Big pro day at UGA

March 15, 2023

Big pro day at UGA … Just about every NFL team circled March 15th on their pro day calendars as defending national champion Georgia will do its on-field thing later today. A goodly turnout is expected, although some team execs that might otherwise have gone to the Bulldogs workout may stay closer to home to be near the action as the new NFL year also kicks off today. Unfortunately, it does not appear as if there will be any live coverage of the Georgia workout as the NFL Network will be focused on covering the ‘free agent frenzy.’ However, the Network will have a wrap up show at 9 PM ET later this evening. And there will be a little special interest in the Georgia pro day as star DT Jalen Carter did not work out at the combine as he was embroiled in the legal proceedings surrounding his arrest for his part in the accident that resulted in the death of two people in January. However, it is not clear at this time exactly how much Carter will be involved today.

Of course, Georgia isn’t the only school to hold its pro day today. Others that will be working out today include UCLA, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Louisiana.