2016 College Football Rankings #2

By | October 10, 2016

Believe it or not, the majority of D1 schools, whoops FBS, are half way through their regular season schedule. So let’s take a look at my updated rankings. This is the version in which i pay homage to the teams that are still undefeated. They get the top rankings one last time regardless of their strength of schedule.

1) ALABAMA 6-0 Just what the SEC needed was for SABAN to find a star frosh to play QB.
2) OHIO STATE 5-0 All those talented young players now have experience as starters.
3) CLEMSON 6-0 QB/WATSON seems to be getting into a groove; too bad ACC.
4) MICHIGAN 6-0 This team is rolling, and finally had a road game, winning 78-0.
5) TEXAS A&M 6-0 The Aggies are rolling and TREVOR KNIGHT/QB is leading the way Mr. Stoops.
6) WASHINGTON 6-0 The Huskies are kicking ass and taking names with a young, athletic team.
7) BAYLOR 5-0 Not quite as strong as last year’s team, but are playing with attitude.
8) NEBRASKA 5-0 With only Ohio State/Wisconsin road games looming this looks like 10-Wins.
9) BOISE STATE 5-0 Quietly off to another fine start in the no-respect Mountain West.
10) WEST VIRGINIA 4-0 Best balanced team HOLGORSEN has had but schedule now gets tougher.
11) WESTERN MICHIGAN 6-0 Look to be headed for a big showdown with Toledo next month.

12) LOUISVILLE 4-1 The schedule looks like they can run table the rest of the way & climb.
13) HOUSTON 5-1 Not expecting another slip-up B4 showdown with Louisville next month.
14) TENNESSEE 5-1 Maybe they will tighten things up after their turnovers were insurmountable.
15) WISCONSIN 4-1 Key to their season now boils down to Ohio State this weekend in Madtown.

Honorable Mention: NAVY 4-1; VIRGINIA TECH 4-1; UTAH 5-1; ARIZONA STATE 5-1

That’s it for now folks. I’ll post an update in two weeks, and I expect some serious changes, but not the the top of the rankings.