2021 NFL Draft Team Mocks NFC East

April 12, 2021

One of, if not the, “dud” divisions in the league for the 2020 NFL season. It looked for all the world like no one would ever step up to claim the Division Title and a trip to the Play-Offs. The team with no real name finally captured the dubious distinction of prevailing with a sub-.500, 7-9 record. Changes have been made by all members of the division, including a new Head Coach in Philadelphia. The biggest news seemed to be split between the trade of CARSON WENTZ from the Eagles and DAK PRESCOTT finally getting his mega-contract from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The Giants have the fewest Picks with 6, but the Cowboys and Eagles each have double digit Picks for now. As a division, the teams own 35 total Picks.


Round 1, Pick 10    PATRICK SURTAIN   CB   Alabama

Round 2, Pick 44    JOE TRYON    ER/DE    Washington

Round 3, Pick 75   LIAM EICHENBERG  OT   Notre Dame

Round 3, Pick 99    SHAKA TONEY   OB/ER   Penn State

Round 4, Pick. 115   JACOBY STEVENS   LB/S    LSU

Round 4, Pick 1113   KENNY YEBOAH  TE   Ole Miss

Round 5, Pick 179    DEMETRIC FELTON   RB/WR/RS     UCLA

Round 6, Pick 192   KHYIRIS TONGA   DT   BYU

Round 6, Pick 227   BUDDY JOHNSON   ILB    Texas A&M

Round 7, Pick 238   TYLER COYLE    S     Purdue

It seems like the Cowboys have been re-shaping their secondary personnel for a decade or more, but they continue working on getting it right. SURTAIN is an instant starter, with pro pedigree and Saban tutoring. The versatility and athleticism of STEVENS should reinforce both the LB and S groups. COYLE is an underrated S that posted some impressive numbers at his Pro Day.  EICHENBERG is a savvy, steady player that may end up starting on the OL by mid-season. In an effort to give LAWRENCE some help with the pass-rush, the team doubled-down on TRYON and TONEY. Only 3 Picks for the Offense, but keep an eye on  the versatile FELTON who UCLA Coach CHIP KELLY used in multiple roles in his Offense over the past couple of years. He’s a flash player.



Round 1, Pick 11    JAYCEE HORN   CB    South Carolina

Round 2, Pick 42   CARLOS BASHAM  DE   Wake Forest

Round 3, Pick 76   ALIM McNEILL   DT   N.C. State

Round 4, Pick 116  BRADY CHRISTENSEN  OT   BYU

Round 6, Pick 196   MALCOLM KOONCE    ER/OB   Buffalo

Round 6, Pick 201    NOAH GRAY   TE    Duke

GM GETTLEMAN found himself with the smallest draft group in the division. So he spread the Picks around hoping to have boosted his roster where it was most needed. HORN is an instant upgrade for the secondary as a serious possibility to earn the title of Shutdown Corner with his savvy and talent. One of the most important draftees beyond HORN is likely BOOGIE BASHAM in Round 2, who can set the edge against the run, and most importantly, has shown some serious pass-rush ability in his college career. They also attempted to replace the unsung TOMLINSON on the DL with McNEILL, who like TOMLINSON, does the dirty work inside, but also shows flashes of inside pocket pressure. CHRISTENSEN was a solid workman in a pro style BYU Offense. If he works out, they could have a quality group at OT, with most of them under 25. KOONCE had a solid career in college as an edge-rusher. He has quickness, good body bend, and a high-rev engine.


Round 1, Pick 12   TRAVIS ETIENNE  RB   Clemson

Round 2, Pick 37     ELIJAH MOORE    WR   Ole Miss

Round 3, Pick 70     QUINN MEINERZ  OC/G    UW/Whitewater

Round 84, Pick 84    AARON ROBINSON   CB   UCF

Round 4, Pick 123   JEROME JOHNSON  DT  Indiana

Round 5, Pick 150    JONATHAN ADAMS   WR   Arkansas State

Round 6, Pick 189   DAVID MOORE   OG  Grambling

Round 6, Pick 224     JOSHUA KAINDOH   DE   Florida State

Round 6, Pick 225    DARRICK FORREST    S    Cincinnati

Round 7, Pick 234    CURTIS ROBINSON  LB Stanford

Round 7, Pick 240   DRUE CHRISMAN   P   Ohio State

The Eagles made sure to address their weakest roster points. MOORE and ADAMS are both more athletic than the vets they replace in the receiver group.  Their OL has gotten old as a group, and the draft emphasis was two, small school wide bodies in MEINERZ and MOORE, both of whom were revelations at the Senior Bowl. They are also massive and strong. The teams RB group has been underwhelming in recent years, except for MILES SANDERS, but he has been nicked up quite a bit in his brief pro career. ETIENNE gives him a running mate that has shown he can do it all in his career at Clemson. Conspicuous by absence is the lack of a QB in this draft group. GM Roseman stated on more than one occasion since WENTZ was traded that HURTS will get a full shot to be their franchise QB, with VFA FLACCO the back up and tutor. Just weeks before the Draft, Owner Jeff Lurie reinforced that sentiment.


WASHINGTON Football Club

Round 1, Pick 19   ZAVEN COLLINS   LB   Tulsa

Round 2, Pick 51     JACKSON CARMAN    OL  Clemson

Round 3, Pick 74    DYAMI BROWN   WR/RS   UNC

Round 3, Pick 82    BARON BROWNING  LB  Ohio State

Round 4, Pick 124   TREVON GRIMES     WR   Florida

Round 5, Pick 163    MATT BUSHMAN   TE    BYU

Round 7, Pick 244    JOSHUAH BLEDSOE   S   Missouri

Round 7, Pick 246   THOMAS FLETCHER   LS   Alabama

RON RIVERA did a more than solid job last year in instilling some discipline and character into the Boys from D.C. both on the field and in the locker room. Part of me was whispering QB TRASK when their 2nd Round Pick came up, but they already have 4 legit QB’s to sort through on the current roster, so we’ll concede the starting job to the amazing VFA Mr. Fitzpatrick for now and see how it goes. The LB unit needed major help with THOMAS DAVIS retiring and most of their UFA group at LB moving on. So for me, it was a clear choice to load up at the position and do it with two of the most athletic LB’s in the Draft in COLLINS & BROWNING. Then it was a matter of getting them some new talent in their WR group to supplement their emerging star in TERRY McLAURIN. BROWN from UNC is a sure-handed, elusive receiver (and RS) that has nice size at 6’1/189. GRIMES in Round 4 gives them a long, solid athlete (6’4/217) that showed potential, especially as a red zone threat, and should be a very nice addition to their Special Teams units. I also like the potential of TE BUSHMAN, who would have gone higher than Round 5 were it not for some injury issues in recent years. If he stays healthy, he could be that No. 2 TE teams are always looking for in their 12-personnel grouping. CARMAN from Clemson is a large fellow (6’5/335) that was key to a solid Clemson OL the past 3 seasons. He’ll likely get a try out at OT, but if his arms are too short, he’ll make a fine inside road grader. I like the size and athleticism of this Draft group. To no one’s surprise, RIVERA is putting his fingerprints all over this team. And that’s a good thing, IMO!


Of their overall Picks, these teams included 7 players in my Top 50, with CARMAN just missing at #51. Looking at some of the names with Pick numbers from Day Three of the Draft, it is not hard to see how deep the talent goes this time around. If teams pick players that truly fit their system and schemes, the talent infusion could be considerable. These teams did just that for my money. Stay tuned for some likely feedback from Uncle Colin when he sees my Picks for his Giants.


Next up will be the AFC East.