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Week 10 College Game Previews

SAT. NOV 3 3:30/ET CBS GEORGIA (7-1) by 10 @ KENTUCKY (7-1) The winner in this one takes the lead in the SEC East with 3 games to go, only 1 each in SEC play. Kentucky has really been struggling the past month on Offense. In the month of October they managed only 14, 14, and 15 points… Read More »

Prospect Watch Week 9 2018

Friday Oct.26 7PM/ET ESPN MIAMI (F) (5-2) by 5 @ BOSTON COLLEGE (5-2) Despite having the same 5-2 records this season, I think Miami clearly has the overall talent advantage. But sometimes the Hurricanes don’t play up to their own talent level, and BC has enough talent to win this game at home if the underachieving team shows… Read More »


Sat Oct. 20th NOON/ET FOX MICHIGAN (6-1) BY 5 @ MICHIGAN STATE (4-2) The Wolverines clearly deserve their Top 10 ranking and their QB PATTERSON is looking more comfortable every week. Now he’s using his legs more rather than forcing throws and the team is benefitting. Now that they have their Big 10 W over Wisconsin to brag… Read More »

Tp College Games Week 5

For those who don’t think the college football season doesn’t start just a tad too early, I want you to note the southern clime weather issues, at the height of hurricane season (which is Sept. 10th) that have delayed or caused cancelation of games entirely. This weekend marks the final games in September and will be the 5th… Read More »

College Game Previews Conference Championship Weekend

Saturday Nov. 2 NOON/ET ABC AAC Championship MEMPHIS (11-1) by 5 @ CENTRAL FLORIDA/UCF (11-0) Don’t pooh-pooh this game because it’s the AAC, not the ACC. These are two good teams who both played a solid slate of regular season games to get here. Last week the UCF/USF season finale was as exciting as college football can be.… Read More »

COLLEGE GAMES & Prospect Previews Week 2

I had a dream one night early this week that every weekend this college football season would be as dynamic, with great match-ups, as we saw in Week 1. Then I printed up the schedule of games for Week 2 and came back down to reality. Even the prettiest girl doesn’t look so stunning sans makeup in most… Read More »

College Games of the Week

Heading into a new college football season I thought it would be important to remind you what this report is intended to present to you. Every week of the College Football season I will be selecting 4-6 key games around the country. I will give a brief analysis of the game, what I see happening in it, and… Read More »

Bowl Games/ Prospects to Watch

PINSTRIPE BOWL BRONX, NY 4:30PM/ET/ESPN BOSTON COLLEGE (7-5) vs PENN STATE (6-6) If you are planning a late dinner, this may be the game during which you take a nap. Coach ADDAZIO is retooling the BC football program with hard work and fundamentally solid play on the field. But he’s still trying to restock the talent base. The… Read More »


Another weekend of exciting and meaningful college football action has already kicked off with week night games. But the real fireworks are yet to come. Here are 4 top games we’re watching and which potential NFL Draft Picks should be drawing your attention. MISSISSIPPI STATE  (9-0) @ ALABAMA  (8-1)  by 4 3:30/ET/CBS At this point there seems to… Read More »

Who To Watch In College Football – Movember 8

With another weekend of a half dozen Top 25 match-ups in play here are some key games with their key pro prospect players who you should be paying attention to. BAYLOR @ OKLAHOMA by 3 Noon/ET/Fox Sports 1 Sometimes it seems that my loyalty to certain programs gets me in trouble when pick time rolls around. I still… Read More »