by Pigskin Paul Guillemette, GBN Associate Editor and Chief Scout

*Note that prospects draft prospects at this time are denoted via a star rating system as follows:
4* =  Round 1;  3* = Top 100;  2* =  Draftable;  1* =  URFA.  

December 5

It's the final "full" weekend of the college football season. And the action is highlighted by Conference Championship games. Some of these are fascinating match-ups, as well as featuring some of he top NFL Draft prospects in the country. Here are the "must" games and players you should watch.

ARIZONA (10-2) VS. OREGON  (11-1) by 3 9PM/ET/FOX; FRIDAY ... Yep the Arizona team, led by RICH RODRIQUEZ matches up with the Ducks, whose only loss this season was to... yep... the Wildcats. The talent load is heavily in the favor of the Ducks, but don't tell that to the Wildcats and their supporters. IMO, MARCUS MARIOTA is the best all-around QB to be ready for the NFL Draft since ANDREW LUCK, and should be winning the Heisman Trophy in a few weeks. Oregon has gotten healthier overall late in the season which is not good news for Arizona or any other potential opponent. It should be a wide open contest so be prepared to stay up late watching. Arizona has too much confidence to roll over here. They smell that second W over Oregon in a season. I do not, but it should be close.

ARIZONA                                                                           OREGON
#29 AUSTIN HILL/WR/6'2/210***                                        #8 MARCUS MARIOTA/QB/6'4/220*****
#73 FABBIANS EBBELE/OT/6'7/310**                                #75 JAKE FISHER/OT/6'6/297***
#68 MICKEY BAUCUS/OT/6'7/305**                                  #55 HRONISS GRASSU/OC/6'3/297***
#38 JARED TEVIS/S/5'10/195*                                            #14 IFO EPKRE-OLOMU/CB/PR/5'10/195****
#26 JOURDON GRANDON/S/6'0/195**                               #91 TONY WASHINGTON/E/LB/6'3/245**
                                                                                             #9 ARIK ARMSTEAD/DT/6'8/300****

ALABAMA (11-1) by 4 VS MISSOURI  (10-2) 4PM/ET/CBS; SATURDAY ... It's the perennial SEC powerhouse against the little train that could. And before you write this one off as being a mismatch I want to advise you that MIZZOU has a lot more defensive talent than Auburn, who took the Tide to task for much of that game last weekend. NICK SABAN should feel a bit more in his element in this contest, because these Tigers do NOT light up the scoreboard like those Tigers last weekend. But MATY MAUK is one of those grinder QB who will never give up. A big edge in this game could be due to an ankle injury to Mizzou RB RUSSSELL HANSBROUGH, who is unlikely to play. That should severely hamper the Mizzou running attack. SABAN had best let Lane Kiffin open up the Offense so this thing doesn't come down to a final field goal attempt with minutes/seconds to play. MIZZOU would have the edge in that scenario. Please note all the ranking stars for the players below, who you should be watching carefully.

ALABAMA                                                                          MISSOURI
#4 T.J. YELDON/RB/6'1/220****                                           #8 DARIUS WHITE/WR/6'3/205**
#9 AMARI COOPER/WR/6'1/205****                                   #88 JIMMIE HUNT/WR/6'0/215**
#2 DeANDREW WHITE/WR/6'0/190**                                 #65 MITCH MORSE/OT/6'6/305**
#33 TREY DePRIEST/ILB/6'2/245***                                   #56 SHANE RAY/DE/LB/6'3/245***
#26 LANDON COLLINS/S/6'0/215****                                 #96 LUCAS VINCENT/DT/6'2/305**
#27 NICK PERRY/S/6'1/210***                                             #33 MARCUS GOLDEN/DE/LB/6'3/260***
#77 ARIE KOUANDJIO/G/6'5/3125***                                    #9 BRAYLON WEBB/SS/6'0/205**
#99 BRANDON IVORY/DT/6'3/310**                                     #6 MARCUS MURPHY/RB/RS/5'9/195**

KANSAS STATE (9-2) @ BAYLOR  (10-1)  by 7 7:45/ET/ESPN;  SATURDAY ... The Big 12, because it has only 10 teams, cannot have a Conference Championship game. But this as close as it gets, when you combine the result with the afternoon game of IOWA STATE @ (10-1) TCU. K-STATE likes to play tough defense and conservative, but productive offense. BAYLOR's defense gets better each year. But it is the explosive BAYLOR Offense which should decide the outcome here, and I think the Wildcats will get left in the dust as the game progresses. Turnovers and field position will be key in this match-up. Both QB can really move the ball. JAKE WATERS does it however he has to, with his arm and his legs, while BRYCE PETTY basically throws the ball around to a receiving corps which amounts to an embarrassment of riches most weekends. Even though I see BAYLOR prevailing it's likely they still won't make the Final Four because TCU is likely to romp over Iowa State. If TCU wins big early will BAYLOR let down. They had better not or HC BILL SNYDER's team will seal the deal with a W.

KANSAS STATE                                                               BAYLOR       
#15 JAKE WATERS/QB/6'1/210**                                      #14 BRYCE PETTY/QB/6'3/230***
#16 TYLER LOCKETT/WR/RS/5'11/175***                          #5 ANTWAN GOODLEY/WR/5'10/220***
#66 BJ FINNEY/OC/6'3/305**                                             #42 LEVI NORWOOD/WR/6'1/195**
#44 RYAN MUELLER/E/OLB/6'2/245**                              #58 SPENCER DRANGO/OT/6'5/315***
#21 JONATHAN TRUMAN/LB/S/5'11/220*                           #2 SHAWN OAKMAN/DE/6'9/275****
#15 RANDALL EVANS/CB/6'0/190**                                  #44 BRYCE HAGER/ILB/6'2/235**
                                                                                           #36 SPENCER ROTH/P/6'4/225**

FLORIDA STATE  (11-0)  by 3 VS GEORGIA TECH  (10-2) 8/ET/ABC; SATURDAY ... I can't remember when, or even if, an unbeaten team QBed by the defending Heisman Trophy winner, has ever gotten so little respect by so many. After all, the Seminoles are only spotting teams a first half lead to keep themselves interested enough to play the second half and break the opponents hearts. It sure seems that way most weeks doesn't it?! This is not really a slam dunk for FSU because GA Tech plays such a unique option offense and does it well with good, if not great, athletes. TECH may be one of the most underrated teams in the country. I think the Seminoles will eek one out as they have so often this season, but let's just say more folks than not will rooting for the Rambling Wreck from Ga Tech to spring the upset. I can't even find space to list all the FSU pro prospects to watch below. So I will just say watch anyone in an FSU helmet, who starts, as a potential NFL player someday.

FLORIDA STATE                                                            GEORGIA TECH
#5 JAMEIS WINSTON/QB/6'4/235****                             #37 ZACH LASKEY/RB/6'1/217*
#80  RASHAD GREENE/WR/6'0/180***                            #15 DeANDRE SMELTER/WR/6'3/225***
#35 NICK O'LEARY/TE/6'3/245***                                   #70 SHAQUILLE MASON/OG/6'1/310***
#54 TRE' JACKSON/OG/6'4/340***                                  #54 QUAYSHAWN NEALY/LB/6'1/235**
#75 CAMERON ERVING/OT/C/6'6/305***                        #28 DJ WHITE/CB/5'11/190***
#15 MARIO EDWARDS/DE/6'3/295***                               #1 ISAIAH JOHNSON/S/6'2/205**
#90 EDDIE GOLDMAN/DT/6'4/315****                             #4 JAMAL GOLDEN/S/6'0/195*
#3 RONALD DARBY/CB/5'11/190***
#26 PJ WILLIAMS/CB/6'0/195***

WISCONSIN  (10-2)   by 4 VS. OHIO STATE (11-1)  8:15/ET/FOX; SATURDAY ... The Buckeyes lost their only game way back in September when they were upset, at home, by VA TECH, just as QB/JT BARRETT was getting his feet solidly under him. He excelled after that game and the Buckeyes ran off 9 straight wins to finish the regular season. But in their easy win over MIchigan BARRETT broke an ankle is out for the duration. The next man up is CARDALE JONES, who stands 6'5 and weighs about 250 lbs. It will be up to DC DAVE ARANDA to devise a defensive scheme to confuse and contain JONES. Then HC GARY ANDERSEN and OC ANDY LUDWIG have to come up with a plan offensively that gets running room for GORDON/CLEMENTS and allows QBs STAVE/McEVOY to make a few plays without turning the ball over. I'm gonna go with the upset and project the Badgers to win. The Buckeyes will be trying to channel their emotion and focus on the task at hand despite the suicide this week of a teammate. That can sometimes be used as motivation, but can also be a tough emotion to control and manipulate for 60 minutes.

WISCONSIN                                                                   OHIO STATE
#25 MELVIN GORDON/RB/6'1/210****                            #9 DEVIN SMITH/WR/6'0/195**
#49 SAM ARNESON/TE/6'5/250**                                     #5 JEFF HEUERMAN/TE/6'4/250**
#54 KYLE COSTIGAN/G/6'5/315*                                   #76 DARRYL BALDWIN/OT/6'6/310*
#78 ROB HAVENSTEIN/T/6'8/325***                              #63 MICHAEL BENNETT/DT/6'2/295***
#45 WARREN HERRING/DT/6'3/295*                              #14 CURTIS GRANT/LB/6'3/240**
#59 MARCUS TROTTER/LB/6'0/230*                              #12 DORAN GRANT/CB/5'11/195**

Movember 28

Welcome to the last full weekend of College Football 2014 season style. There will still be Conference Championships and way too many Bowl Games to watch in the coming month plus, but this is the last full slate of regular season games. So enjoy, and in fact savor, the final course of your 2014 collegiate repast.

TECH may be the least publicized conference contender in the country, but will get a chance to upset FSU in the ACC Championship Game, but for now their goal is to be No. 1 in the state of Georgia. I'm picking UGA to win a close one, but remember how FLORIDA upset UGA a while ago be running the ball down their throats and only passing less than 10 times for the entire game. Could it happen again? This is a solid TECH team and their old-fashioned "wishbone" offense is a nightmare for many teams. The Georgia Offense is missing some key pieces and if they stumble that Defense had better be ready to step up and win the day. But the Georgia D has been lacking most of the 2103 season. It would not be much of an upset for TECH to win in my opinion.

GEORGIA TECH                                                        GEORGIA
#15 DEANDRE SMELTER/WR/6'3/225**                    #26 MALCOLM MITCHELL/WR/6'1/190***
#70 SHAQUILLE MASON/OG/6'1/310**                      #61 DAVID ANDREWS/OC/6'2/295*
#94 QUAYSHAWN NEALY/6'1/235**                          #51 RAMIK WILSON/LB/6'2/230***
#1 ISAIAH JOHNSON/SS/6'2/205**                              #47 RAY DREW/DE/6'5/275**
#37 ZACH LASKEY/RB/6'1/215*                                   #5 DAMIAN SWANN/CB/5'11/180**

FLORIDA  (6-4) @ FLORIDA STATE  (11-0) by 10 SAT/3:30/ET/ESPN
The best game plan here would be for FLORIDA to run the rock like they did against GEORGIA and eat up clock, thus keeping the FSU Offensive speed from burning them. It's a nice thought as an exit strategy for WILL MUSCHAMP, but it isn't likely to work. If everything clicks for the Gators they can keep it close for a half, but inevitably FSU is going to run them into the ground on both sides of the ball. The skill position talent is too overwhelmingly in FSU's favor to expect this to be close for very long. There will be lots of future NFL talent on display here, including on the Gators side of things. Just speculating, but with another coaching change in the offing watch the Gator draft eligible talent carefully, because many of them would seem likely to check out early for the Draft rather than adapt to a whole new coaching regime.

FLORIDA                                                               FLORIDA STATE
#4 KYLE CHRISTY/P/6'3/200*                               #5 JAMEIS WINSTON/QB/6'4/235****
#6 DANTE FOWLER/E/LB/6'3/250**                    #80 RASHAD GREENE/WR/6'0/180***
#55 DARIOUS CUMMINGS/DT/6'1/305**             #35 NICK O'LEARY/TE/6'3/240**
#75 CHAZ GREEN/OT/6'5/300*                            #54 TRE' JACKSON/G/6'4/330***
#33 MACK BROWN/RB/5'11/215*                        #15 MARIO EDWARDS/DE/6'3/295***
#1 QUINTON DUNBAR/WR/6'1/195*                   #26 P.J. WILLIAMS/CB/6'0/195***
                                                                              #9  KARLOSWILLIAMS/RB/6'0/220/**
                                                                            #70   JOSUE MATIAS/OG/6'5/335/**
                                                                            #75   CAMERON ERVING/C-T/6'5/305/***
                                                                             #3    RONALD DARBY/CB/5'10/190/**
                                                                            #90  EDDIE GOLDMAN/DT/6'3/315/****

The Ole Miss season has pretty much gone into the dumpster with a string of recent losses. They can salvage a lot of pride with an upset over their in-state rival in this edition of the Egg Bowl. But the talent gap is tilted pretty much in favor of State right now. HC HUGH FREEZE has done a great job taking a downtrodden program at the end of the NUTT regime and turning it into an SEC contender that is no longer satisfied with an 8-Win season and an upset of a top team like Alabama. But the Rebels are still a bit lacking in overall team speed and their talented Defense is a bit undersized in the Front 7. So expect a close game to open up a bit in the 2nd half as State uses better depth and greater size to overwhelm. A solid win here puts State in position to hang onto a Final Four slot, which is being challenged right now by TCU.

MISSISSIPPI                                                          MISSISSIPPI STATE 
#14 BO WALLACE/QB/6'4/210*                              #15 DAK PRESCOTT/QB/6'2/230***
#10 VINCE SANDERS/WR/6'1/185**                       #63 DILLON DAY/C/7'4/300**
#10 C.J. JOHNSON/E/LB/6'2/235*                             #4 JAMEON LEWIS/WR/RS/5'9/185**
#21 SENQUEZ GOLSON/CB/5'9/180**                    #91 PRESTON SMITH/DE/6'6/270***
#25 CODY PREWITT/S/6'2/215***                         #50 ROD McKINNEY/ILB/6'4/250****

AUBURN (8-3) @ ALABAMA (10-1) by 6; SATURDAY; 7:45 ET; ESPN
Auburn has faltered down the stretch as it's Defense has collapsed. But they have a chance to beat their arch intra-state rival and salvage some pride. 'BAMA finds itself in a familiar spot atop most ranking lists, including the all-important Final Four committee list. But a loss in this game throws things into chaos, especially if  Miss State wins the Egg Bowl. There's a lot of elite NFL Draft material on display here and Auburn has the firepower to pull off the upset if Bama stumbles. So tune this one in, because it will be charged with energy and a high level of play.Games like this are life and death to a large percentage of Alabamans!

AUBURN                                                               ALABAMA
#14 NICK MARSHALL/QB/6'1/210***                   #4 TJ YELDON/RB/6'1/215****
#44 CAMERON ARTIS-PAYNE/RB/5'11/210**      #9 AMARU COOPER/WR/6'1/205****
#18 SAMMIE COATES/WR/6'2/205****               #77 ARIE KOUANDJIO/OG/6'5/315***
#50 REESE DISMUKES/OC/6'3/295***                 #33 TREY DePRIEST/ILB/6'2/245***
#90 GABE WRIGHT/DT/6'3/290**                        #26 LANDON COLLINS/SS/6'0/215****
#9 JERMAINE WHITEHEAD/FS/5'11/195**          #27 NICK PERRY/S/6'1/215***
#25 TROVON REED/CB/6'0/190**                        #99 BRANDON IVORY/DT/6'4/310**

Movemeber 22

The general paucity of games, especially key match-ups is our first legit indicator that the college football season is winding down. But at least for a few more weeks we have some solid competitive match-ups featuring NFL Draft prospects so let's dive right into it.

ARIZONA (8-2) by 4 @ UTAH (7-3) 3:30ET/ESPN ... My first temptation is to go with the home team and the upset maker in Utah. But something tells me they are running on fumes right now and it might be best to go with the Rich Rodriquez gang in this one. Both teams will be fired up because at the very least they are both fighting to gain the highest Bowl invitation possible. With another year in school I think UTAH QB/TRAVIS WILSON can be a fairly highly ranked Draft prospect for he 2016 Draft. ARIZONA is a fairly young team, starting a Redshirt Freshman QB named ANU SOLOMON who can get the job done with both his arm and his legs. Like most PAC 12 teams Offense is the strength of both teams which should make for some solid viewing.

ARIZONA                                                                   UTAH
#29 AUSTIN HILL/WR/6'3/210***                              #7 TREVOR WILSON/QB/6'7/240***
#73 FABBIANS EBBELE/OT/6'8/310**                     #88 WESTLEE TONGA/TE/6'4/250**
#84 REGGIE GILBERT/DE/6'4/260**                         #8 NATE ORCHARD/DE/LB/6'4/255***
#38 JARED TEVIS/S/5'10/195*                                   #4 BRIAN BLECHEN/SS/6'2/215**
#68 MICKEY BAUCUS/T/6'8/305*                             #9 TEVIN CARTER/FS/6'1/215**

LOUISVILLE (7-3) @ NOTRE DAME (7-3)  by 3 3:30ET/NBC ... I doubt very much that ND can play any sloppier than they did last week against Northwestern. I'd be willing to bet that BRIAN KELLY kicked some major butt this week in game prep. Louisville is a solid team under Bobby Petrino, but I think the Irish are stronger and deeper at this point in time. EVERETT GOLSON has continued to exhibit poor decision making and has become a turnover machine. Expect him to stay in school for his senior year. If MICHAEL DYER & DOMINIQUE BROWN are both healthy expect the Cardinals to pound the rock and wear down the ND Defense. Notre Dame is 1-3 starting with the FSU game, and looking to turn this around now. If you watch and listen closely to the call of this game you will realize how much young, developing talent Notre Dame has on this roster. If GOLSON comes back, as I expect, they could be quite strong in 2015.

LOUISVILLE                                                              NOTRE DAME
#10 DOMINIQUE BROWN/RB/6'2/235**                     #18 BEN KOYACK/TE/6'5/260***
#26 MICHAEL DYER/RB/5'9/213**                             #74 CHRISTIAN LOMBARD/G/6'5/315**
#18 GERALD CHRISTIAN/TE/6'3/240**                      #72 NICK MARTIN/OC/6'4/295**
#79 JAMON BROWN/G/T/6'6/340**                             #11 ISHAQ WILLIAMS/DE/6'6/270**
#94 LORENZO MAULDIN/E/LB/6'4/245***                   #9 CODY RIGGS/CB/5'9/185**
#3 CHARLES GAINES/CB/5'11/190***                        
#53 JAKE SMITH/C/G/6'4/307**

WISCONSIN  (8-2) by 6 @ IOWA (7-3); 3:30 PM ET; ABC ... Despite the exploits of MELVIN GORDON and an emerging young Badgers defense I can't call this the lock you might think for UW. This rivalry is strong and Coach FERENTZ always has his guys ready to play Wisconsin, from just across the MIssissippi River. Wisconsin has failed multiple times to score a W at Iowa City even in years when they were heavily favored. IOWA will stack to stop GORDON and I have no confidence in either Badgers QB being able to pick up the slack if they can't gain 300+ yards on the ground. This will be smash-mouth football time, so if you are into wide open Offense tune in elsewhere. Expect a low scoring contest that relies on field position and turnovers to score very many points, unless GORDON is on a veritable roll.

WISCONSIN                                                               IOWA
#25 MELVIN GORDON/RB/6'1/215****                      #45 MARK WEISMAN/FB/6'0/240**
#49 SAM ARNESON/TE/6'4/255**                               #68 BRANDON SCHERFF/OT/6'5/320****
#54 KYLE COSTIGAN/OG/6'5/315*                             #90 LOUIS TRINCA-PASAT/DT/6'3/290**
#78 ROB HAVENSTEIN/OT/6-7/325**                         #71 CARL DAVIS/DT/6'5/315***
#59 MARCUS TROTTER/ILB/6'0/230*                         #37 JOHN LOWDERMILK/SS/6'2/210*

SOUTHERN CALIFONIA (7-3) @ UCLA (8-2) by 5 8PM/ET/ABC ... Welcome to the battle for SoCal college football supremacy which also has a confgerence division title very much in play. If UCLA wins, for example, the path to a date with Oregon early next month is pretty much theirs since they own all the conference tie-breakers as a result of wins over Arizona and Arizona State, although the Bruins would still have to win their season finale next week at home versus Stanford. Meanwhile,USC takes the Pac-12 South with a win over UCLA and an Arizona State loss in one of its final two games, one of which is at Arizona. For UCLA, QB BRETT HUNDLEY is now playing like a top level QB and ranks only behind MARIOTA & WINSTON as a pro prospect, IMO. UCLA is young and improving weekly. Meanwhile, USC, which has a potential top pick overall in junior DE LEONARD WILLIAMS, is also talented and only lacks depth because of scholarship losses. And don't think for a minute that USC won't consider this season a success if they knock off JIM MORA's pretty boys from the suburbs, so to speak. Lots of talent and lots of rivalry intensity in this one folks. I watch for UCLA to win by less than a touchdown, but it could go either way.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                          UCLA
#15 NELSON AGHOLOR/WR/PR/6'0/185***                 #17 BRETT HUNDLEY/QB/6'3/227****
#82 RANDALL TELFER/TE/6'4/250**                           #78 MALCOLM BUNCHE/OT/6'6/320***
#94 LEONARD WILLIAMS/DT/6'5/290****                   #94 OWAMAGBE ODIGHIZUWA/DE/6'3/270*
#58 JR TAVAI/OLB/6'2/270**                                          #6 ERIC KENDRICKS/ILB/6'0/230***
#10 HAYES PULLARD/LB/6'1/230**                              #23 ANTHONY JEFFERSON/SS/6'1/190**
#6 JOSH SHAW/CB/6'1/195**

Movember 15

Another weekend of exciting and meaningful college football action has already kicked off with week night games. But the real fireworks are yet to come. Here are 4 top games we're watching and which potential NFL Draft Picks should be drawing your attention.

MISSISSIPPI STATE  (9-0) @ ALABAMA  (8-1)  by 4 3:30/ET/CBS
At this point there seems to be very little debate that these are the top two teams in the powerful SEC. But with multiple games left to play it cannot be assumed the winner here is a lock for the FInal Four. State is the cinderella team in D1 this season. And there is plenty of talent to back up their undefeated season this far. But I'm thinking the bubble gets burst with this trip to Tuscaloosa. I say that because clearly the strength of QB/DAK PRESCOTT's game is yardage up the middle of the field whether its by passing or his own running. But that is the strength of the Alabama Defense with big physical inside backers and FS LANDEN COLLINS. THis may time for back-up 'Bama RB/DERRICK HENRY to shine with YELDON banged up. If this is a close one and it comes down to the kicking game because of stout defenses then it could get fairly ugly. Neither team excels when it comes to piling up FG points. Both teams have multiple weapon offenses, but my money says defenses will dominate play. Let us hope this doesn't come down to a flurry of missed field goals at the end of the day.

MISSISSIPPI STATE                                                                           ALABAMA
#15 DAK PRESCOTT/QB/6'2/230***
                                                  #4 TJ YELDON/RB/6'1/220****
#34 JOSH ROBINSON/RB/5'9/215***                                                 #2 DeANDREW WHITE/WR/6'0/190**
#6 DAMION JOHNSON/TE/6'2/130**                                                 #9 AMARI COOPER/WR/6'1/205****
#63 DILLON DAY/OC/6'3/305**                                                       #77 ARIE KOUANDJIO/G/6'5/315***
#91 PRESTON SMITH/DE/6'6/267***                                               #26 LANDEN COLLINS/FS/6'0/215****
#50 BENARDRICK McKINNEY/LB/6'5/245****                                #33 TREY DePRIEST/ILB/6'2/250***
#96 CHRIS JONES/DT/6'5/300/SO****                                              #19 REGGIE RAGLAND/ILB/6'2/255****

NEBRASKA  (8-1)  by 3 @ WISCONSIN (7-2) 3:30/ET/ABC
This game is a bit tough to call because of the questions about how healthy and how much RB/AMEER ABDULLAH will play for the Cornhuskers. But I just cannot get past the fact that the Badgers QB tandem of STAVE/McEVOY just doesn't bring enough to the table, whether individually or combined, to run a big time D1 football team. The lack of a sound passing attack is like a giant anchor dragging on the Badgers Offense. At least QB/TOMMY ARMSTRONG brings a little passing ability with him to go along with his good wheels. The NEBRASKA D should be good enough against a one-dimensional offense to keep a lid on MELVIN GORDON and the Badgers running attack. 

NEBRASKA                                                                                      WISCONSIN
#8 AMEER ABDULLAH/RB/5'9/195***                                             #25 MELVIN GORDON/RB/6'1/210****
#80 KENNY BELL/WR/6'1/185**                                                      #49 SAM ARNESON/TE/6'4/250**
#68 JAKE COTTON/OG/6'5/305*                                                         #54 KYLE COSTIGAN/OG/6'5/315*
#4 RANDY GREGORY/DE/6'6/240****                                             #78 ROB HAVENSTEIN/OT/6'7/325**
#6 COREY COOPER/SS/6'1/215**                                                     #59 MARCUS TROTTER/LB/6'0/230*

AUBURN  (7-2) @ GEORGIA  (7-2) by 3 7:15/ET/ESPN
The loser of this game is out of it relative to the SEC Championship... I think. Auburn has shown that they are incredibly deficient on the defensive side of the ball. But they sure can move it with NICK MARSHALL/QB at the helm and HC Gus Malzahn calling the plays. But when you talk about weak defenses you certainly cannot leave UHA out of the equation either. Expect to see both teams pounding the rock with strong running games. TODD GURLEY is schedules to be back from his unpaid vacation. Like many Auburn games this thing could well come down to whichever team possesses the ball last. I'll take UGA at home, but I admit that makes me a bit nervous because MARK RICHT has never impressed me as a big 'game day coach'. Watch the pro prospects frolic Saturday night.

AUBURN                                                                                            GEORGIA
#14 NICK MARSHALL/QB/6'1/210**                                                  #3 TODD GURLEY/RB/6'1/230****
#18 SAMMIE COATES/WR/6'2/205****                                            #26 MALCOLM MITCHELL/WR/RS/6'1/190***
#44 CAMERON ARTIS-PAYNE/RB/5'11/210**                                  #82 MICHAEL BENNETT/WR/6'3/205**
#50 REESE DISMUKES/OC/6'3/295**                                               #47 RAY DREW/DE/6'5/275**
#90 GABE WRIGHT/DT/6'3/290**                                                     #51 RAMIK WILSON/ILB/6'2/230**
#25 TROVON REED/CB/6'0/190*                                                      #58 JORDAN JENKINS/OLB/6'3/245***
#9 JERMAINE WHITEHEAD/FS/5'11/195**                                        #5 DAMIAN SWANN/CB/5'11/180**

FLORIDA STATE (9-0)  by 3 @ MIAMI  (6-3)
To me the Hurricanes are the best 3-Loss team in the country. HC AL GOLDEN has the program on the up-tick with the end of NCAA investigations (for now) and a young team of  primarily talented South Florida players. His true freshman QB/BRAD KAAYA is getting better with every game and his overall roster depth and talent is improving. But the phenom that is JAMEIS WINSTON/QB, just keeps working enough magic to overcome even his sudden penchant for the INT ball, and the Seminoles have never lost a game with him at the controls. It could be tight, but I expect the same result in this contest. FSU should pull out another squeaker.

FLORIDA STATE                                                                               MIAMI
#5 JAMEIS WINSTON/QB/6'4/235****                                                #8 DUKE JOHNSON/RB/5'9/205***
#9 KARLOS WILLIAMS/RB/6'1/220**                                                 #4 PHILLIP DORSETT/WR/RS/5'10/185**
#80 RASHAD GREENE/WR/PR/6'0/180***                                        #46 CLIVE WALFORD/TE/6'4/260***
#35 NICK O'LEARY/TE/6'3/245**                                                      #62 SHANE McDERMOTT/OC/6'4/295*
#54 TRE JACKSON/G/6'3/335***                                                       #71 ANTHONY CHICKILLO/DE/6'4/277**
#70 JOSUE MATIAS/G/6'6/330**                                                      # 91 OLSEN PIERRE/DT/6'5/305*
#75 CAMERON ERVING/T/6'6/300***                                              #52 DENZEL PERRYMAN/LB/6'0/240***
#90 EDDIE GOLDMAN/DT/6'4/315****                                            #34 THURSTON ARMBRISTER/OLB/6'2/235**
#15 MARIO EDWARDS/DE/6'3/295***                                             #37 LADARIUS GUNTER/CB/6'2/200**

Movember 8: With another weekend of a half dozen Top 25 match-ups in play here are some key games with their key pro prospect players who you should be paying attention to.

BAYLOR @ OKLAHOMA  by 3 Noon/ET/Fox Sports 1
Sometimes it seems that my loyalty to certain programs gets me in trouble when pick time rolls around. I still happen to think that the Sooners are a deep, talented team and the STOOPS boys are big time college coaches. This is their last chance to beat a Big 12 team that's ranked above them. They have failed in two previous tries (TCU & K-STATE) by 4 and 1 points respectively. If they win out starting now, they can still go to a major bowl, at 10-2, come January. BAYLOR is playing well, but hasn't had a very tough slate of opponents to defeat. BRYCE PETTY will need to have a huge game, because the Baylor Defense has been lacking in their ability to stop well balanced offensive teams. They gave up 58 to TCU & 41 to WVU. Bet the over in this one, but it could be very close. Final possession may determine the winner. Sure hope HUNNICUTT doesn't come up small for Oklahoma in this one if it comes down to his leg.

BAYLOR                                                                              OKLAHOMA
#14 BRYCE PETTY/QB/6'3/230***                                     #74 ADAM SHEAD/OG/6'4/320**
#5 ANTWAN GOODLEY/WR/5'11/220***                           #79 DARYL WILLIAMS/OT/6'6/330**
#58 SPENCER DRANGO/OT/6'5/315/JR***                         #71 TYRUS THOMPSON/OT/6'5/320**
#2 SHAWN OAKMAN/DE/6'9/275****                                #18 MICHAEL HUNNICUTT/K/6'1/175**
#44 BRYCE HAGER/LB/6'2/235**                                       #98 CHUKA NDULUE/DE/6'3/280**
#36 SPENCER ROTH/P/6'4/225*                                          #85 GENEO GRISSOM/OLB/6'4/255***
#42 LEVI NORWOOD/WR/6'1/195*                                       #2 JULIAN WILSON/CB/6'2/200***

This is as good of a match-up as you will find in college football on any weekend. The Crimson Tide look to have remedied some of their early season flaws and LSU playing a ton of first/second year guys, is improving every week. It's a tough road, but 'Bama pretty much controls its destiny with games against MISS STATE & AUBURN still to play. But they have to get past this one first. LES MILES intrigues me as a coach and has the ship righted since that embarrassing loss to Auburn. He also had a BYE Week to get ready for this one, and ready they will be. I would expect the old Mad Hatter to have concocted a few surprises to spring on 'Bama as needed. This game starts the sorting out of that tough & talented SEC West. In a coin flip I will take 'Bama by the slimmest of margins. IMO, this game features 5 probable First Rounders for the 2015 NFL Draft assuming the stars come out early. See the 4* guys listed below.

ALABAMA                                                                             LSU
#4 T.J. YELDON/RB/6'2/220****                                           #27 KENNY HILLIARD/RB/6'0/230**
#2 DeANDRE WHITE/WR/6'0/190**                                      #14 TERRENCE MAGEE/RB/5'9/215**
#9 AMARI COOPER/WR/6'1/205****                                     #74 VIDAL ALEXANDER/OG/6'6/340***
#77 ARIE KOUANDJIO/G/6'5/315***                                     #70 LA'EL COLLINS/OT/6'5/315****
#99 BRANDON IVORY/DT/6'4/308**                                    #59 JERMAURIA FASCO/DE/6'3/265**
#33 TREY DePRIEST/ILB/6'2/250***                                    #26 RONALD MARTIN/SS/6'1/218***
#26 LANDON COLLINS/FS/6'0/215****                                #28 JALEN MILLS/DB/6'1/190**** 

The Ohio State/Michigan rivalry is not the big game in the BIG 10 any more. This rivalry has stepped it up a notch, or two, under HC DANTONIO & MEYER to now be the top contest annually in the Conference. I'll give the edge to the Spartans because it's a home game, and they have a decided advantage in experience. I just can't see JT BARRETT/QB being able to run the ball like he has against recent opponents. I think MSU will stack the box to stop the run and try to contain BARRETT in the pocket. He'll scramble for a few completions and some running gains, but that alone will make it tough to sustain drives for the Buckeyes. Watch early to see if the Spartans can establish firm control over field position and possession time in this one. Also keep your eyes peeled when the Buckeyes are on Defense to watch the best defensive player in college football today, IMO: JOEY BOSA/DE/#97. This true sophomore is JJ WATT, at a stage in his career when WATT was still playing TE. Lots of potential draftees on these rosters, though not any sure-fire first rounders, except BOSA who is not draft eligible. 

OHIO STATE                                                                       MICHIGAN STATE
#9 DEVIN SMITH/WR/6'0/197*                                            #18  CONNOR COOK/QB/6'4/220***
#5 JEFF HUEURMAN/TE/6'4/250**                                      #33 JEREMY LANGFORD/RB/6'0/205**
#76 DARRYL BALDWIN/OT/6'6/307*                                  #14 TONY LIPPETT/WR/6'3/190**
#63 MICHAEL BENNETT/DT/6'2/290***                             #54 CARLTON KRUSE/OG/6'4/315*
#8 NOAH SPENCE/E/LB/6'3/255**                                       #44 MARCUS RUSH/DE/6'2/255*
#14 CURTIS GRANT/MLB/6'3/240**                                   #89 SHILIQUE CALHOUN/DE/6'4/260***
#12 DION GRANT/CB/5'11/195***                                      #34 TAIWAN JONES/MLB/6'3/252***
#37 JOSHUA PERRY/OLB/6'4/250**                                    #15 TRAE WAYNES/CB/6'1/185***
#27 KURTIS DRUMMOND/FS/6'1/200***

UTAH has been a giant killer this season with wins over MICHIGAN, UCLA & USC. But they have also lost to Washington State, which really mars their record. They are a tough out at home. But Oregon is actually starting to get some key injured guys back, and as far as I am concerned MARCUS MARIOTA has been a one-man gang in leading the Ducks to their 8-1 record. This is their last big road test and their toughest opponent until the PAC-12 Championship game. I look for Oregon to score somewhere around 30 points and to hold Utah to 20 or so, especially without their top wideout DRES ANDERSON available to help junior QB TRAVIS WILSON. I am staying up for this one, baby. Well, at least for the first half.

#8 MARCUS MARIOTA/QB/6'4/215*****                                #7 TRAVIS WILSON/QB/6'7/240**
#55 HRONISS GRASU/OC/6'3/295***                                      #6 DRES ANDERSON/WR/6'2/190**
#75 JAKE FISHER/OT/6'5/295***                                            #8 NATE ORCHARD/DE/6'4/255***
#91 TONY WASHINGTON/OLB/6'3/245**                              #4 BRIAN BELCHEN/SS/6'2/215**
#22 DERRICK MALONE/OLB/6'2/220*                                   #9 TEVIN CARTER/FS/6'1/215**
#14 IFO EHPRE-OLOMU/CB/5'10/195****                            #80 WESTLEE TONGA/TE/6'4 250*
#9 ARIK ARMSTEAD/DT/6'7/298****



Time marches on and Week 10 is upon us in the 2014 College Football season. Here are some key match-ups and listings of draft eligible pro prospects for the 2015 NFL DRAFT to watch for this Saturday, the first weekend of November.

GEORGIA (6-1) by 12 @ FLORIDA (3-3) in Jacksonville; 3:30 PM ET; CBS ... It's listed as a neutral game site, but let's get real here. Students could bike to Jax from Gainesville for this one. As if the Bulldogs needed a handicap this year, they could beat up on Florida even in The Swamp. It looks as though the MUSCHAMP-era as GATORS Head Coach is in its final months and chances are you'll see why in this one. Even without TODD GURLEY, the Bulldogs will roll in this game. Florida has a truly pathetic Offense and true Freshman QB/TREON HARRIS is not going to fix that this season, if ever. Highly touted JEFF DRISKEL has turned into an absolute turnover machine with bad decisions and inaccurate throws. He just seems to melt down under pressure, which I expect UGA to bring down on his head in bunches. Despite their feeble work this season the Gators are not short of NFL caliber talent, especially on Defense, and as usual Georgia is loaded with talent. As a game it's not a must watch, but with a scouting eye for talent there is much to see here. Maybe the rivalry aspect of this match-up will tighten up the score... for a while.

GEORGIA                                                                     FLORIDA
#26 MALCOLM MITCHELL/WR/6'1/190***                 #6 JEFF DRISKEL/QB/6'4/235**
#82 MICHAEL BENNETT/WR/6'3/205**                      #1 QUINTON DUNBAR/WR/6'1/195**
#61 DAVID ANDREWS/OC/6'2/295**                          #88 CLAY BURTON/TE/6'4/255**
#47 RAY DREW/DE/6'5/275***                                    #74 TRENTON BROWN/OG/6'7/345*
#59 JORDAN JENKINS/OLB/6'3/245***                         #8 LEON ORR/DT/6'5/305**
#51 RAMIK WILSON/ILB/6'2/230***                           #55 DARIOUS CUMMINGS/DT/6'1/305
#52 AMARLO HERRERA/OLB6'3/240***                      #6 DANTE FOWLER/DE/6'3/265****
  #5 DAMIAN SWANN/CB/5'11/180**                           #4 KYLE CHRISTY/P/6'3/200**

T.C.U. (6-1) by 3 @ WEST VIRGINIA (6-2); 3:30 PM ET; ABC ... Get out the calculators and bet the over. Unless there is a surprise blizzard in Morgantown there should be a dizzying display of offense in this game. TCU has been a scoring machine right from the get-go this season. Their overall team speed can match up with the elite schools in the country right now. And WVU isn't far behind. Just when I thought the DANA HOLGORSEN Head Coach experiment was about to be in its final stages QB/CLINT TRICKETT/#9 (ex-FSU) has figured it all out and is pulling the trigger like an ace marksman. Weapons everywhere, for both teams, so it figures logical to me that it will come down to one of these teams making a big play or two on defense to decide the winner. This should be fun to watch, unless you are a defensive purist. If you are, then watch another mid-afternoon game.

TEXAS CHRISTIAN                                                      WEST VIRGINIA
#2 TREVONE BOYKIN/QB/6'2/215**                            #11 KEVIN WHITE/WR/6'3/210***
#96 CHUCKY HUNTER/DT/6'1/300*                               #2 DREAMIUS SMITH/RB/5'11/225*
#47 PAUL DAWSON/LB/6'2/230*                                   #64 MARK GLOWINSKI/OG6'5/305*
#17 SAM CARTER/SS/6'1/215***                                   #99 DONTRILL HYMAN/DE/6'4/295**
#25 KEVIN WHITE/CB/5'10/175**                                   #2 BRANDON GOLSON/OLB/6'2/230**
#1 CHRIS HACKETT/S/6'2/195**                                     #8 KARL JOSEPH/S/5'10/195***

AUBURN (6-1) by 3 @ OLE MISS (7-1); 7 PM ET; ESPN ... Sorry Ole Miss fans, but I think the team is about to suffer its second loss in two weeks and slide well down in the Top 25. The sputtering Offense that I saw against LSU is what worried me about the Rebels all year. HC FREEZE has got to recruit a 4-5 star, full sized RB to balance out this Offense. I doubt they will be able to run against Auburn, and as a result they will be challenged severely in the Red Zone. Meanwhile, I expect Auburn to be patient and use their running attack, including QB/NICK MARSHALL, to wear down the Rebels D and control the clock. If Auburn controls field position this game will be effectively over by halftime. Look for a repeat of the LSU/OLE MISS game last week with a slightly higher final score.

AUBURN                                                                         MISSISSIPPI
#14 NICK MARSHAL/QB/6'1/210***                               #14 BO WALLACE/QB/6'4/205*
#44 CAMERON ARTIS-PAYNE/RB/5'11/210**                #10  VINCE SANDERS/WR/6'1/185**
#18 SAMMIE COATES/WR/6'2/205***                            #21 SENQUEZ GOLSON/CB/5'9/180**
#50 REESE DISMUKES/OC/6'3/295**                               #7 TRE ELSTON/S/6'0/190*
#90 GABE WRIGHT/DT/6'3/295***                                 #25 CODY PREWITT/SS/6'2/215***
#25 TROVON REED/CB/6'0/190**

UTAH (6-1) @ ARIZONA STATE (6-1) by 3; 11 PM ET; FoxSports 1 ... This is a surprisingly important PAC 12 match-up, that very few predicted to be of import back in August. The UTES, have been impressive piling up a 6-1 record, which includes W's over UCLA, OREGON STATE & last weekend USC. They have done it with a balanced Offense and some timely defensive work. A big blow for them was the loss of pro prospect DRES ANDERSON/WR for the remainder of the season. The Sun Devils have survived despite the loss of their dual threat QB/BRANDON KELLY for the majority of the season. But TODD GRAHAM has built a team with good balance, despite returning only 6 starters from 2013. I rate these teams pretty even overall, and therefore will give the home team their 3 point advantage.

UTAH                                                                               ARIZONA STATE
#7 TRAVIS WILSON/QB/6'7/240**                                   #10 TAYLOR KELLY/QB/6'2/210**
#6 DRES ANDERSON/WR/6'2/190***                               #21 JAELEN STRONG/WR/6'4/215***
#60 SIAOSI AIONO/OC/6'2/305***                                    #74 JAMIL DOUGLAS/OT/6'4/300***
#8 NATE ORCHARD/DE/6'4/255**                                     #1 MARCUS HARDISON/DE/6'5/300**
#4 BRIAN BLECHEN/SS/6'2/215**                                     #3 DAMARIOUS RANDALL/FS/6'0/190**
#9 TEVIN CARTER/FS/6'1/210***

Have a great weekend!!!