February 28, 2016

So they finally had a combine event and a track meet broke out – sort of – as the LBs made their first 40-yard runs this afternoon. Some really good times posted by several of the OLB/edge rusher types including a 4.47 clocking by Ohio State’s Darron Lee, while Travis Feeney of Washington posted a 4.5-flat time. Georgia OLB/ER Leonard Floyd had a very good 4.60 running at 244 pounds. Same for De’Vondre Campble who ran a very good 4.58, while Ohio State’s Josh Perry clocked a 4.68 running at 4.68 and Utah State’s Kyler Fackrell ran a 4.72. LSU combo LB/S Deion Jones also had a nice run at 4.59. On the other hand, among the ER types Georgia’s Jordan Jenkins had to be a little disappointed clocking only in the 4.85 range.