49er QB

February 28, 2016

49er QB at center of NFL kabuki dance … Here’s a translation, as best as we can figure, at the centre of the posturing surrounding San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick. For those so immersed in the combine that they missed the latest: 49ers’ G.M. Trent Baalke was quoted early in the week saying that Kaepernick would ‘absolutely’ still be on the roster on April 1st when his full $11.9M contrat would be guaranteed. Bottom line is that if the 49ers didn’t guarantee the contract they lose Kaepernick and get nothing in return. The next day, Kaepernick through his agent reportedly asked permission to seek a trade. There were published reports that both Cleveland and Houston were interested in Kaepernick, although almost immediately both teams denied any interest in such a deal. In fact, both teams are desperate for help at QB such they might be willing to give up a mid-round pick for a guy who took his team to the Super Bowl just two years ago, but neither is likely to want to have to pay what amounts to a try-out QB $12M against their cap. What may happen if a deal is to get done is that Kaepernick agrees to a big salary reduction to a team willing give the 49ers a pick. And it may go down to the wire. Stay tuned!