2020 Team Mock Drafts SEA HAWKS

By | April 12, 2020

It seems rather contradictory to dismiss your projections in advance of making them, but I feel like I have to do that with the Sea Hawks. And I say that out of respect for the seemingly unorthodox way the dynamic duo of JOHN SCHNEIDER and PETE CARROLL work the Draft each year. Despite some raised eyebrows around the League and in the media, you can’t argue with the success of their results. And based on past history, my initial prediction would be that with Pick 27 being their first draft slot this year, past history indicates that they will be very likely to trade that Pick for multiple Picks later on. The Sea Hawks under this current regime have been very active in “working the Draft” with transactions most years. But I don’t do trades here, so let’s get on with their team mock.


Round 1, Pick 27     MARLON DAVIDSON    DE   Auburn   6’3/303  (PP#29)   As I write this, they still look as though they will be losing both ANSAH and CLOWNEY to free agency soon, so that would put them in a position of serious need of some new quality blood at their DE slots. Enter Mr. DAVIDSON, whose quality career on the Plains of Alabama got somewhat lost in the shadows of some excellent defensive teammates. However, DAVIDSON is a high quality DE, who can handle both a 4-3 and a 3-4 scheme. His best productivity will likely come in a base 4-3, where not only will he set the edge, but also provide some serious pass-rush. His Combine 40-time of 5.04 is not elite, but his strength is. He has a wingspan measured at 80 1/2″ with 10″ hands to move people around. His 2019 stats will give you a good picture of his versatility: 48 T’s- 12.5 TFL- 7.5 S’s- 5 QBH’s and 2 FF’s. He could be a serious addition to their DL rotation.

Round 2, Pick 59    KRISTIAN FULTON  CB   LSU  6’0/197   (PP#57)    From a very talented LSU secondary comes FULTON, whose numbers tell you a lot about his game. 2019: 15 Games- 38 T’s- 1 INT and 14 PBU’s. That final number of PBU’s should tell you that he sticks with his man in coverage and has the ball instincts to knock throws down before receivers can capture them. His 4.46/40 is adequate given his flexibility to turn on the ball. His most impressive number from the Combine may be his 3-Cone time of 6.94 seconds. Below 7-seconds is the magic standard, and the ability to change direction in coverage is critical. His lower body explosion is indicated by his 35 1/2″ vertical and 123″ broad jump. He may not be a glamorous INT leader, but he covers well. I think he’ll become a better pro than he was a collegian at a CB slot.

Round 2, Pick 63   PRINCE TEGA WANOGHO  OT    Auburn  6’5/308   (PP#63)  Sticking with their SEC luv this year, they grab a not-quite-ready for prime time player, whose upside looks tremendous. The search is always in progress to try to provide better pass protection for RUSSELL WILSON. WILSON is magical with his legs, taking off, but less running would be a good thing as Wilson approaches 30. The latest Nigerian nightmare (remember Christian Okoye?) was in luv with basketball when his family moved to the USA. And after he took up football, he played Defense until arriving at Auburn. His technique still breaks down at times, but he’s a fluid athlete with natural size and strength. His arms are marginal length for a pro OT at 33 1/2″, but his wingspan of 80 3/4″ is another matter. His upside looks impressive, and he might end up being quite the WILSON-protector soon.

Round 3, Pick 101    JAMES PROCHE    WR    SMU    5’11/201    (PP#104)  Can you say, slot receiver? Better believe it. PROCHE is quicker than fast and shows good explosion going up for contested balls against bigger defenders. He also never stops working to get open and help his QB. With WILSON’s mobility, that kind of receiver gets targeted as a reward for his energy. A good career at SMU absolutely exploded for him last season when he caught 111 passes for 1,225 yds and 15 TD’s. His 9 5/8″ hands are very reliable. He can also be used on gadget plays like Jet Sweeps and Reverses.  He should upgrade the overall quality of their receiver group early on.

Round 4, Pick 133   CAM GILL    OB/ER   Wagner  6’2/238   (PP#130)   One of the small school gems at the Shrine venue this January. He won’t fit a defined position quite yet though. But what he will do is chase the ball, especially while it is in the QB’s hands. He looks longer than his 6’2 height would indicate. He also shows very good body flexibility to bend and get skinny avoiding blockers on his way to the pocket. Small college or not, his 2019 stats are impressive: 12 Games- 60 T’s- 20 TFL- 9.5 S’s- 8 QBH’s- 3 FF’s and 2 PBU’s. There is plenty to work with here, and he should see time right away as an edge-rusher.

Round 4, Pick 144   A.J. DILLON    RB   Boston College   6’0/247    (PP#140)      There is only one Beast Mode, but DILLON could be well suited to be a pseudo-second coming of MARSHAWN in Seattle. He is a very big, strong man, but there are other things about him that also impress. His 4.53/40 time at 247 lbs. really caused some buzz at the Combine. So did his leg explosion to post a Vertical Jump of 41″, as well as a Broad Jump of 131″. Those numbers hold up well against many under-200 lb. DB’s in Indy. He shows good hands (9 5/8″), which might mean he’s used more as a receiver as a pro than he was in college. His straight line speed is aided by his strength, balance and a nice spin move that he uses instead of an actual cut. He had a fully healthy 2019 season and his numbers reflect that: 318 rushes, 1,685 yards, 5.3 ypc, 14 TD’s. He may make a big impact on a solid, but oft injured RB group for PETE CARROLL. He should excel at the goal line on 3rd and short, and is just the man you’re looking for to literally run time off of the clock with a lead. This could be a hand in glove type fit.

Round 6, Pick 214    CORDEL IWUAGWU  OG  TCU   6’3/309     (PP#217)   There is nothing fancy about this young man’s game. His forte is run blocking and pushing the pile straight ahead. His 5.22/40 tells you that he is indeed a short area guy, but his 10 1/8″H, 33 1/4″A, and 81″WS, tell a different story about his ability to get his hands inside the pads on a defenders chest and just move him away from the hole. He and Dillon might make a great poster shot as the new people movers in the Pacific Northwest. Nice picking with their final two Picks, IMO.

Who knows what CARROLL and SCHNEIDER will actually cook up in this year’s Draft. I would suggest that this Mock would have a significant impact on their roster, as they continue to push for younger talent to fill open roster spots.