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Details of the deal in which Tennessee and Cleveland flipped the 8th and 15th picks; Tennessee also gets the 176th pick this year, while the Browns get the 76th pick in this year’s 3rd around and a second rounder in 2017. Good deal for both teams.

All-Star Draft Scoreboard

One of the major components of the pre-Draft off season events each year is the parade of All-Star games that dot the calendar, primarily in January. There primary value is to provide a look at prospects in pads and competing against players who will be fellow Rookies in the NFL the following season. There has been a lot… Read More »


Before I get back into Team Mocks I want to post a list of players who I do not see getting the luv they deserve… IMO. I want to get it up now because several names on this list have suddenly gotten some mention in the media this past week. The list is a week old in my… Read More »

Who Got Missed

The NFL Draft has been whittled down over time to only 8 Rounds of Picks; 7 officially & 1 more of randomly scattered Compensatory Picks per the CBA. So in a year where no team has lost a pick, yet, it means the league will draft 256 players. Then a feeding frenzy takes place to sign the leftover… Read More »

Mock Draft with a Twist

OK, since I don’t like Mocks but lots of site followers like to dissect them I would like to present a MOCK DRAFT with a Combine twist to it. I’m going to hijack the PACKERS franchise for a day, and propose a deal to Mr/ Goodell as well. National Scouting purports one of the main goals of the… Read More »


Much to my surprise the COMBINE powers that be did indeed beat their own deadline for posting invitation info at their website. One might argue they came in just under the wire on this past Friday afternoon, but it’s a better performance than last year when the list leaked out via CBS Sportsline first. So here is a… Read More »