Browns now have all 4 QBs in picture

April 17, 2018

And then there were four … Apparently, Cleveland is still figuring out this draft thing. The trick is to narrow your list of choices until you get down to the guy you want to take. However, the Browns appear to be going in the other direction. Indeed, it wasn’t all that long ago that it appeared that USC QB Sam Darnold was a lock to be the first player picked when the Browns got on the clock to start this year’s draft. But then some rumblings that maybe wasn’t a done deal afterall as there was some sentiment within the Browns’ organization that maybe Wyoming’s Josh Allen was still in the picture. And then this week there have been rumors that Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma just might be creeping back in to the picture to be the Browns pick. Today, Browns’ head coach Hue Jackson completed the circle when he was quoted as saying that all four of the top quarterbacks now also including UCLA’s Josh Rosen are still in play at #1 or wherever the Browns take their QB. We don’t like to deal in conspiracy theories, but this kind of fits into our theory we have been talking about the past few days that the Browns still plan to take Darnold, but may be trying to influence the Giants – who have the second pick and we believe are targeting Rosen – to flip the 1st and 2nd picks. By bringing Rosen back into the picture, the Giants now might have to worry that the Browns would take him for themselves at #1; it also brings into play the possibility that the Browns just might be able to trade the #1 pick to a QB needy team like the Jets or Bills and wait until the 4th pick to take their QB if in fact they have similar grades on the top 4 guys. we may find out a little more when Browns’ GM John Dorsey holds his pre-draft presser. Only 9 days to go!! Stay tuned!