2021 Team Mocks NFC WEST

April 4, 2021

Especially this year, I am labeling this the Wimpy Division. No, not like the the Wimpy Kid literary craze. Wimpy, as in that rotund guy from the old Popeye Cartoons, whose philosophy in life was stated in one simple sentence, “I will gladly pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today”. This has become the division that uses Draft Picks like credit cards, and for this group, Tuesday has come due this year. These four teams have a total of 24 Draft Picks between them. That is the lowest total for any division. It is the only division with less than 30 cumulative selections. And Seattle has an abysmal 3 total Picks. The third one doesn’t come until Round 7, Pick 252. Yes, that is the least of any team in the NFL. Don’t expect a whole lot of help from this Draft if you are Russell Wilson or a Sea Hawks fan.

Since the 49’ers have the most Picks (9) and the highest Pick (#3), let’s start with them and work our way down.

49’ERS    9 Picks

Round 1, Pick 3    JUSTIN FIELDS QB Ohio St

Round 2, Pick 43   CREED HUMPHREY   OC   Oklahoma

Round 3, Pick 102   TYLAN WALLACE  WR  Oklahoma St

Round 4, Pick 117    KARY VINCENT CB LSU

Round 5, Pick 155    KYLIN HILL RB Mississippi St

Round 5, Pick 172   CHRIS RUMPH  OB/ER   Duke

Round 5, Pick  TOMMY TREMBLE  TE/H-B   Notre Dame

Round 6, Pick 194   WALKER LITTLE  OT   Stanford

Round 7, Pick 230    JOSHUAH BLEDSOE  S  Missouri

You had to know the team was after a QB with their big trade up to Pick 3.  Though I think they are most interested in Trey Lance, FIELDS is similar in multiple ways (especially athletically) and has the more impressive resume’. LAWRENCE and WILSON are already gone on my Board. Even tho they acquired OC ALEX MACK, he’s on his last legs due primarily to the wear and tear of a 10+-year career, and CREED will be a plug and play for a decade. After losing several wideouts, WALLACE is a tough, skilled, athletic addition to their receiving corps. The biggest help right away in this group could be VINCENT, who is a very athletic DB that may get immediate work as their top Nickel Corner. Watch for RUMPH  in 2022, or sooner if DEE FORD gets hurt…again.


CARDINALS    6 Picks

Round 1, Pick 16   CALEB FARLEY CB  Virginia Tech

Round 2, Pick 49   JACKSON CARMAN  OG   Clemson

Round 5, Pick 160    RHAMONDRE STEVENSON RB Oklahoma

Round 6, Pick 223   DARRICK FORREST S Cincinnati

Round 7, Pick    JOSHUA KAINDOH  DE  Florida St

Round 7, Pick 247   DANIEL MOORE OT Texas A&M

With PATRICK PETERSON moving to Minnesota, CB was their top priority and FARLEY was sitting right there for them to select. CARMAN played OT for Clemson, but his arms are a bit short by NFL standards, so I list him @ OG. But their bigger need is outside, so expect them to try him at RT first. STEVENSON was a big, explosive RB for the Sooners last season. Just what the Cards lack in their RB room. OT MOORE could surprise! I like the long term potential of all 3 of their late round guys.


RAMS    6 Picks

Round 2, Pick 57    JOE  TRYON  ER/DE    Washington

Round 3, Pick 88   MARCO WILSON   CB   Florida

Round 3, Pick 103    CHAUNCEY GOLSTON DE  Iowa

Round 4, Pick 141   DERRICK BARNES   ILB  Purdue

Round 6, Pick 209 KYLEN GRANSON  TE/H-B   SMU

Round 7, Pick 252   DREW DALMAN  OC  Stanford

Most RAMS fans can’t remember what a First Rounder looks like. The last one they drafted was JARED GOFF, and he’s gone now in favor of MATTHEW STAFFORD. MARCO WILSON will be asked to step in for VFA departure TROY HILL, and he’s athletic enough to do so. TRYON is a legit edge rusher ala LEONARD FLOYD. BARNES is an underrated ILB that showed what he can do at the Senior Bowl and their Pro Day. The combo of SNEAD/McVAY have established a track record of finding Day 3 Picks that can play in the League and another 5-6 Rookie Free Agents to fill their rosters. They must keep doing so, given their propensity to trade away Picks for “names” in the Hollywood tradition.


SEA HAWKS    3 Picks

Round 2, Pick 56    TYSON CAMPBELL  CB   Georgia

Round 4, Pick 129   JEROME JOHNSON  DT   Indiana

Round 7, Pick 250   TOMMY DOYLE    OT    Miami (O)

Maybe it was the lack of Draft Picks that had QB WILSON dropping trade-me hints. SCHNEIDER/CARROLL have made some daring personnel moves over the years, many of which have worked out. Methinks their past caught up with them this year with this puny list of Picks. CAMPBELL is a super athlete, and many feel that he starts right away as a pro. He’d better! JOHNSON is an under-the-radar player, who excelled in his Big Ten career at an emerging Hoosier football program. Ex-Basketballer DOYLE is very long and very raw. He will require tutoring and patience.

There are some good Picks here, from a solid prospect class. However, not much excitement or drama beyond the 49’ers group, and FIELDS in particular. Only 3 of my Top 50 prospects were drafted by these 4 teams; FIELDS (5), FARLEY (17), HUMPHREY (45).