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Draft Day Thots Pigskin’s A.M. Edition

Just a few things to think about less than 12 hours from the start of Round 1 tonight… Might be important for Patriots fans to know that the current Picking order for them is now, R1, Pick 21. R2, Pick 54 R3, Pick 85 R4, Pick 127 R5, Pick 158 R6, Pick 183, Pick 200, Pick 210 R7,… Read More »

Clip Notes and Questions from Star Games

OK, let’s get some of this settled and clear from the get-go. I am only talking about the Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl here. Not only because they are the top “talent” games, but also because they are the two games I invested about 100 hours-plus of my life attending this year, which includes lots of practice time.… Read More »

Draft buzz

There are just ten days to go until the 2018 draft gets underway and for the most part it remains very quiet out there, although some speculative rumors about a possible three-way deal between the Browns, Bills and Giants re-surfaced in the past 24 hours. What appears to have set off the latest round of rumors regarding that… Read More »

What they are saying out there …

There is a growing drumbeat around the league that Cleveland is seriously considering taking Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the #1 pick overall at this month’s draft instead of USC’s Sam Darnold, who has been the consensus favorite to be the pick pretty much since the draft process started. Is it smoke or is it real? Mark Kay… Read More »

No buzz today: Tuesday, April 10

The start of the 2018 draft is literally two weeks and normally at this time of the year the NFL community is awash in rumors about potential trades and who’s hot and who’s not on draft boards around the league. For whatever reason, though, it’s dead this year. At the same time, though, it is believed that both… Read More »

Pigskin’s March Draft Thots

To borrow/modify a phrase or two, it occurred to me this week that the first thing Draftniks need to do at the end of April is to open up the GBN Report and head to Colin’s Picks by Team page and print it up, lest they not be able to tell the Picks without an updated prgoram. Then… Read More »

Under the Radar 2018 NFL Draft

I guess in a time long, long ago, I might have labeled this a “sleeper” article. But that word has gotten too ‘cliche’ for today’s Draftniks. So until it too is worn out, I will label these players as ‘under the radar’, relatively speaking. As we head into the Combine this week, I have selected a baker’s dozen… Read More »

2017 NFL Draft Recap

Colin has already presented you with multiple numbers to digest from the Draft last weekend, so I will try my best to avoid duplicating too much in this brief article. As most of you know by now, I am a big fan and proponent of our annual January Star Games, as Colin likes to refer to them. The… Read More »

QB PROSPECT throwing velocity 2017

Thanks to DAN SHONKA at for providing the following info that appeared in their annual Draft Guide, which was mailed out last week to smart subscribers. It’s a list of throwing velocity from the top QB prospects. The throwing was done at the February COMBINE in Indy. I have also now included Wonderlic scorers as provided by… Read More »


I will doing one final Prospect Rankings revision this weekend. But I thought I would share with you (while I take a brief respite from Team Mocks) my top ranked small school guys as of today. Small school basically includes FCS, D-2 & 3 and a few other categories. For good measure, I have also included a couple… Read More »

Ranking DEFENSIVE Position Groups 2017 DRAFT Part 2

Now it’s time to finish up my group rankings as we prepare for the NFL COMBINE this coming week. ILB Group There is always a bit of disagreement within the scouting community on ILB vs OLB, but not too many would dispute that the best pure LB prospect may be REUBEN FOSTER?alabama. FOSTER reminds me a lot of… Read More »

by Grumpy Lindsay, GBN Editor Where’s the buzz … The 2016 draft gets underway a month today and remains still relatively quiet around the NFL with little real buzz about trades and the like, although there is still some percolating just below the surface. This week, for example, Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey, one of the leading candidates… Read More »

Top ten dilemma

Top ten draft??? … Earlier today, old-new Philadelphia G.M. Howie Roseman created a few headlines around the NFL media when he suggested that one of the reasons the Eagles traded veteran CB Byron Maxwell and LB Kiki Alonso to Miami and the 13th pick in this year’s draft for the 8th pick overall was that the Eagles feel… Read More »

First impressions

Sometimes it is better just to be lucky … NFL teams put in literally thousands of man hours in evaluating college football players across the country in preparing for the draft so we are always very reluctant to criticize what they do on draft day because they just have that much more information  than we do. It also… Read More »

Draft day buzz

They’re back !!! … With just 10 hours or so to go before the actual picking starts at the 2015 draft there are still conflicting reports as to what will happen with the second pick overall. The one story that simply will not go away is that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles are still very much in… Read More »

Draft day eve update

For those living in the Tampa area who thought they caught a glimpse of Florida State QB Jameis Winston in town on Monday, don’t get glasses adjusted. Winston was in fact there to play in a charity golf tournament hosted by former Bucs’ star LB Derrick Brooks. However, while Winston’s agent was also along for the golf, there… Read More »

Monday update

More quiet trade rumblings … With the draft now just over 75 hours away, there’s barely a pulse on the NFL draft buzz meter. However, new Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan offered up an interesting observation at his pre-draft presser earlier today. McCloughan suggested that it was likely that the Redskins’ phone might be ringing off the wall in… Read More »

No love for Jags; Raiders getting calls …

With all the focus on top-rated QBs Jameis Winston of Florida State and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and the first two picks in next week’s draft, one sometimes loses sight of the fact that there are actually 32 picks in the opening round. There are also some very good prospects on the board other than the two QBs. So… Read More »

Game of QB musical chairs continues

Of course, there may always be another shoe to drop sometime between now and April 30th when the 2015 draft kicks off, but sources around the league seem pretty confident that the civil lawsuit filed against Florida State QB Jameis Winston by the female student that had accused him of sexual assault back in 2012 will not impact… Read More »

Reading the tea leaves

Just maybe the most interesting information to come out of Tuesday’s pro day at Florida State was that both Tennessee and the New York Jets had a full complement of senior personnel executives, including their respective GMs, head coaches, offensive co-ordinators, QB coaches, plus other assorted coaches, at the event ostensibly to check out FSU QB Jameis Winston… Read More »

Crashing the party

With the 2015 draft still some 5 weeks away there appears to be considerable movement of players up and down draft boards around the league. The following are a number of players who may not have been much more than third-day prospects when the draft process started, but have moved well up since and may actually have begun… Read More »

Draft buzz: March 9

While most of the focus on the NFL these days in on the start of the new football year tomorrow that signals the official start to free agency, there is actually a lot percolating just below the surface at the draft. It would seem, for example, that whether he is ulttimately rated the top player in this draft… Read More »