Bucs know top pick

April 20, 2015

Bucs know top pick; ain’t sayin’ though … This year’s draft is still ten days away, but Tampa Bay G.M. said at a pre-draft presser earlier today that the Buccaneers know which player they will be selecting with the first pick overall. In fact, Licht hinted that the Bucs have pretty well known since the combine who was going to be their guy. Licht also added, though, that while the Buccaneers know who the pick will be they do not intend to open negotiations with their choice until after the draft; he also said that the Buccaneers were also likely use the majority of their allotted time once they get on the clock on the 30th just in case “somebody offers you something that you can’t refuse”. What it all likely means is that Tampa Bay has indeed settled on their pick – almost assuredly Florida State QB Jameis Winston – they’d be more than happy to trade it away for a package of picks. And while its unlikely any other team would trade up to get Winston given all his off-field isues, with as many as a half dozen teams intrigued by the idea of moving up for Oregon QB Marcus Mariota, the Buccaneers may be hoping that one of those teams decides to take chance out of the equation of trying to acquire the second pick from Tennessee and makes an offer for the top pick.