Bulls RB shrinks

March 18, 2021

The shrinking of the Bulls RB … Its generally understood that college programs sometimes exaggerate how big their players are, but Buffalo may have taken it to a bit of an extreme as star RB Jaret Patterson, who is listed in the Bulls’ program as 5-9, measured in at only 5-6.5, 195 at their pro day today. Patterson, though, did exceed expectations when he clocked in the low 4.5 second range (4.52/4.54) in the 40. However, no one questions that Patterson, who has rare instincts and agility, has been one of the most productive runners in college football the past several seasons. Indeed, he was on pace to run for over 2,000 yards this past season when he averaged 7.6 yards per carry; that’s after he rang up almost 1,800 yards in 2019. Meanwhile, Bulls’ OLB Malcolm wasn’t able to work out as he is still rehabbing a foot injury but did look the part as he measured in at 6-2, 250 with 33.5 inch arms.