Broncos Bluff; Giants dilemma

April 28, 2021

Broncos bluff; Giants dilemma … Okay, so we are getting a little giddy here waiting for the actual draft to get going. But we did have a couple of crazy thoughts. Firstly, a lot of people are scratching their heads after Denver acquired veteran QB Teddy Bridgewater from Carolina in exchange for a 6th round pick. What the heck is the Panthers’ end game as Bridgewater doesn’t appear to be much better than incumbent starter Drew Lock. So we wondered if this were an elaborate ruse to convince other teams that the Panthers weren’t interested in either of QBs Justin Fields or Trey Lance which would allow them to slide closer to Denver at the 9th pick. Pure genius.

Then there’s Giants’ G.M. Dave Gettleman who was challenged at his pre-draft presser last week over the fact that in the 8 drafts he’s overseen his team has never traded down once. In response, Gettleman got a little defensive to the point where one wonders if he may feel that he has to pull off at least one trade down this weekend just to prove his point!