How to bet safely on the NFL playoffs.

January 26, 2022

The Super Bowl is coming up, and it means fans are in for a swell time. By delivering quality content year after year, the event has gained wide popularity and is touted amongst fans as one of the greatest sports shows in the world.

This year, it will be special as the game will be making a long-awaited comeback to the famous Golden State in February 2022. Also, this year’s halftime show is set to be headlined by some of the Hip-hop’s finest artists, including Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige – further adding to the anticipation worldwide.

As it’s with many other sporting events, the fans alone don’t get to have all the fun. Bettors also have a lot to look forward to as there would be unlimited opportunities for high returns. Betting online has its risks; hence it requires a good level of expertise to bet safely. For punters looking for avenues to wager on this year’s event, the FanDuel Super Bowl bets have got you covered.

In this article, we’ve listed simple steps you can follow to ensure a risk-free betting experience for you.

Identifying the Favorites

The journey to safe online betting begins with knowing where to put your money. Identifying the teams with better odds reduces the risk of losses. Certainly, with teams like Green Bay and Tampa Bay, this year’s only 13-win teams, out of the playoffs it may be anybody’s game with Kansas City, Cincinnati, San Francisco and the LA Rams all capable of making it to the big dance. On paper, though, one would figure that the Chiefs, who have been to each of the past two championship games, would look to have the most promising odds of winning.

You can view the odds table for information on other favorites and their chances of winning. After the minus sign, the teams with the highest value have the highest odds of victory.

Understanding the Odds System

You’ve identified the favorites to place your bets. Next – you need to learn how these odds are calculated.

For instance, you seek to make a profit of $100 on your bet, and one of the teams has been backed -250 odds to win; a $250 stake on the team would return $350 ($100 profit plus your $250 initial stake). If another team is backed to succeed at +250 odds – betting $100 on them would position you to win $350 ($250 in profit plus your initial $100 booked).

Bet Live

This style of betting is popular among bettors – it offers insights as the game progresses at the time of staking. Team performance, game conditions, and other factors that affect the outcome of a game are monitored in real-time. Live betting in the Super Bowl can be on a team, which is expected to score a field goal or a touchdown.

Futures Betting

Futures involve betting on the outcome of games that are yet to be played. Sometimes, these games can be weeks or months away from the time of placing the bet. The odds for a team to win a game change over time. It could be due to different reasons, including injuries, missing players, and management changes. Most avid bettors play futures to take advantage of the initial, high odds before they begin to drop.

To be successful in futures betting in this year’s Super Bowl, you would need accurate information about the players and teams participating. This information, when properly analyzed, will aid you in placing better bets, which in turn will enhance your chances of success.

Over and Under Bets

A safe way to bet is by staking on Super Bowl totals. Better known as over/under bets, this type of bet only requires you to predict the total number of points gathered by both teams during the game.

As opposed to the regular style of staking, this offers a safer cushion for the bettors. To stake even safely, you can predict the points to be gathered by just one of the teams in contention.


Betting online can be very lucrative when you follow the right approach. If applied correctly, the steps listed above can see you well on your way to making the most profit when this year’s Super Bowl Championship kicks off. Place your bets safely, and have fun while at it.