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D-Day +2

We live in an Information Age, with all the access that we have through the internet and the general interest in sports that drives major networks to give us what we want, which is more sports info. However, I have found in recent years that in the rush to break stories or uncover information and get it out,… Read More »

The Morning After Draft Day +1 2020

I am always amazed how quickly the NFL jumps right from the Draft into Undrafted Rookie Free Agent (URFA) signings, vet roster cuts (based largely on what they got in the Draft) and limited leftover VFA signings. So let’s reflect a bit on some Draft numbers and what that has led us to today. Let’s start with non-Draft… Read More »

Pigskins POST DRAFT Prospect List 2020

As custom seems to dictate in the world of internet communication, it seems that once the NFL Draft ends, a plethora of “Best Still Avbailable” lists appears. So lest I be left behind, here are my top ranked, but undrafted prospects. Some of them are already signing and I can guarantee you that GBN Chief Scout Larry Parker… Read More »

2020 Draft Post-Round One

Looked to me like the most nervous guy in the room, so to speak, was Commish Roger Goodell last night. He didn’t have all the name pronunciations down pat, and he really screwed up his attempt to articulate that Las Vegas would get a mulligan by hosting the Draft in 2022. Interesting variety of Draft Room settings around… Read More »

Draft Pick Frenzy

The final piece of the 2020 Draft Puzzle fell into place a couple of days ago when the NFL issued a press release detailing the assignment of Compensatory Draft Picks around the League. The current, as of Thursday, CBA calls for up to 32 extra Picks to be awarded based on a formula devised by the NFL Management… Read More »

Draft Thoughts 2019 Post Nashville

Howdy buckaroos! Pigskin here, with Post-Draft 2019 pondering. Yes, I have been quiet for a few days. Quite honestly, I have been licking my Draft wounds, and trying to figure out the errors of my ways. I annually participate in The Huddle Report’s Top 100 projection competition. Some big time, and some small time, Draftniks are invited to… Read More »

Who’s Left for Day 3 2019 Draft

Just wanted to throw out names of my highest ranked prospects who did not go on Days 1 & 2. Volume is the name of the game for Day 3, with 4 Rounds and the vast majority of Compensatory Picks still be used. The good news is that the League strips down the Pick time limit to speed… Read More »

Who’s Left URFA Prospects

News has been a tad slow this year relative to exactly who is signing with who in the Rookie Free Agent marketplace. But fear not. You’ll be struggling to learn not only your favorite teams draftees but fifteen or more URFA soon. Just to give you a bit of a head start here are Pigskin’s best undrafted players… Read More »

Pigskin’s April 1st PROSPECT RANINGS

First off, let me proclaim that this NOT an April Fools joke article. I figure if guys like Jeremiah and McShay can give you their Top 50 then why shouldn’t I. Not sure what the logic is behind this concept, but the more info about the Draft, the more fun (and perhaps confusing) the whole process becomes. So… Read More »

Draft Thots By The Numbers

As I have expressed to you recently I am amazed at the trading frenzy that has involved movement of Picks for the upcoming 2018 Draft. Players and Picks seem to be flying all over the NFL, and I am sure we are not done yet with this activity. But for now I would like to make some numeric… Read More »

Pigskin’s March Draft Thots

To borrow/modify a phrase or two, it occurred to me this week that the first thing Draftniks need to do at the end of April is to open up the GBN Report and head to Colin’s Picks by Team page and print it up, lest they not be able to tell the Picks without an updated prgoram. Then… Read More »