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Initial thoughts on new G.M. Joe Schoen (and the draft)

One of the popular refrains in the media and among fans the past few weeks was that the Giants were such a dysfunctional organization that no reputable candidates for G.M. or head coach would want to come here. So much for that refrain as the Giants were in fact the first team off the mark signing Buffalo assistant… Read More »

Giants’ season wrap: Looking forward, not back

We have been searching for a word or phrase that bets characterizes the season and what comes to mind is ‘well, that was a waste of time!’ Bad enough that the Giants finished a dispiriting 4-13, but that they really didn’t accomplish any of the season’s ancillary goals for all the losing. Of course, the main goal for… Read More »

The Myth of George Young

We’ve had several correspondents write over the past few days something along the lines that ‘what the Giants need right now more than anything is an intervention similar to 1978 when then-commissioner Pete Rozelle ‘saved’ the Giants by stepping in and forcing the Maras to hire George Young as the G.M. and take over the team’s football operations.’… Read More »


We are into the 4th quarter against the Bears and the Giants are hopelessly behind 29-3 in a thoroughly dismal performance. The only thing we can hope is that it was the Giants intention to tank from the git-go in hopes of getting one of the top 3-4 prospects in this this year’s draft. There is simply no… Read More »

Giants Fans’ Survival Guide: 2021 Xmas edition

Pretty much on cue after the Giants lost their last three games which pretty much ended any hopes, however slim, of somehow trying to sneak back into the playoff race, we received the usual deluge of mail with all the usual name-calling and finger-pointing. All of which has had us asking ourselves: “Really! I mean WTF were people… Read More »

Giants roadblock on road to Xmas mock

With the NFL regular season at the 3/4 pole – sort of – and the college campaign in the books, it is that time of year that we’d normally update our mock draft. We actually started the exercise earlier in the week and got off to a fast start, but then hit a major roadblock before even getting… Read More »

First Impressions: Bucs 30, Giants 10

Just in case anyone was wondering what it looks like when a really good team, say the defending Super Bowl champions, which started the season 6-1, but are all fired up after losing a couple of games in a row, plays a not-so-talented team which is probably feeling just a little too good about itself after unexpectedly winning… Read More »

Two guys talking Giants football

One of the great things about the internet – and there’s a lot that’s not good – at least for me is that it has allowed me to meet – sometimes even in person – a whole range of Giants’ fans from all over the country that never would have been possible pre-net. One of those people is… Read More »

Giants’ mid-season grades, Part deux: The defense …

When we posted the offensive grades earlier in the week we asked ‘would the real Giants please stand up! Are they the guys that bumbled their way to a disastrous 0-3 start in one of the easy parts of the schedule to open the year, or are the group that has gone 3-3 during arguably the toughest part… Read More »

Giants Mid-season grades: Offense

Overall: So will the real Giants please stand up! Are they the guys that bumbled their way to a disastrous 0-3 start in one of the easy parts of the schedule to open the year, or the group that has gone 3-3 during arguably the toughest part of the schedule? The simple answer is that there is no… Read More »

Giants S Peppers tears ACL; off trade market

Giants S Peppers tears ACL; off trade market … With the NFL trade deadline now less than a week away as we speak, one name that can be scratched off the list of veterans who could be potentially be moved prior to next Tuesday is Giants SS Jabrill Peppers after it was reported that he suffered a torn… Read More »

First Impressions: Giants thump Panthers

Once again, Sunday’s win over Carolina proved one thing: Winning is way better than losing!!! And while 2-5 is way better than 1-6, you are still down there in draft pick territory. Again, what grates, and is going to grate pretty much all year is that the season was so close to really mattering. Throw out an inconsequential… Read More »

DEs on Parade in college football schedule

We have been making the case pretty much all fall that the 2022 draft just has to be about the defense in general for the Giants and the pass rush in particular. And if you are a Giants fan, this in fact is a great weekend to check out some of the better edge rushers likely to be… Read More »

First impressions of Rams’ drubbing

Anyone ever wonder what happens in a game in which the less talented team gets outworked, outhustled and outcoached. If you’re not sure, just re-watch the tape of the Giants 38-11 loss at home to the LA Rams Sunday afternoon. However, we shan’t be joining you; we know what we saw. Actually the Giants were competitive enough for… Read More »

Giants Fan Survival Guide: Chapter whatever

There ain’t no easy cures! However, as a survivor of the 1970s the one thing I can suggest to people is get off the roller-coaster. Three weeks after the Giants dropped to 0-3 with a second-straight last play loss, all one heard was a cacophony of ‘we’re awful; we suck! Fire the G.M.! Fire the owner! Fire the… Read More »

Giants win! Giants win! But still a little perspective please!!

Since the Giants finally got off the schneid with Sunday’s dramatic overtime win over the Saints in New Orleans we’ve been asked by more than one correspondent what it all means. The simple answer is that Sunday’s win proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the weeks following wins are far better than those after losses. You sleep better,… Read More »

Some musings at 0-3

Another week, another loss. Another week, another frustrating loss as for the second week in a row the Giants lose on a walk-off FG on the final play of the game. That drops the Giants to 0-3, again! What makes the last couple of weeks so frustrating is not so much that you lost, but you walked away… Read More »

Can’t win for losing!!

As we noted over on the main GBN page, we’ve had several correspondents, including more than one self-confessed Giants’ fan, asking when we’ll be posting the weekly, updated selection order for the 2022 draft. However, the fact is that it is still a little early in the season to get a real trend line on the various teams’… Read More »

A little perspective: Part deux

I received several emails over the past couple of days in response to this weekend’s post about having a little perspective following the Giants heart-breaking last-play loss in Washington on Thursday asking, in essence, was I implying with the piece that the team might actually be ‘closer’ than most people are giving them credit for. And my answer… Read More »

Giants report

Giants report: A little perspective … Afternoon everyone! Anything new? Don’t know about anyone else, but I was still tossing and turning when the sun came up this morning. What a frustrating, heart-breaking loss. And it was so frustrating and heart-breaking because the game was won. So maybe a little perspective might be in order. The Giants just… Read More »

Some thoughts on how we got here and where we’re going …

Things have finally started to pick up again in the NFL with training camps now nicely underway and the first full weekend of pre-season games set to kick-off literally within hours. And I’m probably I am not doing much more than preaching to the choir when I suggest that 2021 is going to be a huge year for… Read More »

Giants 1st round report

Please don’t spread it around but we effing nailed it in last night’s opening round. But, boy, what an emotional roller-coaster ride there for a few minutes. When first Miami, and then Detroit passed on taking DeVonta Smith with the 6th and 7th picks respectively, you really got the feeling that there was a really good chance that… Read More »

Giants draft chat preview

Pigskin Paul Guillemette will he holding our annual pre-draft chat at Eric Kennedy’s Giants’ fan site the Big Blue Interactive, which we feel is THE best NFL fan site in the league, at 1:30 PM ET later today. So please join us and have your questions ready! To set the stage, though, we (or ta least I) have… Read More »

Sunday morning Giants draft musings

Just about every draft cycle there comes a point we call the ‘too much analysis leads to paralysis!’ stage. We kind of think we are there for 2021. With less than 20 days until the draft, there likely isn’t going to be a whole lot of new information to assess before the picks actually start coming off the… Read More »

After FA signing frenzy what do the Giants do at #11

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the Giants signing first WR Kenny Golladay, and then CB Adoree Jackson, two of the top free agents on the market, earlier this week, we’ve had a bunch of emails asking who we think the Giants will now be taking with the 11th pick overall at the 2021 draft, now just 37… Read More »