November 27, 2022

Texans still #1; top 4 picks for week set, sort of … With just the prime time evening games to go on this weekend’s NFL schedule, the first four  picks in this week’s selection order for the first round of the 2023 draft are set. Houston edged even closer to wrapping up the top pick overall with a loss in Miami that dropped the Texans to 1-9-1 and allows them to retain what is in essence a two-game lead for the #1 pick overall, at least for this week. Meanwhile, Chicago, which lost to the Jets in New York, moves up to the #2 spot after Carolina, which had been sitting on the 2nd pick, won in Denver. Seattle and Detroit would have the 3-4 picks with picks acquired from Denver and the LA Rams respectively, however, for now there is no real statistical difference in the SOS of the Broncos and Rams. It is significant to note, though, that the Bears, which have played an extra game than the Broncos and Rams, also have a much more difficult strength of schedule rating than both the Broncos and Rams meaning that if Denver and/or the Rams lose their game in hand, they would move up and the Bears down accordingly. Meanwhile, how the rest of the top 5-10 plays out this week will not be determined until after the Monday night between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis as the Steelers will have the 5th pick with a loss.