April 15, 2014

    Projected trades in blue
    1 HOUSTON DE Jadeveon Clowney,
    South Carolina
    The Texans football people likely would still like to trade out of the #1 pick and they'll likely get some nibbles right up until draft day. However, owner Bob McNair, a South Carolina grad, is known to really like Clowney, another south Carolina alum, so the Texans may need an offer that literally blows them out of the water to make a move.
    2 OAKLAND 
    (from St. Louis thru Washington)
    QB Johnny Manziel,
    Texas A&M
    Its almost a given that the Rams will move the pick if Clowney were still on the board at this point, but they are still probably even money to deal down if Houston takes the former USC star. Detroit, for one, is likely to be interested in moving up from #10 to get Clemson WR Sammy Watkins, but the Rams may not want to drop that far down. Meanwhile, Oakland really wants to be relevant again and there are only two players in this draft with franchise-altering potential: Clowney and Manziel. Indeed, if one is thinking of moving back to LA who is going to sell more tickets in one of football's hardest sells: Blake Bortles, Matt Schaub or Manziel. Enough said. Projected terms: Oakland gets the 2nd pick in exchange for the 5th and 36th picks this year and a 2nd and a 5th in 2015.
    (from Jacksonville)
    OLB Khalil Mack,
    It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine the Jaguars might actually make some gentle inquiries about moving up to get Clowney at #2 or even #1; they could also sit tight take and take either WR Sammy Watkins or LB Mack or a QB; however, like the Rams the Jags are on record as wanting to trade down and would be one team that the Lions will likely call about Watkins. Again, like the Rams the Jags may not be willing to drop quite that far. Meanwhile, the Falcons have long been thought to want to move up to get Clowney if he slips past Houston, but if he isn't available OLB Mack, who more than one team has rated as as good a prospect as Clowney might be a nice consolation priize for a team that has never been shy about moving up to get an impact player they coveted.  Projected terms: Atlanta gets the 3rd pick in exchange for the 6th, 37th and 103rd picks.
    from Cleveland)
    WR Sammy Watkins,
    The Browns would certainly be tempted to take Watkins themselves in he lasted to the 4th pick, but the Lions appear to really want tomove and may be prepared to make it worth the Browns while to drop down. Projected terms: Detroit gets the 4th pick in exchange for the 10th, 45th and 111th picks this year and a 3rd rounder in 2015.
    (from Oakland)

    OT Greg Robinson,
    Nice deal for the Rams if they can add an extra pick or two and still get one of the guys they were likely targetting at #2.
    JACKSONVILLE (from Atlanta) QB Blake Bortles,
    Central Florida
    See above for the Jaguars
    7 NY JETS
    (from Tampa Bay)
    WR Mike Evans,
    Texas A&M
    The Bucs are likely to get more than a few nibbles with QB Bridgewater, OT Matthews, OLB Barr and WR Evans still on the board, although Tampa Bay could use each of those guys themselves and may very well be tempted even more to sit tight. On the other hand, the Jets are one of several teams looking to a true #1 receiver and the 6-5 Evans certainly has the size/speed tools to be just that. Projected terms: The Jets get the 7th pick in exchange for the 18th, 49th and 115th picks as well as 3rd rounder in 2015.
    MINNESOTA QB Teddy Brigewater,
    The Vikings appear to really want to get one of this year's top three QBs and may have to move up a couple of spots to guarantee success; if they don't they may have to sweat out the Bucs pick just ahead of them.
    BUFFALO OT Jake Matthews,
    Texas A&M
    The Bills would probably prefer that a receiver like Watkins or Evans was still available when they get on the clock with the 9th pick, but for a team with a major need at RT, A&M's Matthews, easily the best player still on the board, would be a nice consolation prize.
    (from Detroit)
    QB Derek Carr,
    Fresno State
    The Browns have been rumored to really like Carr, and in a perfect world would probably prefer to try and wangle him with the 26th pick, but its hard to imagine they want to play chicken with such an important position, so dropping down to the bottom of the top 10 and snapping him up there makes sense. However, this is Cleveland!
    11 TENNESSEE CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State No one should be surprised if the Titans took a QB with the 11th pick if one of the top prospects at the position slips down to the 11th pick; heck no one should be surprised if the Titans actually made some calls about moving up to get a QB what with incumbent starter Jake Locker's inconsistent play and injury history; however, with only 6 picks the Titans don't know have much ammunition to work with. The Titans would also likely be thrilled if A&M OT Matthews, the son of long-time former Titans' OG Bruce Matthews. Failing those scenarios, the Titans would likely be happy to move down, but its hard to see a legitimate trading partner at this point.
    12 NEW YORK GIANTS TE Eric Ebron,
    North Carolina
    The Giants' fan base is probably pining for an offensive lineman like Michigan OT Taylor Lewan, but it says here that the organization seems to be leaning more toward adding some speed, explosion and big-play ability to revitalize QB Eli Manning and the team's stagnant offense. In fact, it wouldn't be a shock if the Giants moved up 2-3 spots in order to guarantee acquiring Ebron, who has been compared to a young Vernon Davis.
    ST. LOUIS OLB Anthony Barr,
    The Rams likely have their eye on a safety like Alabama's Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix with their second opening round pick, but OLB Barr would be too good a value to pass on, especially given that it would not be a total surprise if St. Louis took Khalil Mack if they keep the #2 pick overall.
    14 MIAMI
    (from Chicago)

    OT Zach Martin
    Notre Dame

    The Dolphins may be desperate to add an offensive lineman with character and can't count on Martin getting past Baltimore. Meanwhile, the Bears would have their pick of a half a dozen very good defensive players so could afford to move down, although Donald's upside might be tough to pass on. Projected terms: Miami gets the 14th pick for the 19th and 116th picks this year and a 3rd rounder next year.
    15 PITTSBURGH WR Odell Beckham,
    The Steelers desperatley need a #1 target for Ben Roethlisberger and could even be tempted to explore a trade for either of WRs Watkins or Evans, although the fast-rising Beckham could end up being better than both. 
    DT Timmie Jernigan,
    Florida State
    Dallas owner, GM Jerry Jones isn't one to do things by the numbers and it says here no one should be totally surprised if the Cowboys made a dramatic move to get Tony Romo's ultimate replacement, especially if someone like Johnny Manziel started to drop into the latter part of the top ten. The Cowboys have also been known to trade down and with a bunch of solid DTs still on the board could make such a move
    17 BALTIMORE FS Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix,

    Michigan OT Taylor Lewan could also be a factor as he may slip because of his off-field issues.
    18 TAMPA BAY
    (from NY Jets)
    OT Taylor Lewan,
    See above
    (from Miami)

    DT Aaron Donald
    Given that Donald could very well have been the Bears' pick at #14 (and Minnesota DT Ra'shede Hageman is still on the board, not to mention LB CJ Mosley, CB Darqueze Dennard and FSCalvin Pryor among others its why Chicago could afford to move down.
    ARIZONA OLB Dee Ford,
    The Cardinals are one of several teams that could literally go in any number of directions, meaning they'd also likely be willing to move down if the right deal came along, although there really isn't that one can't miss type guy other teams would necessarily want. Besides Ford is a rising edge rusher and would appear to address Arizona's biggest need.
    (from Green Bay)
    WR Marqise Lee,
    Southern California

    The 49ers may want to jump ahead of teams like Philadelphia and KC to get their choice of receivers and with 11 picks in hand heading into the draft have the ammunituion to play with. Projected terms: The 49ers get the 21st pick inexchange for the 30th and 77nd picks.
    WR Brandin Cooks,
    Oregon State
    Hard to imagine the Eagles' offense loses DeSean Jackson and could actually get faster!
    KANSAS CITY FS Calvin Pryor,
    With just 6 picks the Chiefs could opt to move down if the right offer comes along, but Pryor is pretty close to the BPA out there.
    HOUSTON (from Cincinnati) QB Jimmy Garoppolo,
    Eastern Illinois
    There may be just too many teams looking to move to grab 'the next best QB' including perhaps Tampa Bay and Tennessee to wait until the start of the second round. Projected terms: Houston gets the 24th pick for the 33rd, 65th and 141st picks
    25 SAN DIEGO CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan State
    Sometimes good things do come to those who wait.
    (from Indianapolis)
    LB CJ Mosley,
    Sounds almost too straighforward for the Browns to simply take the best player available.
    NEW ORLEANS LB Demarcus Lawrence
    Boise State
    Edge rushers wanted which would also likely have Missouri DE Kony Ealy in the mix.
    28 CAROLINA CB Kyle Fuller,
    Virginia Tech
    If his knee checks out then Alabama OT Cyrus Louandjio would also make sense here as would FSU WR Kevin Benjamin and OSU OLB Ryan Shazier.
    (from New England)
    QB Zach Mettenberger
    The Patriots haven't done this for awhile but probably haven't forgotten how! Projected terms: Tampa Bay gets the 29th pick in exchange for the 38th, 69th and 143rd picks.
    (from San Francisco)
    NT Louis Nix
    Notre Dame

    DENVER DE Kony Ealy,

    DT Ra'Shede Hageman
    DT Minnesota

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