2021 NFL Team Mocks AFC West

April 9, 2021

So now let’s flip the coin to the AFC West, and within this division we have cash buyers, so to speak. This group of 4 holds a cumulative total of 34 Picks in this year’s Draft. No big dippers here, so to speak, but everyone has been judicious in their handling of Draft Picks, and now comes the payoff, they hope…


Round 1, pick 9  PATRICK SURTAIN  CB  Alabama

Round 2, Pick 40    TEVIN JENKINS   OT  Oklahoma State

Round, 3, Pick 71    RICHIE GRANT    S    UCF

Round 4, Pick 114    DAVIS MILLS  QB  Stanford

Round 5, Pick 152    BOBBY BROWN  DT   Texas A&M

Round 6, Pick. 191    DAVID MOORE   OG   Grambling

Round 7, Pick 237    BUDDY JOHNSON    IB   Texas A&M

Round 7, Pick 239   RACHAD WILDGOOSE   CB   Wisconsin

Round 7, Pick 253    KHYIRIS TONGA   DT   BYU

John Elway is still the top dog in Denver, but the guy supervising this Draft is new GM George Paton. This Broncos roster needs some major adjustments, so I don’t see them pulling the plug on DREW LOCK, unless one of the Top QB’s fall to their Pick at 9. However, notice the Pick to start Day 3. The secondary, featuring a big Help Wanted sign on the current depth chart, gets the immediate help of SURTAIN, from the Saban factory. Gotta be an instant group upgrade. But they go back to the well for S/GRANT and CB/WILDGOOSE. TEVIN JENKINS will allow them to sort through the returning OL group and move some chess pieces, because JENKINS will be expected to start at one Tackle spot. Grambling road grader DAVID MOORE in Round 6 will be a longer term project, but a talent upgrade as well. DAVIS MILLS is a solid choice, at a bargain price, of another young QB in case LOCK fails to progress. BROWN and TONGA are two very large slabs of human flesh, to boost a thin DL group.



Round 1, Pick 13   RASHAWN  SLATER   OL   Northwestern

Round 2, Pick 47   ERIC STOKES    CB   Georgia

Round 3, Pick 77    DYAMI BROWN   WR    UNC

Round 4, Pick 97    MARVIN WILSON    DT   Florida State

Round 5, Pick 159   ROBERT HAINSEY   OG/C   Notre Dame


Round 6, Pick 198  COLE VAN LANEN   OT   Wisconsin

Round 7, Pick 241    WYATT HUBERT  DE/ER   Kansas State

A bit of selective help for the Defense in STOKES, WILSON & HUBERT, but the main focus was surrounding JUSTIN HERBERT with more weapons, and especially more protection. SLATER will be expected to start, hopefully on the outside. HAINSEY gets a shot on the Interior, and his versatility should, at the very least, provide depth on the entire IOL. BROWN is a quicker than fast weapon to go with their returning vets. MITCHELL is a sleeper of sorts, who shared the load with RAGAS last season, then blazed a 4.38/40 at his Pro Day.


Round 1, Pick 17    ELIJAH VERA-TUCKER   OG    Southern Cal

Round 2, Pick 48     JEVON HOLLAND    S   Oregon

Round 3, Pick 79    DYLAN MOSES    LB    Alabama

Round 3, Pick 80   SPENCER BROWN   OT   N. Iowa

Round 4, Pick 121    KELLEN MOND    QB   Texas A&M

Round 5, Pick 162    TONY POLJAN   TE    Virginia

Round 5, Pick 167    BENJAMIN ST-JUSTE   DB/ST   Minnesota

Round 6, Pick 200   WILLIAM BRADLEY-KING   ER/DE   Baylor

Their OL is in major rebuild and VERA-TUCKER & BROWN could both start in the near future. GM MAYOCK got Gruden his QB toy with KELLEN MOND, who should be a real challenge for Chucky. When he’s good, he’s really good, but when he is off, it gets ugly. Several DB’s should give you a clue that OL is not their only high emphasis rebuild position group. HOLLAND is felt by many to be the best S in this Draft. ST-JUSTE should immediately boost Special Teams play, while coaches try to locate their best role in the secondary. MOSES was a star LB for the Tide before injuries cut him down in 2019. He looked good at times in 2020, so the hope is he’s back 100% for 2021 as a pro.



Round 1, Pick 31    SAM COSMI    OT  Texas

Round 2, Pick 63    BREVIN JORDAN   TE   Miami (F)

Round 3, Pick 94   NICO COLLINS    WR   Michigan

Round 4, Pick 136    CAMRYN BYNUM   CB    Cal

Round 4, Pick 144   DERRICK BARNES   IB   Purdue

Round 5, Pick 175    ADRIAN EALY   OT   Oklahoma

Round 5, Pick 181   ADE OGUNDEJI  DE/ER  Notre Dame

Round 6, Pick 207    IAN BOOK  QB   Notre Dame

The days of the championship team not needing any help are long gone in this league. After cutting both of their vet OT’s for Cap and durability issues, the team set out to patch things up. They plugged inside with VFA, but used this Draft to find two eventual starters in COSMI (sooner) and EALY (later). KELCE may be elite, but he ain’t getting any younger. JORDAN could be another killer weapon for Mr. Mahomes. NICO COLLINS gives Mahomes a large target to look for to supplement the speedsters like TYREEK and HARDMAN. BARNES had a stellar career in relative obscurity in West Lafayette, IN. BYNUM will shine on Special Teams and as a hard hitter in their secondary.

I don’t see any major flaws in the 4 team’s Drafts in this Division. I like 3 of the 4 teams looking for a young developmental/back-up QB on Day Three of the Draft. IMO, nice balance here between need and best available in general. This division lands 7 of my Top 50 prospects.



Up next the NFC East!