Bama LB fails drug test

April 20, 2017

Another strike for Bama’ LB Foster … Alabama LB Reuben Foster didn’t need any more red flags heading into next week’s draft, but he now has enough to start his own May Day parade after reporting that he failed a drug test at the combine. To be exact, Foster was tested with diluted urine which the NFL considers the same as a failed drug test. Foster claims the failed test resulted from the fact that he was sick at the combine and drank a lot of fluids to stay hydrated but that likely won’t fly too high. Foster entered the pre-draft testing phase rated as a consensus top ten prospect, but has been dogged by a string of negative developments all spring. Foster was unable to workout for pro teams because of a shoulder injury, wighed in at almost ten pounds less than expected at the combine, and was sent home early Indianapolis after getting into a verbal altercation with hospital staff during his medicals. What isn’t clear at this time how much all of this will impact where Foster is ultimately selected next week, but that many red flags can never be a good thing. Stay tuned!