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Giants 1st round report

Please don’t spread it around but we effing nailed it in last night’s opening round. But, boy, what an emotional roller-coaster ride there for a few minutes. When first Miami, and then Detroit passed on taking DeVonta Smith with the 6th and 7th picks respectively, you really got the feeling that there was a really good chance that… Read More »

Giants draft chat preview

Pigskin Paul Guillemette will he holding our annual pre-draft chat at Eric Kennedy’s Giants’ fan site the Big Blue Interactive, which we feel is THE best NFL fan site in the league, at 1:30 PM ET later today. So please join us and have your questions ready! To set the stage, though, we (or ta least I) have… Read More »

Sunday morning Giants draft musings

Just about every draft cycle there comes a point we call the ‘too much analysis leads to paralysis!’ stage. We kind of think we are there for 2021. With less than 20 days until the draft, there likely isn’t going to be a whole lot of new information to assess before the picks actually start coming off the… Read More »

After FA signing frenzy what do the Giants do at #11

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the Giants signing first WR Kenny Golladay, and then CB Adoree Jackson, two of the top free agents on the market, earlier this week, we’ve had a bunch of emails asking who we think the Giants will now be taking with the 11th pick overall at the 2021 draft, now just 37… Read More »

Big Blue get their man and other Sunday morning thoughts on the Giants (and the draft):

It took awhile but the Giants finally got their man Saturday afternoon when they announced the signing of former Detroit WR Kenny Golladay, the guy who had been pretty much their top target once he became a free agent. Needless to say, Golladay didn’t come cheap with a 4-year, #72M contract. However, only $40M is guaranteed and we… Read More »

Thoughts on latest Giants mock

We made the comment in the introduction to our latest 2021 projection that this year’s draft is particularly hard to predict. And it’s particularly hard to predict what a team like the Giants with the 11th pick overall are likely to do. The problem is that the options Giants ultimately will have when they get on the clock… Read More »

Giants Senior Bowl game review: the edge rushers

We mentioned in our Senior Bowl preview last week that while the overall strength of the 2021 draft is focused on the QBs, WRs and corners, the strength of the class in Mobile this year were the defensive ends/edge rushers. And in our review of the game that’s who we kind of focused on because that also appears… Read More »

Follow-up Giants thoughts three months out …

The opening round of the 2021 draft gets underway three months yesterday and it seems like as good as any to update some of our thoughts from a couple of earlier draft-related pieces. We’ve been making the point that in picking 11th in this year’s first round, it is almost a given that the Giants are going to… Read More »

Giants Senior Bowl preview

With the scouting combine pretty much cancelled and the pro day schedule almost certain to be limited this year, the Senior Bowl which gets underway tomorrow in Mobile takes on added importance in this year’s draft process. And this year’s Senior Bowl presents an interesting opportunity for the Giants in their draft prep. In particular, while WR and… Read More »

Sunday morning draft 101 interview

Okay, so it’s not a real interview, but there are in fact ‘just’ 101 days until the 2021 draft as we speak and while there is still a lot of sorting out to do between now and April 28th, this year’s draft class is really starting to come into focus. What we have done is put together a… Read More »

Some thoughts on a weird Giants year!

What a weird year. And we’re not just talking covid here. Let’s review the major developments in the Giants’ season. Their second-year QB was not able to elevate his game to the next level as had been hoped; they lost their best player and only real explosive playmaker early in the second game of the season; they got… Read More »

One week to go; still in it!!

Hands up everyone who had the Giants playing a meaningful game on the final weekend of the regular season prior to the start of the season! Anyone? Didn’t think so. Yet here we are heading to week 17 and the Giants actually have a chance to advance to the playoffs. Beat Dallas and if Washington loses in Philadelphia… Read More »

Giants re-up Logan Ryan

Nice little present for Giants’ fans, not to mention the Ryan family, when the Giants announced that FS Logan Ryan had been resigned to a 3-year, $31M contract extension, with $20M guaranteed on Christmas Eve. It actually was a little bit of surprise in that while Ryan has been one of the unquestioned leaders of the Giants defensive… Read More »

Potpourri of Pre-Christmas thoughts

Merry Christmas mock: Over the past few weeks we’ve received a number of emails from Giants’ fans asking whether we thought it was worth it for the team to win make the playoffs, but at the cost of dropping down into the second half of the opening round of the 2021 draft (which for those keeping track of… Read More »

Break up the Giants!!!

Hands up anyone who figured the Giants would be in first place on the first day of December after they started the season 0-5. And no, none of you guys who were bitching that the Giants ‘would never win a game this year!’ don’t get to put your hands up. Yet here we are on December 1st and… Read More »

The Giants’ Andrew Thomas question

Who is that stiff out at LT and what have you done with our #1 pick? That’s the question we’ve been getting on a regular basis in the past few days from frustrated Giants’ fans wondering WTF is going on with Andrew Thomas, their #1 pick – with the 4th selection overall – at the 2020 draft who… Read More »

Where to from here: some early thoughts on Giants’ 2021 draft options

With the Giants at 1-6, no game until next Monday, and the draft just over 6 months away we’ve been doing a little thinking about some of the Giants likely options when the draft does roll around. And what pops out is that almost wherever they pick in this year’s opening round, they are going to have some… Read More »

Studs and Duds versus Eagles

Well, that was frustrating! For 54 minutes, the Giants played an almost perfect short week road game and appeared to be on the verge of a second straight win when they took a 21-10 lead over the Eagles with less than seven minutes to play. And just for an instant, one started to think that just maybe the… Read More »

Giants trade DE Golden to Cards for late pick

Giants trade DE Golden to Cards for late pick … After last night’s disappointing loss in Philadelphia which pretty well knocked them out of contention even in the woeful NFC East, the NY Giants traded veteran DE Markus Golden to Arizona for what is being reported as a 6th round pick in 2021. Golden led the Giants with… Read More »

Scouting report on OTs Peart and Thomas vs No-names

One of our favorite bits of Giants’ trivia asks the question “what do OG Tom Mullen, RB Joe Morris and OT Jumbo Elliott have in common?” Think about it for a minute! And the answer is that all three were second round picks who played the same position as the guy selected in the opening round AND went… Read More »

Studs and Duds from Giants first win of the year

Break up the Giants!!! It wasn’t pretty! In fact it was downright ugly. But the Giants, who had lost a couple of real heartbreakers earlier in the year, finally got off the schneid with a 20-19 win over the Washington No-names that wasn’t decided until the Giants snuffed out a potential game-winning two-point conversion with less than a… Read More »

Anatomy of a wasted off-season

As a general rule, we don’t like to spend a lot of time rehashing, past decisions especially ad nauseum. Fact is, very few decision in the NFL, whether it’s who to draft, make a trade, or sign a free agent come with a probability of success over 50%. Indeed, those are probably the ‘safe’ choices. That said, it’s… Read More »

Studs and Duds from Cowboys game

Post-game first impressions … Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but for the third time in four weeks, a Giants had a chance to win in a game at the end, but for the third time in four weeks came up short, this time losing 37-34 in Dallas when the Cowboys kicked the game winning FG… Read More »

Some thoughts on the Barkley pick

Over the past few weeks we’ve received a bunch of emails from Giants fans asking if we think the season-ending knee injury suffered by Saquon Barkley is the final proof that taking him with the 2nd pick overall in 2018 was a big mistake. To paraphrase the apparent thinking ‘sure Saquon was the best player available, but taking… Read More »

Giants survival guide

Note to Giants fans from a seventies survivor!!! … With the Giants stumbling out of the gate once again this fall – they’d have the #1 pick overall were the 2021 draft held this week – we’ve had a lot of emails from the team’s faithful asking if we would think about reinstating the old Giants Report to… Read More »