B10 coach reset

November 28, 2022

B10 coach reset … We have said – somewhat in jest, but somewhat in truth too – that the Big Ten, which actually has 14 teams, should really be called the Big Three – Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State – and a bunch of other teams. Indeed, in the past five years not including the odd 2020 Covid impacted season, those three teams have a combined record of 75-8 against the rest of the conference. One of the three has also won the past 6 conference championships and Michigan is heavily favored to make it 7 straight this weekend when they play 8-4 Purdue in the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis. However, a couple of really good hires in the league could tend to close that gap sooner rather than later. Wisconsin, for example, has lured Luke Fickell away from Cincinnati where he built arguably the top non-Power 5 program in the country. At the same time, Nebraska has hired Matt Ruhle, who had a miserable experience coaching Carolina the past three years, but who before that built very competitive programs at Baylor and Temple. And maybe most importantly for Nebraska, with that experience at Baylor, Ruhle has ties to Texas high school football where the Huskers recruiting has kind of dried up since they moved to the Big Ten.