Pigskins Paul’s Post Season Mock (picks 1-27)

January 24, 2023
  1. BEARS     WILL ANDERSON/OB/ER  Alabama     Despite silly talk from GM POLES, this team needs just about everything but another QB. If they stay put they need to rebuild their D which they tore apart last season by trading/cutting loose guys like ROQUAN SMITH, KHALIL MACK, ROBERT QUINN, et al.
  2. TEXANS    BRYCE YOUNG   QB    Alabama    This team needs everything, but QB is the most important single position on any team. So they take a flyer, of sorts, by taking the size outlier whose body looks more like a tennis player than a pro football player. But above the shoulders I’d bet he may have the highest FBI in this Draft class.
  3. CARDINALS    JALEN CARTER    DT     Georgia         Possibly a real crap shoot here because of the exits of their GM & HC. But this team is short of physical talent like this guy. He’s the kind of dominant athlete that retiring JJ WATT was coming into the League.
  4. COLTS      C.J. STROUD*   QB Ohio State      By sitting and being patient they don’t give up Picks they need later on to move up. They also get a guy who checks all the boxes, including NFL size. He just needs a top level QB Coach, Offensive Coordinator and some OL help.
  5. SEA HAWKS     TYREE WILSON    ER/OB/DE     Texas Tech     Gives the team an athletic defender, who can play multiple roles in their defensive alignment. IMO the real value here may be in realizing that WILSON is more likely to excel in the NFL than the QB named LEVIS. Pirate Pete CARROLL &  GM SCHNEIDER will grab the elite athlete here.
  6. LIONS      BIJAN ROBINSON      RB     Texas      CAMPBELL wants to run the ball, and beyond Jamaal Williams he doesn’t have a really productive, physical RB who can stay healthy. And JAMAAL is around that 30-year old RB old age number. Picking again at 18 still gives then another shot at a starter needed elsewhere on their somewhat thin, but improving roster.
  7. RAIDERS     PETER SKORONSKI    OG/T     Northwestern     Their OL turned into a patchwork quilt last season. I think they wanted BIJAN, but they hold their water to get RB hep later on. SKORONSKI is underrated by many because his team literally stunk up the Big 10 last season. They will try him at OT, but if his short arms betray him, he can be a quality starter in their IOL.
  8. FALCONS       MYLES MURPHY    DE/E     Clemson     Their DL was a weak point, particularly out on the ends. MURPHY is not an elite pass-rusher but he will set the edge against the run, and likely give them several QB pressures per game, minimum. Their DL Coach just needs to get him fired up for every game.
  9. PANTHERS      MICHAEL MAYER   TE     Notre Dame     Tremble began to show them something this past season, but MAYER can do more and really will help that run game, which still looked good with the HUBBARD/FOREMAN combo after Chris McC’s exit.
  10. EAGLES      CHRIS GONZALEZ   CB    Oregon      They have gotten by well overall this season with what they have, but CB is so important in today’s NFL. GONZALEZ is a physical dude, but also has elite athleticism. They still have the luxury of a late Round One selection with better value at the Pick to help an aging OL.
  11. TITANS       JORDAN ADDISON    WR    Southern Cal       The trade of A.J. Brown gave the team this Pick due to their offensive struggles without their top wideout. It also cost their GM ROBINSON his job, or so we are told. ADDISON. is not anything like BROWN physically, but he is more elusive and explosive than anyone else in their current receiving corps. He may also help in their Return Game.
  12.  TEXANS     QUENTIN JOHNSTON     WR      TCU      He is NOT your 100-catch type guy, but he is a big, deep weapon who requires attention on every passing down. A good receiver’s coach could bring out more in him, especially in pattern running. Boom or bust type wideout.
  13. JETS       BRODERICK JONES*    OT    Georgia       The JETS Offense self-destructed as the season progressed. And no,  LEVIS is not the answer here either. Their OL was part of the problem not the solution, and OT is their most questionable spot. JONES is a tad short on length, but he’s athletic and strong. He will start somewhere on their OL as a Rookie.
  14. PATRIOTS      PARIS JOHNSON    OT   Ohio State      Look for the PATS to first scream in their Draft Room because they wanted JONES, then take a guy who might be a young, hungrier and certainly cheaper giant OT option than TRENT BROWN. IMO, besides a mess in places within the coaching staff, their OL is their biggest offensive problem. If they can coach him up, whoever is their designated OL Coach then he’s worth this Pick on several levels.
  15. PACKERS        BRIAN BRANCH     DB    Alabama     The Packers suddenly look like they need a huge infusion of new talent. And nowhere is that more evident than at their S slots. AMOS looks to be aging quickly, and SAVAGE is still trying to emerge as a pro, but is looking like a lost puppy at times out there in coverage. BRANCH is the most productive player in that ‘Bama secondary and is a hard hitting, sure tackler, something that Green Bay secondary seems to lack these days.
  16. COMMANDERS      O’CYRUS TORRENCE      OG     Florida        This mammoth man moved to Gainesville to follow Coach Napier from Lafayette, LA. He transitioned to OG from OT and dominated like you would expect a man his size should. He might even get a look at OT for them, but IOL looks like the spot.
  17. STEELERS       JALIN HYATT      WR    Tennessee      HYATT became the No. 1 wideout for the Vols when TILLMAN got hurt. And he became the big play, deep receiver who always seemed to be the end zone. Just what the Steelers need to compliment PICKENS & JOHNSON. I thought about RINGO to fill a big CB need, but MIKE TOMLIN might go crazy with RINGO’s bully-boy approach to receivers who get away from him. When in doubt grab the receiver  doesn’t work well in the NFL, especially for Rookies.
  18. LIONS      BRYAN BRESEE     DT  Clemson       His high school career was significantly better than his college tenure at Clemson. Injuries and family issues derailed him the past 2 years. But the talent is there, which makes him a fair risk/reward Pick for an ascending LIONS team. For me, Bresee would immediately become the most talented member of their DL, next to ER HUTCHINSON.
  19. BUCCANEERS     ISAIAH FOSKEY    ER/DE/OB   Notre Dame     He leaves South Bend as the team’s all-time Sacks leader. But he is a multi-faceted player and will help shore up a sagging Bucs D that could not get the pressure they needed against the Cowboys. The start of some major changes in Tampa.
  20. SEA HAWKS     DREW SANDERS     LB     Arkansas       With their second first round Pick the team secures an excellent athlete to join JORDYN BROOKS in their LB crew. He can do it all and covers the field with surprising speed. With a plethora of Picks they will likely spread them out around the whole roster.
  21. CHARGERS     JAXON SMITH-NJIGBA    WR     Ohio State    This may surprise many of you but given the team has an elite young QB named Justin Herbert, they just don’t stretch the field very often. Mike Williams is their top deep threat, but he misses games with frustrating regularity. The real speed guys are gone, but SMITH-NJIGBA isn’t slow.And his run after catch is excellent.
  22. RAVENS    RASHEE RICE     WR   SMU     Their biggest issue may be at QB, given the contract challenges with LAMAR, but right behind it comes lack of quality wideouts. RICE should fit nicely with healthy receivers BATEMAN & DUVERNAY  not to mention quality TE led by MARK ANDREWS.
  23. VIKINGS      TRENTON SIMPSON    LB    Clemson      An athletic defender who finds he ball on every play. Their Offense can score on anybody, but their Defense is getting long in the tooth in too many places. They need more Defensive Picks from this Draft, but SIMPSON is a good start.
  24. JAGUARS     KAYSHON BOUTTE   WR    LSU    This is a calculated gamble for the Jags. They  have a bunch of guys named JONES in their receiving corps but none of them is a legit No. 1 wideout. BOUTTE seems to have some issues to be vetted from his days at LSU, but talent wise he can become that Receiver 1  for LAWRENCE. A bit of a roll of the dice here.
  25. GIANTS    JOEY PORTER    CB    Penn State        Their secondary looked better last season, but PORTER would give them a big, physical Corner with NFL bloodlines. They should still be able to grab an upgrade for their WR group in Round 2.
  26. COWBOYS    JAHMYR GIBBS   RB     Alabama        POLLARD is likely to be gone as a VFA. Or they might find an affordable way to bid adieu to ZEKE. Either way GIBBS is an explosive runner as well as an elite receiver out of the backfield. and affordable as a Rookie for 4-5 years.
  27. BILLS       JOSH DOWNS   WR     UNC      This team has more needs than you might think. It became clear this past season that the team missed their “slot receiver” BEASLEY, even bringing him back for the Play-Off run, that fizzled out early. DOWNS has the quickness, and hands to fill that role long term for them. Look for them to find an OT and move DAWKINS back inside to OG in their Friday picks.

Note: Pigskin will be adding picks 28 thru 31 as they are confirmed after the conference finals this weekend and the Super Bowl the 1st weekend in February.