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DL/LB combine prospects to watch

We have this theory, based on the notion that we think Giants’ G.M. Joe Schoen, head coach Brian Daboll and company are looking to the 2023 draft less to simply fill holes in the roster and more as another step in the process of building a championship contender, that what they’d like to get out of this year’s… Read More »

Giants Draft Principles

Giants’ GM Joe Schoen doesn’t make the draft picks … Fact is he also doesn’t make the trades, doesn’t signed the free agents and doesn’t hire and fire the coaches. For that matter neither did Dave Gettleman nor Jerry Reese nor any Giants G.M. going back to the days of George Young. The Giants are a multi-billion dollar… Read More »

Giants post-season wrap: On to 2023

Needless to say, the Giants season did end the way anyone wanted after they got steamrolled 38-7 in Saturday’s NFC semi-final. We had thought that maybe the Giants could sneak up on the Eagles if they came into the game a little overconfident and maybe looking ahead just a bit to a possible conference final match-up with either… Read More »

Giants Report: Playoff Projection Thoughts

Giants Report: Playoff Projection Thoughts … We were thinking that we’d be posting our post-season positional grades for the Giants this week, but then they went out and upset Minnesota in the wild card round and are onto an NFC semi-final match-up with #1 seed Philadelphia Saturday evening. We were also always going to be posting an updated… Read More »

Next day thoughts

Okay, so maybe the Giants weren’t going to go 17-0 after all. And last night’s loss to the Cowboys was disappointing as the Giants didn’t play all that well. The offensive line was a sieve, especially in the first half;  the receivers were no-shows and probably should have been asked to buy a ticket to get into the… Read More »

An open letter to my Giants’ fans friends

Hey guys: The Giants are 2-0 for the first time in years; in fact, they are currently one of just 5 unbeaten teams in NFL. They have their hated rivals the Dallas Cowboys coming in for a Monday night game next week without their star QB. And what is my inbox full of? Emails from Giants’ fans asking… Read More »

First impressions on first win

Hands up everyone who honestly thought the Giants had a real shot of upsetting Tennessee, the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs last year, on the road to boot. Hands up anyone, and I really mean anyone, who honestly thought the Giants had any chance of coming back against the Titans in the second half after a first… Read More »

Why we’re a little more bullish on the Giants’ 2022 prospects than most! Or just do the math!!

It’s not necessarily unanimous, but there does seem to be a solid consensus out there, both among the fans and media, that 6-7 wins this season is pretty much the ceiling for the Giants this coming season. Here’s an example from the NY press from this weekend.  Call me a cockeyed optimist if you want, but my sense… Read More »

Observations from pre-season week one W!!!

We have a pretty strict rule when it comes to assessing stuff in the football world and that is ‘Never, ever base conclusions on just one game!’ The corollary is never, ever, ever base anything on a pre-season game, especially the first one. So we aren’t going to say much other than it was nice to get a… Read More »

Giants 53-man roster projection

With training camp now nicely underway we thought it might be a good time to post our man pre-camp (almost) opening day 53-man roster hich gives one a idea where the Giants’ strengths this season might lie (and they do have some strengths), as well as where there are weak links which, among other things, will need to… Read More »

Will the real Saquon Barkley please stand up!!!

Its clearly still the off-season, or at least until Tuesday when veterans report to the opening of the Giants’ 2022 training camp. And we guess people just have too much time on their hands waiting for camp to get going because we keep getting queries asking how we feel about the Giants’ selection of RB Saquon Barkley with… Read More »

Giants Mailbag: Summer edition

Hard to believe, but just two weeks today as we speak, Giants rookies will be on the field at training camp with the first full team practice scheduled for the following week. And that seems to be as good a time as any to empty the GBN Giants Report mailbag. Again, as noted previously we tend to get… Read More »

Giants draft review

Giants draft review … Over the course of the past couple of days we have been wracking our brain trying to come up with a word the  best encapsulates the Giants 2022 draft. In the end we settled on ‘strange.’ Of course, there was nothing strange about the Giants first-round selections of former Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux and… Read More »

a little late Giants buzz

A little late night Giants buzz … Not sure what to make of it, but we have picked up similar vibes from more than source that the two guy the Giants have at the top of their list (assuming Aidan Hutchinson and Travon Walker go 1-2) are Thibodeaux and Gardner with Stingley the fallback at #5 if all… Read More »

Giants report

Sunday morning Giants thoughts … New Giants G.M. Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have been making the pre-draft interview rounds as general managers and head coaches do. And they obviously trained with some masters as they haven’t said a whole lot in those interviews. However, the one thing that really did kind of jump out at… Read More »

Couple of stats to consider when wondering how we get there

Just a couple of quick stats we came across when analyzing the 4 teams in today’s conference championship games which may throw some light on what the Giants might consider when they start working on a plan to get back to the playoffs themselves. (And just for reference, we also included Buffalo in the data because both are… Read More »

Initial thoughts on new G.M. Joe Schoen (and the draft)

One of the popular refrains in the media and among fans the past few weeks was that the Giants were such a dysfunctional organization that no reputable candidates for G.M. or head coach would want to come here. So much for that refrain as the Giants were in fact the first team off the mark signing Buffalo assistant… Read More »

Giants’ season wrap: Looking forward, not back

We have been searching for a word or phrase that bets characterizes the season and what comes to mind is ‘well, that was a waste of time!’ Bad enough that the Giants finished a dispiriting 4-13, but that they really didn’t accomplish any of the season’s ancillary goals for all the losing. Of course, the main goal for… Read More »

The Myth of George Young

We’ve had several correspondents write over the past few days something along the lines that ‘what the Giants need right now more than anything is an intervention similar to 1978 when then-commissioner Pete Rozelle ‘saved’ the Giants by stepping in and forcing the Maras to hire George Young as the G.M. and take over the team’s football operations.’… Read More »


We are into the 4th quarter against the Bears and the Giants are hopelessly behind 29-3 in a thoroughly dismal performance. The only thing we can hope is that it was the Giants intention to tank from the git-go in hopes of getting one of the top 3-4 prospects in this this year’s draft. There is simply no… Read More »

Giants Fans’ Survival Guide: 2021 Xmas edition

Pretty much on cue after the Giants lost their last three games which pretty much ended any hopes, however slim, of somehow trying to sneak back into the playoff race, we received the usual deluge of mail with all the usual name-calling and finger-pointing. All of which has had us asking ourselves: “Really! I mean WTF were people… Read More »

Giants roadblock on road to Xmas mock

With the NFL regular season at the 3/4 pole – sort of – and the college campaign in the books, it is that time of year that we’d normally update our mock draft. We actually started the exercise earlier in the week and got off to a fast start, but then hit a major roadblock before even getting… Read More »

First Impressions: Bucs 30, Giants 10

Just in case anyone was wondering what it looks like when a really good team, say the defending Super Bowl champions, which started the season 6-1, but are all fired up after losing a couple of games in a row, plays a not-so-talented team which is probably feeling just a little too good about itself after unexpectedly winning… Read More »

Two guys talking Giants football

One of the great things about the internet – and there’s a lot that’s not good – at least for me is that it has allowed me to meet – sometimes even in person – a whole range of Giants’ fans from all over the country that never would have been possible pre-net. One of those people is… Read More »

Giants’ mid-season grades, Part deux: The defense …

When we posted the offensive grades earlier in the week we asked ‘would the real Giants please stand up! Are they the guys that bumbled their way to a disastrous 0-3 start in one of the easy parts of the schedule to open the year, or are the group that has gone 3-3 during arguably the toughest part… Read More »