Belichek, Shazier

March 24, 2018

Its shower and laundry day for pro day circuit scouts … Its pretty much an off-day on the annual pro day schedule as NFL personnel people get a chance to get home for a couple of days to catch up on their laundry and get some z’s. And while the pro day tour is pretty much all business, there were a couple of nice stories from the pro day cycle this week that we kind of overlooked. On the one hand, New England head Bill Belichek has never been a regular out on the pro day tour, but he was all over the country this week as he attended several on-campus workouts. And not only was Belichek in attendance, but he was regularly getting down and dirty and running drills, often along with his old Patriots’ partner-in-crime Matt Patricia who now has his own head-coaching gig with Detroit. had to be a thrill for the kids working out. The best story though may have been in Pittsburgh where injured Steelers’ LB Ryan Shazier was part of the team’s scouting contingent at the Pitt Panthers’ pro day taking times and measurements despite the fact he is still confined to a wheelchair. Best of luck to him!