Are more teams in on Watson trade

By | October 21, 2021

Are more teams in on Watson trade … Eleven days and counting! That’s what Houston has left to try and trade embattled QB DeShaun Watson before this year’s trade deadline which comes up on November 2nd. Yesterday, for example, there were reports that talks were heating up between the Texans and Miami, the only believed to be still interested in making a deal for Watson. However, today there are reports that other teams are at least thinking of throwing their hats into the ring including Philadelphia and Carolina. It would certainly make some sense as the 1-5 Eagles could have as many as three top ten picks at the 2022 draft before all is said and done. Meanwhile, there are also whispers out of Detroit that the Lions, who hold the #1 pick overall at the upcoming draft, should also get involved. The problem for teams like the Lions, Eagles and Panthers which would like to upgrade at QB this year is that there just don’t appear to be any sure-thing future elite prospects at the position in this year’s draft crop. At the same time, there is more than one analyst out there that wouldn’t be totally surprised if all this ‘buzz’ about other teams is actually coming from Houston which is simply trying to push the price up for Watson. So buyer beware!! Stay tuned!