BROWNS 2019 Team Mock Draft

By | April 18, 2019

Unlike some of the teams that I have discussed and conducted Mocks for, there is no doubt at all who’s in charge with the Browns. JOHN DORSEY is in charge, and will make final decisions here, which is not intended to imply that he does not listen to his scouts and team personnel people. Like his mentor TED THOMPSON, DORSEY believes strongly in building thru the Draft. However, he is also totally comfortable in using other personnel avenues to build his roster. So, not that DORSEY needs my help, let me give him a hand with this Mock effort. I will also ask for dispensation from POPE PETE in Cleveland, if he dislikes some of my Picks for his favorite team.

Round 2, Pick 49
Trading their Round 1 Pick for OBJ means they start in Round 2. RISNER is a safe Pick at a position of strong need for the Browns. Most talent evaluators consider RISNER to be a very safe pick, and a versatile player who might be capable of earning a starting job almost anywhere along the OL. He was a 3-year starter for the Wildcats and is a AA-Player: accountable & available. I doubt he has the athleticism to start at LT as a pro, but anywhere else is a possibility. He has 34″ arms and 10 1/4″ hands. He is a student of the game and a great locker room presence. He is country-strong, but his footwork is just average. I am sure DORSEY likes his physical, beat you up, attitude. He starts somewhere along their OL by 2020.

Round 3, Pick 80
WILLIAMS has really become a scout’s delight this post-season. His game tape is impressive, and his workout numbers are really good. In 2018, he recorded 61 tackles, had 13 PBU’s, and 4 INT’s in the SEC. His 4.65/40 at the Combine does not fit the desired criteria for NFL CB’s, however, he did run a much better 4.55/40 at his Pro Day. Even if he ends up converting to a S slot, that is an even bigger area of need for the Browns than on the Corner. Even when lacking in tight coverage, WILLIAMS uses his length to stay within range of receivers in his area. It may take a season to find his best spots/roles, but he should make a solid contributor in multiple sub-packages right away.

Round 4, Pick 119
He lacks the size to play a DE spot full-time, but has natural edge-rush skills. However, his best value will likely be as an edge-rusher and stand-up OB. His 2018 stat sheets gives a clear picture of his skills and versatility: 57 T’s, 18 TFL, 8.5 Sacks, 10 QBH’s, and 2 FF’s. Quickness may be his best attribute, but his 4.61/40-time is impressive, as well. It will take a while to develop his ‘playing in reverse’ skills, but the basic tool set appears to be there. He should be able to find enough roles to play initially, that it will buy him time to develop new skills. He could be very valuable as a Special Teams, coverage unit player right away. Good value at the Pick. Now the browns have hope he can fit a role they need him in better than Ogbah did.

Round 5, Pick 144
What he lacks in pure athleticism, (4.85/40), he more than makes up for when you watch him play. He has instincts that lead to prolific on-field production. He is surprisingly agile and smart in coverage, for his size and speed. His 2018 stats tell you the story of what he gets done on game day: 113 T’s, 11.5 TFL, 3 Sacks, 3 QBH’s, 2 PBU’s. In Round 5, getting a solid Special Teamer and back-up ILB is a good value, and EDWARDS is indeed all that, and maybe more.

Round 5, Pick 155
He is one of the best all-around WR’s in this Draft Class. If he had more speed than his 4.60/40, he would be, hands down, a Top 100 prospect and a 2nd Day Pick. He has good hands, (9 1/2″), and is an accurate route runner. He’s a creative guy after the catch, and can elude weak tacklers in a secondary. He has made himself into a top receiver with hard work and a high FBI. He will likely be a willing contributor on Special Teams. He could also become a go-to option for MAYFIELD on 3rd downs, and in the red zone. I would expect him to win the final WR spot on their roster as a Rookie.

Round 5, Pick 170
He played a little OT last season, but started at OG the previous 3 years. He has some serious quick twitch to him. DAVIS was at the Senior Bowl playing primarily inside, and looked very solid. He spends a bit too much time on the ground, primarily from lunging for second level blocks, but most of his flaws are correctable. He is more than adequate in pass-pro, and above average in run blocking. It will take some time for him to mature and improve technique, but he has starter potential down the road. DAVIS is excellent value at the Pick, if patience is exercised in his development.

Round 6, Pick 189
I believe that the Browns offense could really benefit from a first class FB, and that is INGOLD. His Combine 40-time of 4.89 is deceptively slow. He has no problem pulling to lead a sweep, or drifting into the flat for an underneath throw, and he hits like a ton of bricks. He cleaned house a few times at the Senior Bowl. He is a natural hands catcher, and a decent runner on short yardage plays. Don’t think he can help in the red zone? How about these numbers for 2018. 143 yards rushing at 5.5 ypc, for 6 TD’s. He also scored a TD on a pass reception. He was a 3-time Big 10 All-Academic selection, and his overall intelligence translates well to the football field. He will surely make a cracker-jack of a Special Teamer.

Round 7, Pick 221
Coaches still proclaim their confidence in current K GREG JOSEPH, but I saw some butt ugly field goal attempts by him in some 2018 games. JOSEPH’s biggest claim to fame is a strong leg for kick-offs, but now that the Browns are a Play-Off contending team, they deserve, no, demand, a more accurate FG kicker. SEIBERT brings that, plus the booming leg for kick-offs. SEIBERT became the all-time leading scorer in FBS history last season. He has more records than I intend to document here. He was 17/19 in FG’s last season. Best of all, he brings the added bonus of being a decent Punter in a pinch. This would be a great value Pick, and a huge upgrade in their Kicking game.

That just about does it. I do NOT claim to have any vision inside JOHN DORSEY’s mind right now. However, I do know this is another important Draft, as he attempts to keep strengthening his roster with better players at every opportunity. This group of selections does that.