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2018 DRAFT WRAP Part 1

It is my intention to be writing almost exclusively for the next few weeks about the recently concluded. So for those of you with attention deficit disorder adios real soon and I suggest you check back at this spot around June. IN the meantime for you hard cores who do NOT consider anything visible in your rear view… Read More »

Is USC QB Sam Darnold slipping

Is USC QB Darnold slipping? … We won’t know for sure whether it simply represents a bunch of guys getting up on the wrong side of the bed, but there are a number of media analyses out there this day which are not kind to the draft fortunes of Southern Cal QB Sam Darnold. Darnold has long been… Read More »


Count on articles all week long reflecting on the 2016 Draft. Contrary to what many millennials think being 2-4 days old does not make the Draft ancient history to be stored in an archives section. For starters, it was noted in an earlier article today that out of 107 underclassmen to declare for the 2016 NFL Draft 77… Read More »

DRAFT BLOG 2016 Saturday

OK I confess that I took a power nap in my lazy boy from late in Round 5 until just before MORITZ BOEHRINGER of Germany became a super star of reality TV, NFLN style. It made for great TV but the more I watched the replays I began to get the feeling that it was not quite as… Read More »

Day 2, 2016 NFL Draft

So in reality the league has supposedly skimmed the cream off the top of the 2016 NFL Draft. And to a great extent that is true, but.. As we all know this is far from an exact science, which in essence means that the 98 players selected so far are not necessarily the absolute best of the huge… Read More »

Pigskin’s Night One Draft observations

You cannot accuse the first day of the Draft as being boring. In too many cases it was a little too chaotic and active. LAREMY TUNSIL was the most distracting and disturbing figure of the evening. A tweeted video before the process began was most disturbing. Speculation has been that his step-father was behind the bong smoking video,… Read More »

Denver has just moved up 5 spaces in a trade with Seattle for the 26th pick. No doubt the Broncos looking for a QB likely either Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook. In return Seattle gets the 31st and 94th picks.

Houston moved up one spot – it cost them a 6th round pick in 2017 – to flop the 21st and 22nd picks with Washington. Texans then took explosive, albeit inconsistent Notre Dame WR Will Fuller. Couple of notes from earlier picks: OLB Darron Lee, selected with the 20th pick by the Jets, was the 5th former Ohio… Read More »

Dolphins pull trigger on Ole Miss OT Tunsil and his off-field issues. As an aside, rumors are that the video was posted by his step-father who also just sued Tunsil as a result of that fight between the two last summer that ultimately got Tunsil suspended for a good chunk of the 2015 season. With family like that… Read More »

Giants surprise with Ohio State CB Eli Apple, with Vernon Hargreaves still on the board, but Apple, who can’t cook, but is a young, physical cover corner who can really run.

Do the Giants, the most injured team in the league take a chance on Myles Jack. Maybe LaQuaon Treadwell.

Rats! Double rats!! Bears jump the Giants to get Georgia OLB Leonard Floyd, a terrific edge rushing prospect.

Second trade coming up as Chicago gets the 9th pick from Tampa Bay. It cost the Bears the 106th pick to move from 11 to 9. Who’s the target though.

Details of the deal in which Tennessee and Cleveland flipped the 8th and 15th picks; Tennessee also gets the 176th pick this year, while the Browns get the 76th pick in this year’s 3rd around and a second rounder in 2017. Good deal for both teams.

Conklin it is!!

Tennessee has just moved back up in a trade with Cleveland; is this where Tunsil, the kid everyone figured the Titans were going to take with the #1 pick. Jack Conklin could also be in the mix if those Tunsil rumors are true.

Sometimes there is fire where there’s smoke as Ronnie Stanley does in fact come off the board before Ole Miss’ Laremy Tunsil. The latter may not have to wait long though as the 49ers who are on the clock also need help big time at OT.  But the NFL Network is reporting that Tunsil is slipping because of… Read More »

Ravens reportedly wanted a defensive guy with the 6th pick, but were reportedly prepared to take an OT and right now the top guys on the board appear to be OTs Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley. This may also be one of the first pressure points where we find if Myles Jack has in fact really slipped.

Tomorrow morning there will be 30 or so NFL general managers quoted as saying ‘we couldn’t believe the kid was still there.” Jacksonville’s Dave Caldwell will likely be the only one who really means it as the Jags get arguably the best player in this draft with the 5th pick.


Perhaps the one thing we have learned in this draft is that it white players and black players use different tailors!

Cowboys go for the splash and take Elliott. And they are doing cartwheeels in Jacksonville.


Ramsey or Elliott; Elliott or Ramsey …. dream choice for the Cowboys

There you go! Chargers pull a bit of a surprise with the selection of Ohio State DE Joey Bosa instead of Tunsil or Ramsey. Talented player who was the top-rated guy through of the process until very recently, but where does he play with the Chargers who run a 3-4 as he really isn’t big enough to play… Read More »

For the record, Carson Wentz is the first non-D1A/FBS player selected within the first two picks since Dallas selecetd DE Too Tall Ed Jones way back in 1974.

With Carson Wentz safely off to Philadelphia, the real draft drama starts with San Diego on the clock. Will it be the offensive tackle Tunsil or the top defensive player Ramsey going to the Chargers. And whichever player it is taken at #3 is going to have major ramifications through at least the rest of the top ten.