Bronco get OK to talk with ex-Saints coach Peyton

January 7, 2023

Bronco get OK to talk with ex-Saints coach Payton … Interesting situation developing in Denver where the Broncos have received permission from New Orleans to interview former Saints head coach Sean Payton for the their vacant head coaching job. Payton had stepped down as Saints coach last January after a 15-year run in New Orleans. Because New Orleans still holds Payton’s contractual rights any team that wants to hire him would have to come to an agreement with the Saints about compensation. According to published the two sides have not yet agreed on compensation for signing, but certainly the Saints would likely want to get back into the opening round of the 2023 draft after having traded it to Philadelphia as part of a multiple pick deal during the 2022 draft. However, the Saints won’t be getting the third pick overall this year as the Broncos sent to Seattle in the deal for Russell Wilson, although the Broncos do have the 49ers’ #1 this year which they received in exchange for DE Bradley Chubb earlier this year. Stay tuned, although the NFL has reportedly informed the Broncos that they cannot interview Peyton in person until January 17 at the earliest.