2020 Team Mock Drafts COWBOYS

By | April 4, 2020

The Cowboys have been busy this offseason getting a new Head Coach in MIKE MCCARTHY and trying to get their big stars all signed, while finding the Cap money to do so. This past week they suffered a large setback with the retirement of OC TRAVIS FREDERICK. The team has 7 Draft Picks, with 6 of them in the first 5 Rounds. Their secondary needs reshaping, and they will likely spend a Top 100 Pick on an OL with FREDERICK’s departure.

Round 1, Pick 17   C.J. HENDERSON  CB   Florida  6’1/204  PP#17    They need to replace the underrated CB BYRON JONES, who just moved to Miami in VFA. There is almost universal agreement that OKUDAH and HENDERSON are the top 2 CB’s in this Draft. HENDERSON has the size they are used to in JONES. It is also a happy coincidence that C.J. showed some progress as a tackler last season. His 4.39 speed and his body flex, to be able to change direction, are key attributes. HENDERSON, with his ball skills and quickness, should be able to jump on throws for INT’s from at least half the QB’s in the NFL with mediocre arm talent. Call him a Rookie starter.

Round 2, Pick 51    TYLER BIADASZ  OC  Wisconsin  6’4/315   PP#49    This one is almost too simple. Why would you not replace FREDERICK with another top notch OC from the same school and blocking scheme? BIADASZ is not refined in pass pro, but he will be one helluva run blocker to open some holes between the Tackles for ZEKE ELLIOTT. FREDERICK was called “a reach” by many personnel people when originally drafted by the Cowboys, but ended up in the Pro Bowl multiple times. BIADASZ is a hard working, strong football player who still has upside in him, IMO. If it worked once before, why not try it all over again?

Round 3, Pick 82   ADAM TRAUTMAN   TE   Dayton   6’5/251   PP#80   This small school star reminds me quite a bit of the recently departed Mr. WITTEN. However, he’s more developed as a receiver than WITTEN was coming out of Tennessee more than a decade ago. He’s a decent blocker and will get better as he earns his snaps as their second TE behind the solid receiving BLAKE JARWIN. TRAUTMAN showed in Mobile during Senior Bowl week that he has the body, athleticism, and want-to, to compete with the big boys in the pro game.

Round 4, Pick 123   QUARTNEY DAVIS  WR Texas A&M    6’1/199   PP#119    DAVIS is another player who really used the Senior Bowl to his advantage. He showed nice route running and sure hands all week in Mobile. His 4.54/40-time at the Combine tells you that he’s not going to be much of a deep threat, but he certainly looked to have all the makings of a dependable possession receiver at the next level. He should fit quite nicely in a receiving group with plenty of speed. While COOPER and GALLUP stretch the secondary, DAVIS should make a nice easy underneath target for DAK to use, to move the sticks.

Round 5, Pick 164    CARTER COUGHLIN  ER/OB  Minnesota  6’3/234   PP#170    After watching him shine at the Combine, I went back to Minnesota game tapes and realized that I was vastly underrating COUGHLIN as a prospect. I seriously doubt if he is ready to stand up and play LB full time right now, but he is a legit pass-rusher with a lot more athleticism than most folks think. He ran a 4.57/40 at the Combine. He also had a vertical of 36″ and Broad Jump of 126″, validating some explosion in his lower body. He recorded 22.5 sacks in his career at Minnesota. He will start out as a role player and core Special Teamer. If he responds well to coaching, he may be able to play a full-time LB spot when Sean Lee moves from playing out on the field to coaching on the sidelines.

Round 5, Pick 179   NICK COE   DL  Auburn  6’5/280     PP#195    A big plus in COE as a prospect is his versatility and athleticism. Strangely, he worked out at the Combine with the LB/ER group and looked like the ugly duckling amongst the swans, at times. His 4.89/40 just isn’t going to make it as an edge-rusher in the NFL, but with his 10 1/4″ hands and 33 3/4″ arms, he might be quite intriguing as an inside pass-rusher on late downs. I’d have loved to see ROD MARINELLI get his hands on this lump of clay to motivate and teach the finer points of NFL DL play to. Then again, the coaching tandem of vet JIM TOMSULA and former Cowboys DL LEON LETT will have their fingerprints all over his development.  There may be some serious upside to this young man.

Round 7, Pick 231   JASON HUNTLEY  RB New Mexico State   PP#230    We failed to see this little dynamo at the Combine, but if you watched the NFLPA BOWL, his speed and quickness were hard to miss. He also carries a reputation as a dedicated football player. HUNTLEY finally got the job as no. 1 RB all to himself in 2019, and exploded for 1,090 yards rushing at 7.1 YPC with 9 TD’s. He also caught 40 balls, mostly on dump-down throws. He has some background as a Return Specialist. For Round 7, he could develop into a very handy man for the bottom of their roster.


For those of you wondering about my lack of a pure edge-rusher in this group, with the VFA loss of QUINN, I will point to the recent signing of former edge-rusher deluxe ALDON SMITH, who is only 30-years old. Like most teams the Cowboys have too many needs to fix all at once with 7 Draft Picks. Mix and match folks.