As the QB turns with the draft just a week away

April 18, 2024

As the QB turns with the draft just a week away … The start of the 2024 draft is now barely a week away and what had been a rather orderly process to date seems to have turned a little weird! The way the draft normally works is that teams with high picks that need a QB take a QB if one is available. And this year’s draft seemed to be unfolding that way with just about everybody presuming that QBs were pretty much locked into the first three picks next week with Chicago taking Caleb Williams with the first pick, followed by Washington selecting Jayden Daniels at #2 and New England grabbing Drake Maye at #3. However, the Patriots kind of threw a wrinkle out there when they had Michael Penix, who is considered a mid first round prospect at best, is for a very late visit at the beginning of this week; that at least suggested they might be possibly thinking about either taking another position at #3 or trading down. In fact, there is just a little bit of a buzz out there that there might be something going on between New England and Minnesota which has made no secret of the fact that they want to move up into the top 5 to get one of the top 3-4 QBs. Time will tell.

Then Washington took the somewhat unusual step of having Daniels, Maye, Penix and JJ McCarthy in for a group visit Tuesday and Wednesday and Daniels, for one, the Commanders’ presumptive pick was not impressed with his agent retweeting a couple of non-complimentary posts. Needless to say, there’s not much the Daniels’ camp can do about it, but they are meeting today with Minnesota officials. Which would normally be a normal part of the pre-draft process, but the window for ’30’ visits ended yesterday, so Daniels is actually meeting with the Vikings in Baton Rouge later today as teams can still meet with players at their campus or home. Of course, its also a bit of an unusual move for the Vikings as they would not normally want to be out on the road meeting with players, especially one that it does not appear they have a shot at, when there is so much to do back at the office. Stay tuned!