BiG Board updated

January 13, 2023

Big Board updated … Please note the GBN Big Board ranking the top 150-plus prospects for the 2023 draft has been updated. That’s the good news! In fact, we had been putting off posting an update, because several correspondents had reported that the numbers’ column in the original version was blank and we wanted to get that fixed. Well, we have finally found the source of the problem with an ad server, but so far no correction they have suggested appears to have corrected the problem. So if the numbers still don’t show for anyone please know that we are aware of the problem and are trying to correct it. At the same time, we have also updated the various positional rankings (and again there is at least one that also  has that numbering issue.) And there are several positional groupings with relatively significant changes in the ranking including the WRs, LBs, and CBs.

As we were putting together Big Board, a couple of things jumped out. One is that there are still issues at the very top of the board that we’ll talk more extensively about in the coming days. At the same time, the biggest takeaway we had was that this is a very deep draft with quality prospects likely to be still on the board well into the 3rd day’s picking. And positions that appear to have special depth include QB, RB, WR, and OT and CB on the other side of the ball. In fact, corner may very well be the deepest position in this year’s draft class.