Big viewing changes for Canadian NFL fans

July 31, 2017

Big viewing changes for Canadian NFL fans … NFL fans north of the border may be in for a shock this fall as the NFL Sunday ticket will no longer be available on cable. The rights for the Sunday ticket have been bought out by a company called Da Zone or DAZN which will distribute the Sunday ticket on-line on various platforms. It will still be possible to watch all the games on TV if one has a Smart-TV. If one doesn’t – and I don’t – it appears one will either have to buy an entirely new TV or go without the package. NFL games will still be on regular cable in Canada on CBS, NBC and Fox, as well as the simulcasts on Canadian stations, but the full slate of games won’t. DAZN execs, as well as NFL people, are describing this as an attempt to provide Canadian viewers with more options. Trust me, as someone who has subscribed to the Sunday ticket since the day it was offered, its NOT. And yeah, we know the old argument that people are cutting the proverbial cable cord and its time to get with the times. To us, it feels more like a sell-out of traditional NFL fans in Canada in a cynical attempt to woo younger viewers and I really question whether it will work. I’d be interested in hearing the thoughts of others on this. Email me at [email protected] if you do have any comments or suggestions. ed