit number appears and we all know that the College Football season is dwindling down a precious few weeks. Keeping my focus in check, here are some guys who got my attention in games this past week. VADAL ALEXANDER/OT/LSU 6’6/320 #74 A very long, athletic player. Much more of a finesse OL than a bulldozer.… Read More »

College Football Rankings No.3

Let’s get right to it and post my Top 20 just before the NCAA publishes their first official rankings of the season Tuesday night. 1) LSU 8-0 The big showdown with ‘Bama is coming up and I’m still liking the talent and the karma that this LSU squad is riding. 2) CLEMSON 8-0 The Tigers had a lot… Read More »

College Football Rankings 1.1

We are now halfway through the regular season for FBS teams and it’s time for me to update my team rankings. I am still giving the nod to all major programs that have a zero in the loss column. Then I have four teams sharing the 15 spot. When I post 1.2 in another two weeks these 1-Loss… Read More »


Don’t cringe when I say this but some college teams are already half way through their 2015 season. The Shrine Classic and Senior Bowl are just over 3 months away. And we are within months of a new HEISMAN Trophy winner. So along that vein how about me listing my Top 6 Heisman Hopefuls?! LEONARD FOURNETTE/RB LSU The… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings

October is here and the NFL season has hit the first quarter pole. Accordingly, here is Pigskin Paul’s first Power Ranking list for the League. The list is a combination of actual won/loss record, as well as my take on where the teams rank relative to each other. I am also trying to take into account what I… Read More »

College Football Rankings 1.0

College Football is over for the month of September, which means it is time for PIGSKIN PAUL’s initial Top 25 rankings. This is my ranking list to reward teams that have gotten off to a fast start and posted all victories for one month. No doubt some of these programs have been beating up on weak sister teams… Read More »

Thinking Out Loud NFL Week 1

Just to preface this piece with a bit of an explanation, it is meant to serve as a weekly potpourri of happenings in the world of football that struck a nerve or cord within me. It may range from topics sublime to ridiculous, or occasionally serious, but pretty much always football related. So, this week let’s look at… Read More »

Thinking Out Loud: NFL Roster Thoughts 2015

Almost like an annual right of passage I print up 32 team rosters and pour through the numbers. How many Rookies, how many new players overall, how many players 30 or older, and on and on. Then I present a few observations that seem like they might have some significance in the big scheme of pro football for… Read More »

Pre-Season Week 3 Part 3

Too many games, too few waking hours! I’ve got 3 more game wrap ups for you today but that will leave 3 games uncovered: CHICAGO @ CINCINNATI & PATRIOTS @ CAROLINA, not to mention the RAMS/COLTS game that I never got a recording of. Sorry to fans of those 6 teams. The JAGS subs managed to snatch defeat… Read More »

Week 3 Pre-Season Part 2

Despite the eternal optimism of the opening of Training Camp for almost every NFL fan the sad reality always creeps in and dampens the dreams of Super Bowl for all but a few franchises. Here are some doses of reality, as well as some causes for optimism. SEATTLE made the long flight down to San Diego and nipped… Read More »

Pre-Season Week 3

THis week I’m going to be a bit more brief with liner-notes about the games. With roster cuts already under way and the College Football (i.e. DRAFT scouting time) underway game by game wrap-ups are just not practical. BROWNS 31-7 over BUCS. After walking all over the other team from Ohio in Week 2 the BUCS got a… Read More »

Pre-Season Week 2 Final

I’d like to tell you that I saved the best week two games for last, but that s not the case. By and large these were as lackluster as the previously reported contests. Usually the starters played so briefly there wasn’t enough time to get truly excited and beyond that you’d have to be rooting for some young… Read More »