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With deference to our Editor, let’s start off my Team Mocks with his favorite team the G-Men in NYC. I will expect a critique and alternate picks from him, in short order, after this is published. But for now… Round1,Pick23 HAASAN REDDICK/LB/TEMPLE 6’2/237 PPR#22 Once upon a time the GIANTS D was ruled by perennial Pro Bowl LB… Read More »

PROSPECT Rankings 2017 DRAFT

Lots of work to do between now and Draft so lets wrap this up and take my Prospect List out to my Top 200 players… 1) MYLES GARRETT OLB TEXAS A&M 6’5/272 2) LEONARD FOURNETTE RB LSU 6’0/240 3) JAMAL ADAMS SS LSU 6’0/214 4) SOLOMON THOMAS DE STANFORD 6’3/273 5) JOE MIXON RB OKLAHOMA 6’1/225 6) MALIK… Read More »

TIRE TREAD on RB Draft prospects

Sooner or later when you take your car into the garage for preventative maintenance the technician will look you square in the face when handing you back your keys, as well as presenting you with a bill for the damages, and say “You might be in need of new tires the next time around. Your tires are getting… Read More »

More COMBINE Thoughts from PIGSKIN

I cannot believe today’s “NOW” society at times. I’m still pulling together numbers and notes from the NFL Combine, and being accused of living in the past by some. The Combine wrapped up less than one week ago! How can it be old news?! All of our observations cannot be based on first impressions, so I will continue… Read More »


Seems like I never learn from some of my previous mistakes. Every year I make the same mistake around NFL Combine time. I watch hours and hours of coverage on NFLN and take notes while I watch. Then I decide to wait until I see a bit more the next day before writing anything for the website. Before… Read More »

Ranking DEFENSIVE Position Groups 2017 DRAFT Part 2

Now it’s time to finish up my group rankings as we prepare for the NFL COMBINE this coming week. ILB Group There is always a bit of disagreement within the scouting community on ILB vs OLB, but not too many would dispute that the best pure LB prospect may be REUBEN FOSTER?alabama. FOSTER reminds me a lot of… Read More »


Our defensive discussion will start with the big guys up front. For this year’s projection I am going to work with the time honored position groups of DE, DT, ILB, OLB, CB & S. But bear in mind this kind of breakdown is starting to feel more and more outdated with the absolute lust for edge-rushers about to… Read More »

Ranking Offensive Position Groups 2017 DRAFT Part 2

Let’s take a look at the remainder of the offensive position groups.. RB GROUP As often happens in the NFL, it appears to me that the importance of the running back positions is back on the uptick. The passing game can be more exciting to fans than a good run game, but depending upon the opponent’s defensive scheme,… Read More »

Ranking Offensive Position Groups 2017 Draft

The COMBINE plays a larger role for me with every year that passes, it seems. I want to see more of those underclassmen in action, as well as small school guys. I also like having an idea how fast players are in comparison to their peers, even if it is only in their underwear. But while we wait… Read More »


Players will begin showing up for the Shrine Week activities this weekend, with the game scheduled for the 21st. Sunday will be the day that players find out what this game is really all about with visits to the Shriners’ Children’s Hospital in Tampa. ‘Strong legs run, so weak legs may walk’. This year’s event will mark the… Read More »

WHO CAUGHT MY EYE Bowl Edition Part 2

Just when you thought we might be through with prospect thumbnails I have dusted off my notes from the second half of the Bowl season. By this time next week I’ll be deeply immersed in prep work for Shrine Week. But I did find some impressive work from prospects during the past couple of weeks, and wanted to… Read More »


The regular season is all but over and it’s time, IMO, to take a look back at the Rookies who stood out in 2016 around the NFL.Not just a starting lineup, but an actual roster of top first year men. I fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d like to see this roster face off in… Read More »

BOWL WATCH Dec. 30th

Rolling along toward the big time games we come across out first real match up in the Orange Bowl, but first let’s check everything on the 30th. GEORGIA (7-5) Vs. Texas Christian (6-6); LIBERTY BOWL; NOON PM ET; ESPN … Somewhat down years for both programs in 2016. But both teams have solid talent and look to be… Read More »


PITTSBURGH (8-4) Vs. NORTHWESTERN (6-6); PINSTRIPE Bowl; 2 PM ET; ESPN … The Wildcats are a feisty bunch under HC PAT FITZGERALD. They started the season slowly, but played some really solid ball to end the year at .500. The play a bit of Offense and a bunch of Defense. But they are likely to be outclassed in… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Bowl Watch

It’s our last chance to see prospects in live game action as the Bowl season trudges on. In some cases the games are bereft of serious prospects to thumbnail because almost 150 were done during the regular season play. But in some cases there are also previously injured players who are returning to action. On the downside the… Read More »


Time to give this a whirl, pre-Bowl season. Luckily we now have a Final Four to look forward to in January. But until that process rolls around, here is how I rank teams heading into the Bowl Season. 1) ALABAMA 13-0 Really! Any questions here? 2) CLEMSON 12-1 May not have rolled over many opponents, but had enough… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 14

This pretty much wraps up our weekly prospect thumbnails of the week since the 2016 College football season is now over. But wait, in a couple of weeks the Bowl season gets underway and will provide us with more prospect play to review. TARELL BASHAM/DE/OHIO 6’4/265 OHIO #93 There may be almost as many questions about BASHAM’s pro… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 14

Except for ARMY/NAVY this is the weekend for the final games of the 2016 season. We have a mix of Conference Championship games as well as the wrap up of the Big 12 regular schedule. LOUISIANA TECH (8-4) @ WESTERN KENTUCKY (9-3) by 8; C-USA Title Game NOON/ET ESPN … Two well known names in the world of… Read More »


DANIEL CARLSON/PK/AUBURN 6’4/215 #38 JR It is not very often that I look to Kicker underclassmen as prospects for declaring early for the NFL Draft, but after watching CARLSON again this season I think he is as close to being a dominant player at the position as we can get right now. And for way too many NFL… Read More »


Time to give you a preview of some of the game match-ups on what is often referred to as rivalry weekend in College Football. This is the last full schedule week in the 2016 season. Amazing how the past 3 months have flown by. Another amazing season, with perhaps a few surprises left for this weekend. TOLEDO (9-2)… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 12

DANTE BARNETT/S/KANSAS STATE 6’1/195 #22 Team leader who lost his 2015 season to a shoulder injury in Sept. He was 2nd Team All Big-12 back in 2014. Is back looking as good as ever. He is a fine all-around player who is effective in coverage and is aggressive in run support. He’s always around or on his way… Read More »

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rankings #4 11/20/2016

Down to the nitty gritty folks with most top teams having 2 games left, which includes Conference Championships in the neXt few weeks. Hell, we’ll be watching Bowl Games in early December, but those games won’t include the teams below, or at least they shouldn’t. Here we go again… 1) ALABAMA 11-0 Is it just me, or is… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

OKLAHOMA STATE (8-2) by 5 @ TCU (5-4); NOON ET; FS1 State should be 9-1, but for officiating blunders and TCU lost 2 of its games by 3 points. TCU can stay in this one thanks in great part to having home field, and the improved QB play of KENNY HILL. But the fighting GUNDY’s are well balanced,… Read More »

College Match-ups Week 11

BAYLOR (6-2) @ OKLAHOMA (7-2) by 3; NOON/ET ABC Reality and distraction have hit the Baylor program, along with the tougher part of their schedule. OKLAHOMA has bounced back from a 1-2 start to seemingly right the ship. This is a critical game in the final month schedule gauntlet that the Big 12 puts it’s teams through. I… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 10

Ouch, Week 10 already in the books for the 2016 college football season. That hurts. That being said, the only positive side is that we’re only a touch away from two months until SHRINE GAME & SENIOR BOWL weeks… also known as Pigskin Paul’s Festivus Celebrations. Now for some players that got my attention in last week’s action.… Read More »