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Our defensive discussion will start with the big guys up front. For this year’s projection I am going to work with the time honored position groups of DE, DT, ILB, OLB, CB & S. But bear in mind this kind of breakdown is starting to feel more and more outdated with the absolute lust for edge-rushers about to force us to create a whole new position category for them. For now I will place those guys at either DE or OLB depending upon size and style of play, but keep in mind that calling that approach imperfect is putting it mildly, to say the least.

DT Group This will be comprised of guys playing on the Nose in a 3-4 scheme, or at DT in a 4-3 scheme. This is a solid year for the big guys who anchor the defensive front, even though a few of them actually excel in pressuring the pocket. I am only projecting 2 DT for Round 1 at this time: CALEB BRANTLEY/Florida & CARLOS WATKINS/Clemson.
The irony of these two being the only first rounders is that they are contrary in their style of play. BRANTLEY is cat quick, with strong hands that allow him to push past OL and record TFL and/or inside pressure on the pocket. WATKINS is a bit more traditional. He is above average in quickness, but is more of a power rusher. But he is NOT a Nose Tackle.
I see another half dozen DT being worthy of Top 100 selection. In an average year 18 DT are drafted overall, with 20 selected last year. I’m thinking I’d take the under for 2017 if I were a betting man.
Grade C+, some nice talent, but too many of them will play only on early downs, not full-time, thus limiting their value.

DE Group Remember now that this category must include 4-3 DE, as well as 5-technique guys for base 3-4 schemes. For players who I feel will play the majority of their time standing up, with their hand off the ground (which includes 3-4 OLB types) you will find them coming up later as OLB. Have I got you confused yet?
I see a solid 4-5 DE in this year’s prospect group. THe best of all is JONATHAN ALLEN/Alabama as the almost perfect 5-technique, but also capable of sliding inside for pass-rushing situations, and also being able of staying on the field in 2-man DL fronts. That versatility and his athleticism should make him a Top 10 draftee.
ALso likely to be taken in Round 1 are SOLOMON THOMAS/Stanford, CHARLES HARRIS/Missouri, DEREK BARNETT/Tennessee & TACO CHARLTON.Michigan State pretty much in that order. That’s a total of 5 for Round 1, and I would project another 6-7 in the Top 100. The average DE taken per Draft is 21, with 19 last year. Let’s round it off and say 20 this year.
A guy who really intrigues me is DEATRICH WISE/Arkansas. He played in the Shrine Game and had an excellent week’s work there. Physically he is a monster at 6’5/275, with 10 3/8″ hands and 35″ arms, with an 85″ wingspan. He’s a lot of legs, and had trouble staying on the field during his college career. But when he is healthy, as he was all week in St Pete, he can dominate a game for a series or two. At his best he looks a lot like JADEVEON CLOWNEY. How early will someone take a flyer on him? If he tests well at the Combine (which he should) and does well during the interview process, he could be an early Day 3 draftee.
Grade: B, a good just not great group.

OLB Group I’ll jump to this group next since I am pulling out multiple collegiate DE to stand up and play the position, especially in 3-4 base schemes.
Included in that category is the potential top pick on the Draft, MYLES GARRETT/Texas A&M, who I think is a just a bit bigger version of VON MILLER/Broncos, himself a former Aggie. GARRETT battled injuries this season but still impressed overall. He’s long and has a knack for spinning his way into the pocket. Like MILLER, he’s likeLy to learn on the fly and be headed to Pro Bowls in a couple of years.
I would also project the following guys to be first round OLB types: TAK McKINLEY/UCLA, ZACH CUNINGHAM/Vanderbilt, TIM WILLIAMS/Alabama, T.J. WATT/Wisconsin. That would mean 5 guys for Round One. I would also project another 5 OLB in the Top 100. The average Draft class sees 22 per year, with 24 drafted in 2016 as OLB. Unless the scouting community transitions quite a few more DE to stand up, then I might bet the under and place the 2017 Draft as having 20 taken overall.
One of the biggest ground gainers through the all-star process was HAASON REDDICK, who was outstanding in everything he did. The biggest surprise for many was his ability to match-up in coverage with RB & TE all week in Mobile. Two seasons ago he played almost exclusively as a pass rushing DE with his hand in the dirt. The expectation is he will rock the Combine with his athleticism, which tells me he could jump up into Round 2 of the Draft.
Grade C+, a few too many conversions projects here and that makes me a bit nervous.

Cheers for now.

Ranking Offensive Position Groups 2017 DRAFT Part 2

Let’s take a look at the remainder of the offensive position groups..

RB GROUP As often happens in the NFL, it appears to me that the importance of the running back positions is back on the uptick. The passing game can be more exciting to fans than a good run game, but depending upon the opponent’s defensive scheme, and the scoreboard, having a run game to balance an offensive attack can be critical to success. Having diversity in your your RB corps is also key to forcing defenses to respect your entire offense.
Thanks to a glut of quality RB a lot of NFL teams should be able to augment their RB stable throughout the 2017 Draft. We actually went through several drafts in recent years where no RB were selected in Round 1. EZEKIEL ELLIOTT showed clearly in 2016 that a stud RB can still have a huge impact on games from week to week. I am thinking that 3 RB clearly appear to be First Rounders heading into the Combine: DALVIN COOK/Florida State, LEONARD FOURNETTE/LSU & CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY/Stanford. The clear beauty of this trio is their different skill sets.
COOK is the best overall, looking an awful lot to me like ELLIOTT from this past season. He’s explosive with the ball in his hands and a threat to score from almost anywhere on the field. He is adept as a receiver and understands how to block in pass-pro.
FOURNETTE, is the more traditional bell-cow power back who runs over and through people, and is able to break big gains because of his balance and straight line speed once he gets his momentum going. But he’ll be coming off the field on 3rd and long because of deficiencies as a receiver. FOURNETTE reminds me a lot of HERSHEL WALKER, and as great as he was, fitting into today’s NFL as the go-to guy would be a challenge even for WALKER.
McCAFFREY is the most versatile weapon in the group. He can run, catch and return kicks. But he will have to be used selectively because his frame is pretty lean overall. He may be good for about 25 total touches per game at the next level. His 40-time will be watched most closely of the three at the Combine. He shows a bit of the LeVEON BELL slide & pick your hole type of running style.
The same kind of skill-set variety can be found throughout the RB group, of which I can easily see 8 of the Top 100, and 25 picks overall being used on RB. Normally 22 RB are drafted each year, 23 being taken last year.
The real Big One this year could be JOE MIXON/Oklahoma. MIXON may be more talented and explosive than my top 3 above. In fact he reminds me a lot of ADRIAN PETERSON coming out of Norman a decade-plus ago. He’s about 6’1/225 and combines the power and explosiveness of an uncommon level. He’s a touchdown waiting to happen whenever he touches the ball. But he won’t even be at the Combine because he cold-cocked a female student as a Frosh at OKlahoma. HC STOOPS suspended MIXON for his entire freshman campaign, but now that a tape has gone viral showing ‘the punch’, some people are screaming for the death penalty for MIXON. Some team will eventually have the courage to draft him, and they may get the steal of the decade on the playing field.
Grade: A, exceptional quality and depth. Something for everyone.

OT GROUP This could be the thinnest and least impressive OT group of the current decade. At least 3 of the Top 10 in this group have pretty much been relegated to consideration at the less glamorous OG slots. Lack of ideal height and/or arm length seems to be the criteria robbing this group of some serious talent. Outstanding college OT LAMP, DAWKINS & MOTON are all being shoved inside in most scouts’ notebooks. As a result I have never seen such limited resumes’ at the top of the OT group. RYAN RAMCZYK/Wisconsin & GARRETT BOLLES/Utah both made their D1 debuts last season. Their potential is solid and both are likely to be starting NFL LT in a couple of seasons, but may not be quite ready to step in immediately.
I see those two and CAM ROBINSON/Alabama as the 3 first round OT this year. CAM has started for 3 years at ‘Bama but is lacking a bit in body flexibility in his overall frame and may need to play on the right side of the line. Noted Draftnik MIKE MAYOCK has CAM sliding inside to OG in his current rankings.
Those 3 look like solid first rounders to me, but we may be into the second half of Round 1 before the first OT is taken. I can also see as many as 7 OT in the Top 100 right now. 23 OT are drafted in an average year, with 22 in 2016. I’d bet that number slips back into the teens for the 2017 Draft, with another couple of those ending up sliding into the Interior at Training Camp.
A real late bloomer, who should sneak into the Top 100 is ANTONIO GARCIA/Troy, who is raw but shows picture book form as he drops into pass pro. But he has some physical limitations that do catch your eye. He was at the Senior Bowl and by weeks end he was catching up to his peers real quickly. But at 6’6, he weighed only 293 lbs., and looks like he needs a lot of time in the weight room. His arms are also a touch under 33″ at a position where scouts fret arm length under 34″. Long range he has starting pro potential, but it’s not a slam dunk.
Grade: C, and that may be a generous grade.

OG/C GROUP The Interior OL is the stepchild of offense in Round 1. But as defensive schemes are developed to put more pressure on the pocket up the middle the importance of interior blocking and athleticism is picking up. Most of the NFL’s premier, mobile QB will admit pressure up the middle is more unsettling than edge rushers. If the QB cannot step up into a stable pocket to buy time then chaos often ensues.
I have 2 OG likely going in Round 1 this year: DAN FEENEY/Indiana, FORREST LAMP/W Kentucky. LAMP is the best athlete, having played very well at LT in a passing offense in college. His shorter arms 31 1/8″ absolutely force the move inside, which automatically makes him an athletic freak for the inside. He could be the next ZACK MARTIN/Cowboys.
FEENEY had a tough luck 2016 season, which included an early season concussion which will be scrutinized heavily at the Combine medical. But he’s a good athlete and a tough guy. He also has some petty nice measurables for an OG. He measured 6’044″ and 306 lbs. at the Senior Bowl weigh-in, with 10″ hands and 34″ arms. Put FEENEY’s numbers back on LAMP and FORREST is probably a Top 12 draftee at LT.
My estimate is that we will see about 7 OG/C taken in the Top 100 come April. The yearly average for the two slots is 20/year, with 19 being taken in 2016. With the glut of OT moving inside I’d say the average looks like a solid projection for 2017.
Keep your eyes peeled on Day 3 for OC/JON TOTH/Kentucky, who impressed at the Senior Bowl. He looked solid all week and he won big time at the weigh-in on Monday in Mobile. He had a nicely proportioned and conditioned body at 6’047″ & 308 lbs. He also had 10″ hands and 33 1/8″arm length, with an 80 1’4″ wingspan.
Grade: B, aided greatly by those short armed OT sliding inside.

That’s it for the Offense folks. Next week I will get to my Defensive overview.

Ranking Offensive Position Groups 2017 Draft

The COMBINE plays a larger role for me with every year that passes, it seems. I want to see more of those underclassmen in action, as well as small school guys. I also like having an idea how fast players are in comparison to their peers, even if it is only in their underwear. But while we wait for the Combine (an extra week later this year), I thought I would give a post-All-Star Game evaluation of the position groups for the 2017 Draft.

Let’s start with the Offense today.

QB GROUP This is likely to be a major disappointment after last year’s record haul of 15 QB drafted, including the top 2 picks in the entire process. Neither of those things is likely to happen this year. Perhaps more under the principle of ‘supply & demand’ economics, as opposed to pure talent/value, we can expect a couple of QB to be taken in Round One, maybe as many as 3. But to be honest if I need a franchise QB added to my team I am making a trade bid for JIMMY GAROPPOLO from the PATRIOTS.
The highest upside guy for me is DeSHONE KIZER from Notre Dame, but he’s almost a reclamation project already because of the mental damage inflicted upon him by BRIAN KELLEY, the Irish Head Coach and noted QB killer. KIZER may need to be de-briefed for a year or two, and the team that drafts him had best have a real QB Whisperer on the staff to tutor him one-on-one. Go back and look at some Notre Dame game film as KIZER stands on the sidelines, gazing into the stands, or perhaps up at Touchdown Jesus if it’s a home game, as KELLEY gets in his face about the last possession. Can you say ‘tuned out’?!
MITCH TRUBISKY, has a resume’ almost as short as CARSON WENTZ did last year at this time. At least his film is against FBS teams. He may indeed be NFL caliber in time, but at best he reminds me a lot of ANDY DALTON, and that is not a Round 1 recommendation. DeSHAUN WATSON has winner & leader written all over him, but he doesn’t usually overwhelm the opposition, and relies on his feet way too much to think he’ll stay healthy long enough at the pro level, ala RG3. How high will PATRICK MAHOMES/Texas Tech go? Likely, Round 2, but it may be several years before he sees the field because he has a lot to learn about running a pro stye Offense after being with HC KINGSBURY and his ‘chuck & duck’ offense.
I’m thinking 6-7 QB will be taken in the first 3 rounds, and maybe about 10-12 overall. 12 is the norm. Kind of on the positive side (I think), there may be 2-3 undrafted QB with just as good a chance to make NFL rosters as any of the Day 3 Draftees.
Group Grade: C, average

WR GROUP The recent benchmark for this position group is the amazing 2014 Draft that featured BECKHAM, LANDRY, BENJAMIN, WATKINS, BRYANT, MATTHEWS and more. This year’s group of wideouts is much more pedestrian than that group. But I have little doubt that once we stir the underclassmen into the mix, there will be a dozen-plus players capable of becoming solid No. 2 & 3 receivers on NFL rosters. I would also expect needy teams to be able to conjure up a first round short list of 3-4 names to plug into Round 1.
For my money MIKE WILLIAMS, COREY DAVIS & JOHN ROSS look like sure things for Round 1. Maybe 12-13 wideouts go in the first 3 Rounds overall. Based on the law of averages I’d expect about 30 players to come from this position group in April. That’s right about average, 31 being the norm.
The good news is that there should be something for just about everyone, when all is said and done. I have no doubt that the Combine will identify some real speed burners (like ROSS). We also have some nice sized possession types, as well as some smaller cat-quick slot guys to choose from.
Do NOT be sleeping on COOPER KUPP/E. Washington. He may be from a small school, but he is a big time player. He was not covered very often during Senior Bowl Week and seemed to have a personal duel going with RASUL DOUGLAS/West Virginia, who is a highly regarded CB. His goal is to run a 4.40-40 in Indy. By doing so he would shake off some scouting community stereotypes, and given his sure hands and great route running moves, could be a solid second rounder.
Group Grade: C+, slightly above average

TE GROUP For those teams who have been moaning about slim pickings at the TE slot the past few years, it is time to rejoice and pick your poison. The quality and depth at TE is the best it has been this decade heading toward the Combine. The only big question mark is how well JAKE BUTT/Michigan recovers from his knee injury incurred at the end of the Wolverines 2016 season. Per-injury I saw BUTT as having WITTEN type pro-potential, and clearly a Top 100 Draftee.
Leaving BUTT out of the equation I still see 3 very likely Round One TE prospects: O.J. HOWARD/Alabama, DAVID NJOKU/Miami, BUCKY HODGES/Virginia Tech. HOWARD is the best all-around, pure TE who can block as well, or better, than he catches. NJOKU, seems to have almost unlimited upside, and HODGES is a WR in a TE’s body.
The most fascinating “hybrid” TE is EVAN ENGRAM/Ole Miss, who at 236 lbs. can chip block a little bit, but cannot be covered by LB or S over the middle. He proved that at the Senior Bowl venue. He’s the next JORDAN REED/Washington, and what NFL team can’t find use for another REED?! On the average 15 TE get drafted per year by the NFL. Last year was a drought year with only 11 drafted. Bet the over in 2017, with more than a few being heavy Rookie contributors in 2017 for their teams.
A real late bloomer, in a monster body is MICHAEL ROBERTS/Toledo. This young man played at both the Shrine & Senior Bowl venues and showed very well at each one. His measurables are simply off the charts. He’s 6’043″ tall and weighs 261 lbs. He also has 11 5’8″ hands that are part of 33 1/4″ long arms. His wingspan is just over 80″! He established himself as a TD maker last season in the MAC. He could be the next TE taken after the top 3, given BUTT’s injury.
Group Grade: B+, well above average.

Next up a look at the RB/FB/OL groups.



After some positive feedback for my PACKERS Review I have decided to keep on with these non-grade Draft Review article. But… I will not be doing every NFL team. So if you have a favorite team that you would like me to cover in this series please advise with a note back to the the website. For now I am moving on the team that “thinks” its America’s Team, as proclaimed by their beloved owner.

For a change the COWBOYS went with some glamour big names, who can actually play the game when healthy, and many who should make the 2016 roster and help the team. Here’s a critical look at their Draftees.

EZEKIEL ELLIOTT/RB/OHIO STATE 6’0/225 4.46/40 10 1/4″ Hands/30 1/4″ Arms
Clearly the best all-around RB in the 2016 Draft. I have no problem drafting a RB this high, despite the TRENT RICHARDSON disaster a few years back. ELLIOTT plays with power and speed. He also does all the extra things a RB has to do in the NFL these days. He has big, soft hands to catch the ball and is a very good blocker, which is a key in protecting TONY ROMO. Urban Meyer stated at the Combine that ELLIOTT’s best qualities are in what he does without the ball in his hands. In the football world that is indeed high praise. The only down side to this pick is the fact that the team had already gone out in VFA and aid a hefty price fro RB/ALFRED MORRIS. This could well mean that DARREN McFADDEN could be trade bait, or a Cap cut casualty after a very productive year for the team this past season.
Pick # 4 GBN Rank: 4 Ourlads: 9

JAYLON SMITH/LB/NOTRE DOME 6’2/223 4.65/40 9 1/2″HANDS/33″Arms
Quite the risky pick early in Round 2, but the upside is huge if he can return to pre-injury form in 2017. Everyone is pretty much conceding 2016 to a medical redshirt season basically, while waiting for nerve regeneration to take place in his knee. The Cowboys team orthopedic specialist performed the surgery and is bullish on SMITH’s eventual recovery. If he makes it back he will be a star in the league, on the Outside, IMO. He will likely get more pub this season than most of the Rookies actually playing. Great young man, great football player. Even Cowboys haters will wish him well. Remember the rankings below take into account the risk associated with his full recovery. Pre-Injury he was in everyone’s Top 5.
Pick # 34 GBN Rank: 37 Ourlads: 80

MALIEK COLLINS/DT/NEBRASKA 6’2/300 4.97/40 33 1/8″Arms/9 1/2″Hands
COLLINS came out early after a mediocre season in 2015. AT his best he’s a gap penetrating interior defender which is what ROD MARINELLI covets. He can push the pocket from the inside and has the pursuit speed to run down plays going outside. A Team Captain and 2-year starter. He was double teamed often in 2015 and he was unable to rise above the extra attention, but is still highly regarded as a potential pro. He has an explosive first step which allows him to shoot gaps in the running game. Some of the Cowboys DL are getting up there in age and his fresh legs will be a welcome addition to their rotation. COWBOYS fans looking to feel good about this pick should go online and locate some 2014 season highlight footage.
Pick # 67 GBN Rank: 72 Ourlads Rank: 107

CHARLES TAPPER/DE/OKLAHOMA 6’3/271 4.59/40 11″Hands/34 3/8″Arms
An exceptional athlete for a guy who spent most of his career with his hand in the ground. For a guy 6’3, he has huge hands and very long arms. His speed is also impressive, matching up well with most of the RB in this Draft. He can get into the backfield as well as drop into coverage. Expect MARINELLI to play with in different packages. He fits the mold of current COWBOYS defender KYLE WILBUR, but comes in as a Rookie with more productive numbers from college. Not an elite pass-rusher, but might have excellent potential to improve that aspect of his game. A very good value for a Saturday Pick.
Pick # 101 GBN Rank: 97 Ourlads Rank: 43

DAK PRESCOTT/QB/MISSISSIPPI STATE 6’2/226 4.78/40 10″Hands/32 1/4″Arms
COWBOYS stated they wanted to find themselves a developmental QB and they did so in DAK. He’s not a finished product, but progressed steadily under DAN MULLINS hands as a Bulldog. He’s a good athlete who can extend plays with his legs and even call his own number to carry the ball. I suspect right now he could be deceived by NFL level defenses with their multiple sub-packages, but at the pace he learned in college he could be ready in 2-3 seasons to take over the reigns. Well worth the chance as a developmental project here in Round 4. Most figured him to be gone by this Pick.
Pick # 135 GBN Rank: 61 Ourlads Rank: 40

ANTHONY BROWN/CB/PURDUE 5’11/192 4.34/40 9 1/4″Hands/31 3/4″Arms
A very good cover corner from a poor football program right now. Decent size and excellent speed as you can see above. Is a willing tackler, but can use some fundamentals work. Plays hard and smart. Should be able to handle sub-package roles right away as well as some Special Teams work. A nice infusion of fresh young blood to a mediocre secondary.
Pick # 189 GBN Rank: 315 Ourlads: 173

KAVON FRAZIER/S/CENTRAL MICHIGAN 6’0/217 4.60/40 10″Hands/32 1/2″Arms
Solid athlete who became a tackling machine with heavy hitting, decent cover skills by the end of his career. Has very good S size and athleticism. Not a big play guy, but indeed a big hitter. He should step in right away on Special Teams units. He upgrades their secondary depth immediately and has starting potential. Not totally dissimilar to BARRY CHUCRH, another MAC player who starts for the Cowboys after being an URFA. Very good value pick here IMO.
Pick # 212 GBN Rank: 293 Ourlads: Undraftable/253+

DARIUS JACKSON/RB/EASTERN MICHIGAN 6’0/220 4.45/40 8 1/2″Hands/32 1/8″Arms
This young man made a strong case for himself at the NFLPA Game and his school’s Pro Day running faster than his listed 40-time. I would make the case for him being a very good player in a very bad football program. He showed flashes of ability at the NFLPA game. Runs with authority and has a good burst. If he makes a strong enough case for himself in Training Camp the COWBOYS could go into 2016 season with an entirely new RB group of ELLIOTT/MORRIS/JACKSON. Wouldn’t that be interesting?!
Pick # 216 GBN Rank: 216 Ourlads: Undraftable 300+

Lets just say that at Pick 217 anything is possible. This is a basketball player who is just now turning back to football. Clearly the team will have to find an “injury” situation in order to keep him and develop him. He might make their Practice Squad, but they will have competition in that regard. The ceiling is the next ANTONIO GATES, the floor is a wasted pick that will take up a lot of time and coaching. Only time will tell. I will label his as a GIL BRANDT Legacy Pick.
Pick # 217 GBN Rank: Not Ranked Ourlads: Not Ranked

Overall a nice haul for the Cowboys. Even though SMITH & GATHERS won’t contribute this season they still have 7 other guys who should upgrade roster quality and contribute right away.


RB Prospect Wear & Tear

Much of the de-emphasis on the RB position every year when the Draft rolls around, at least in recent history, is due in large part to the current pro emphasis on passing attacks. But there are some other major factors in play. With the seeming “equal” ability of more players these days chances of grabbing a good RB later in the draft process is an accepted concept by most NFL personnel people. Then there are issues of player longevity, with the RB position due to the pounding associated with each carry the player takes.
But there is one other factor that I have been a student of for several decades, and that is trying to figure how much tread us left on the tires of RB coming out of college, based primarily on touches they have had during their college career. Drafting a player into the League is not like buying a brand new car straight off the assembly line. It is more like buying a used vehicle, and mileage already on the odometer, from college play, is important. If we can’t afford a brand new vehicle, most of us want a low mileage, slightly used one.
So, I have checked into my top ranked RB prospects for this year’s NFL Draft pool and ranked them based on how much wear and tear is already on their tires.

The list starts with the slightly used models and works its way down to the guys who may exhibit signs of diminished touches left on their wheels.The list is confined to carries and catches, followed of course by the total touches number. The rank assumes that less is more.

1) C.J. PROSISE NOTRE DAME 6’1/220 166 carries & 62 catches = 228 Ttl
The converted WR almost looks like someone turned back the odometer. But despite the low mileage he showed a propensity to get nicked up & miss playing time in 2015.

2) TYLER ERVIN SAN JOSE STATE 5’10/192 526 carries & 87 catches = 613 Ttl
He’s under 6-foot tall and carries less than 200 lbs. on his frame. Here is the strange, caveat; despite his size and a 4.41/40 time at the Combine he did much of his college work between the tackles.

3) DERRICK HENRY ALABAMA 6’3/247 603 carries & 17 catches = 620 Ttl
His mileage is pretty low, but he was asked to carry 395 times in 2015. So he might, at the very least, be tired entering the pro game.

4) EZEKIEL ELLIOTT OHIO STATE 6’0/225 592 carries & 58 catches = 650 Ttl
Elliott’s odometer is reasonable, but imagine if he went back for his senior campaign and tacked on an other 300+ touches. He’s a prime example of why top RB hardly ever play a senior season in college.

5) JORDAN HOWARD INDIANA/ex-UAB 6’0/239 647 carries & 24 catches = 671 Ttl
He’s near the middle in touches but has already missed some serious game time with his upright, straight ahead running style.

6) JOSH FERGUSON ILLINOIS 5’10/198 505 carries & 168 catches = 673 Ttl
I would contend that FERGUSON is a bit less used up than those around him because his catch count is so high. I don’t think hits on a receiver are as damaging as those on rushers. With all due respect all you wideouts.

7) ALEX COLLINS ARKANSAS 5’10/217 665 carries & 27 catches = 692 Ttl
COLLINS had to come out early given how HC BIELEMA rides his RBs til they drop. And COLLINS had also shed about 10 lbs. last year to get faster/quicker.

8) PAUL PERKINS UCLA 5’10/208 621 carries & 80 catches = 701 Ttl
Now we are getting into my warning zone at over 700 touches. He’s a solid guy, but not exactly a heavyweight. He has good hands and might make a solid 3rd down option/change of pace back.

9) DEANDRE WASHINGTON TEXAS TECH 5’8/204 605 carries & 124 catches = 729 Ttl
Lots of receptions and his darting quickness helps him avoid some of the potential direct hits on his legs. But he’s not low mileage by a long shot.

10) DEVONTAE BOOKER UTAH 5’10/212 754 carries & 89 catches = 843 Ttl
One has to look carefully at his resume’. I have included his touches from a frosh year playing at the JC level. Everything counts, when hits are involved.

11) KENNETH DIXON LOUISIANA TECH 5’10/215 801 carries & 88 catches = 889 Ttl
DIXON would be a 2nd rounder on talent alone, but his volume of college touches would indicate that his NFL career might be fairly brief. Too bad.

12) KEENAN REYNOLDS NAVY 5’10/191 978 carries & 0 catches = 978 Ttl
What do you expect from a true option QB after 4 years at Navy. This is why I project him to the WR position as a pro, not RB. Think JULIAN EDELMAN!

You can see the pattern here. Nothing is guaranteed, but longevity and usage seem to directly correlate in almost every scenario. So if I am drafting KENNY DIXON, I project him as a short term fix. You can’t change the “tires” on a human being. I consider this concept to be another piece of the player evaluation process. If you don’t believe this concept, then I have a honey of a car deal for you, and we won’t worry that the odometer is disconnected!

Pigskin Paul

Draft Blog Day 3

The 2015 NFL Draft is over. As always happens the 7th Round was a hodge-podge of know guys who fell for various reasons and some guys most of us have never heard of.

This year the FInal Pick who is known as Mr. Irrelevant, was actually a pretty darn good player, who has a serious shot at winning a roster spot out in Arizona: GERALD CHRISTIAN/TE/LOUISVILLE. Interestingly, at least to me, he also happens to be the 10th Louisville Cardinal to be drafted this year, behind only the Florida State Seminoles.

The fewest ever QB were selected in this Draft with only 7 being drafted. Leading the way were 35 WR with many more to be singed as URFA. I am sure Colin will regale you with other stats from this affair in the next couple of days other spots on the website.

The spirit of AL DAVIS does live on in the halls at RAIDERS headquarters out in California. With their 7th Round Pick the RAIDERS selected ANDRE DEBOSE of Florida who was never able to find a true position during his GATORS career. But he is a blazing and electric return specialist who AL likely would have chosen.

ZAC STACY/RB of the RAMS, who said he wanted to be traded after the RAMS drafted TODD GURLEY got his wish today and is now a New York JET. He may actually be useful for the JETS in 2015.
SPeaking of the JETS I thought they made one of the best selections of Round 7 DION SIMON/DT/NW LOUISIANA STATE. the big guy looked fairly athletic at the Combine and may end up being the team’s back-up NT this season.

The phones are already burning up in attempts by all 32 teams to get agreements in place for Undrafted Rookie Free Agents. It’s like a cattle call on the floor of the Stock Exchange. More than a few teams every think they have deals in place only to read that a player has signed with another team. This URFA business, which I refer to as the 4th Day of he Draft is a big deal in stocking NFL rosters. Most teams will have about 8 draftees per year and another 10+ Rookie Free Agents. Every season between 25-33% of players on NFL rosters came into the league as URFA!

Again, I am sure Colin will give you a more extensive list of potential URFA and will track signings for you. But here are my top 25 guys to lusted after as I write this.

And an additional cast of hundreds.

Thanks so much for all of those who followed my ramblings over the past few days.

Pigskin Paul

Draft Blog Day 3

OK I am going to save you the redundancy of bringing up the same obvious observation on almost every Pick in Rounds 6 & 7, by stating he obvious right now. Most of the players we are talking about from this point on will have to make their way onto NFL rosters by earning Special Teams jobs in August. THere you have it.

It should also be pointed out that this is often the stage of the draft game in War Rooms around the League when some scouts will make an impassioned speech or two about a diamond in the rough they have uncovered. And in a few cases they will be fed a bone and their find will be drafted.

Right now I am efforting to determine if CHRISTIAN RINGO, the LS taken by the PACK in Round 6 might not be the grandson of former PACKERS OC JIM RINGO. I juts can;t help but wonder even tho I think it rather unlikely.

`We really are in crap shoot territory now folks. GUys like Colin and I are just hoping there will not be a bunch of guys we have never heard of before today. Draftniks hate it when that happens.

MIchael Bennett was finally drafted at Pick 180 by the Jaguars. His namesake in Seattle bounced around a bit for a couple of years so it is possible that a mistake was made again today and many teams will kick themselves in the rear for not taking him a lot earlier.
Also good to see that JACK NICKLAUS’ grandson NICK O’LEARY was taken by the BILLS. He’s a tough, tenacious guy and I will bet he carves himself out a role on that team for a few years.

The race is clearly on with 1 round left to go as to whether FLORIDA STATE or LOUISVILLE will have the most players drafted this year. It could right down t the wire. With over 40 Picks left to go.

Like the selection of Lt WALTON/DL by the STEELERS. I think he’s a natural with his size and athleticism to play the 5-Technique for them, and in a pinch could play inside. I luved his work at the SHRINE venue and felt he was at least a round better then Pick 199.
I also think the RAMS made a solid pick in grabbing BUD SASSER/WR/MISSOU. he’s a full sized receiver who only lacks sped. He has sure hands, gets open, will work the middle of the field and become a reliable No. 4 wideout. He might even make a solid gunner on… oops I said I;d not mention that again.

Best name for a player in this round goers to Green Bay’s pick at 206. How much do you have to luv a FB named AARON RIPKOWSKI. It’s too much of a coincidence to me.

DARIUS PHILON/DL/ARKANSAS could be a very pleasant surprise for the CHARGERS DL. He showed great penetration skills last college season and the chargers do not seem to be bothered much if their DL lacks length, mush like the PACKERS under Whitey.

OK gotta go catch up on Round 7. Is there any chance someone throws a Pick out there for LAE’EL COLLINS. It sure would be worth it if he is cleared of any wrong doing in the ex-girlfriend’s death.

Draft Blog Day 3

And Round 5 is in the books….

Add MICHAEL BENNETT/DT/OHIO STATE to the mystery list for this Draft. 176 guys have been selected but not BENNETT from the national Champs who all Draftniks had in their Top 100. According to MORT, who made a few calls, it has only to do with under sized and over-hyped. I say bullshit. Something is amiss here. The guy looked very similar to me of another MICHAEL BENNETT who plays in Seattle.

The DOLPHINS took JAY AJAYI/RB and it should be nice addition to their RB group. So what if he only plays 3-4 years. THats as much as your average RB’s career in the League. Hey they probably won’t have to worry about his second contract. Sorry to be so brutally honest.

The CARDINALS are getting more than a little bit cute on Day 3. THey took the smallest player in the Draft, who was also the fastest guy at the Combine. Is STEVE KEIM from the ALL DAVIS Draft School? JJ NELSON will be a frightening weapon but my guess is other teams will just try to break him in half at his whopping 156 lbs. They also selected SHAQ RIDDICK the lanky (6’6/231) Edge Rusher from WVU. Add these guys to DE/GUNTER a round earlier and it’s a who dat Draft. By the way DAN SHONKA did indeed have GUNTER at least listed and ranked as a prospect in his Draft Guide. Way to dig deep DAN!

OK Colin hurry up and tell me why I shouldn’t accuse your GIANTS of also getting cute with MYKKELE THOMPSON/S/Texas with Pick 144? I will await an answer.

When the PACKERS talked about drafting a developmental QB later in the Draft I never expected it would be a big name guy like BRETT HUNDLEY/UCLA. THere will be no immediate expectations and most people consider Mc CARTHY to be a QB Whisperer, so who knows what they might have in a couple years. If nothing else, trade bait for a future 3rd Rounder.

No LITTLE BILL is not trying to be cute just because his dad was an assistant coach at the Naval Academy. He selected JOE CARDONNA/LS/NAVY with Pick 166. CARDONNA was in Mobile and at the Combine. Not sure what his military commitment is, but age won’t be a factor (as a LS) when he can finally play for New England.

Why should we not be surprised that SEATTLE drafted CB/TYE SMITH/TOWSON in Round 5. Because he fits the SEA HAWKS CB mold. He’s 6’0/195 and likes to hit. In fact during his Towson career he had 312 tackles. Sounds like a PETE CARROLL CB to me.

Count me in among the football watchers who are wondering exactly when/if the JONES BOYS intend to grab a RB to help replace MURRAY. I am still hearing MInnesota is not trading PETERSON. This could get interesting.

THat’s it for now. Talk to you later about Round 6.

Draft Blog Day 3

Round 4 is over and I feel at peace with the world. THis Round always provides me with a sense of normalcy. Hell the PACKERS actually selected a LB in JAKE RYAN. He should be able to play Weak ILB in their scheme. KIPER & POLIAN just luv him and everyone is in agreement that he is fully recovered from a 2103 knee injury. RYAN has 112 tackles last season for Michigan, including 14 TFL.

if that’s not crazy enuf then how about BROWNS GM RAY FARMER actually selecting a WR in this Round. VINCE MAYLE is a good pick IMO even tho he may not have a big impact for them in 2015. MYLE is very unsophisticated in his skill set but has the size and athleticism to really blossom under pro coaching.

We have a new record for the NFL Draft. 11 OL were selected in Round 4 which is a new record high for OL in one round. The two Super Bowl combatants NE & Seattle both selected 2 OL in the round.

Luv the selection of BUCK ALLEN/RB by the RAVENS. He replaces the departed BERNARD PIERCE and is a more productive, physical back than PIERCE. He catches well and has a nose for the end zone. Look for him to get carries right away in the red zone.

The bENGALS selected JSON SHAW/DB/USC at Pick 120, which I believe will turn out to be quite a bargain/value for them. THey also announced him as a S not CB which is very smart. My take is simple… when SHAW has the ball in ball/receiver in front of him he’s a dynamic cover guy, When the ball/receiver gets behind him he can’t locate the ball or rotate his hips. The bengals need help back there and IMO SHAW will become a starter for them at S.

MIKE DAVIS/RB is headed to he 49’ers and he reminds me a lot of FRANK GORE coming out of college. DAVIS had rib injuries in 2014 and the Gamecock coaches kept playing him, never letting him heal. Then they had bad things to say about his conditioning and practice habits. BOO to you Coaches SPURRIER. You guys did wrong by this player and he deserved better from you. He will contribute and flourish as a rotational guy in the NFL.

Gotta do some research, which I think MEL is working on. Who in the hell is Pick 116 RODNEY GUNTER/DE/DELAWARE STATE who the cardinals took. It;s not often that a guy is such a sleeper that most of us Draftniks have not heard of him. Sure feels like a cute reach by STEVE KEIM & BRUCE ARIANS to me. I reserve the right to be proven wrong.

Back at you in the middle of Round 5.

Draft Blog Day 3

Watching telecasts today from outside in Chicago I cannot help but think how lucky the NFL has been to have such lovely weather in early May. AS an old guy I say kudos to MEL KIPER for having his shades on for the outdoor location shoot. As we get older having shade eye protection is a big deal. In fact it should be for younger people too. EVer heard of UV rays?!

Round 4 is starting out as I expected. Mostly well known names are bring selected and team needs are far outweighing exact player rankings.

Interesting Pick by the JETS of BRYCE PETTY/QB. He is not going to help them this season, but if GENO SMITH does not progress as desired PETTY can learn for a year and be ready to compete in 2016.

All defense so far, and I luv the PATS pick of TREY FLOWERS/DE. He’s this year’s CHRIS SMITH from the Razorbacks and has that tweener size and athleticism to move around to multiple positions and tasks on that ever evolving PATS Defense. He will generate pass rush with his speed.

I think DA BEARS are set at the RB spot for the next few years. Drafting JEREMY LANGFORD to compliment FORTE and CAREY provides versatility and depth at the RB position. Gotta get after that Defense again tho with multiple picks again today.

VIKINGS take the risk on CLEMMINGS/OT and his stress fracture. If he can rehab successfully he’ll earn a starting job in 2016.

JAMISON CROWDER/WR/PR will be a big hit in D.C. He does not have the deep speed of SANTAN MOSS, but he has his quickness, elusiveness and hard work attitude to have solid value at the bottom of the WR depth chart. He finds the end zone and will help them in that regard as well.

Back to the TV set. Be blogging at you again in a while.

Day 2 Review Day 3 Projections

I have always felt that Rounds 4-7 truly make or break an NFL teams’s Draft each year. Teams ought to be able to do well in the Top 100. But finding a couple of eventual starters in Round 4-7 is critical to long term success. Teams must also acquire some depth and Special Teams help in the rounds today.

So let’s take a look at some of the aftermath from Rounds 1-3 first.

IMO the STEELERS are on the cusp of a roster saving Draft this year. BUD DUPREE could be the impact edge rusher the team had to find, and SENQUEZ GOLSON, tho smallish, has the ability to change games with his ball-hawking on the Corner. And if they are patient SAMMIE COATES/WR has the potential to make them one of the toughest long ball threats to face in the League. And don’t doubt for a second that BIG BEN doesn’t still have the arm to spin it deep. Now they need to find some power on Day 3.

SCOTT McCLOUGHAN,the REDSKINS new talent guru, has done what he set out to do when things got rolling. It may not be sexy, and he could be accused of reaching a bit but BRANDON SCHERFF should be a plug and play upgrade along their OL, wherever they put him. I’m not sure I agree that PRESTON SMITH can play OLB as they announced with the pick, but at worst he can beef up a bit and play 5-Technique for them. And MATT JONES/RB is a between the tackles runner, who should have lots of tread left on his tires. But just as importantly the guy who said he wanted to acquire more Picks has done so. The ‘SKINS now have 2 Picks in each of the next 3 rounds today. Welcome back SCOTT.

TED THOMPSON and the PACKERS may have one of the more interesting tasks ahead right out of the chute. I would appear that Round 1 Pick will get his first look 89with the team at CB not S. Conversely, I would bet some M&M’s thaT QUENTIN ROLLINS may end up being shuffled to a S slot. By the way TY MONTGOMERY certainly doesn’t help fill the void at ILB but in addition to adding WR depth I would expect to see him returning kicks and punts on Special teams units immediately. Here’s a cautionary word to PACKER faithful… I’m not sure I see a whole lot of ILB quality coming up over the next 4 Rounds.

AS is often the case I thought there were some major reaches and projections in Round 3 like GENEO GRISSOM, CHAZ GREEN, SEAN MANNION, JORDAN HICKS,JAMON BROWN, CRAIG MAGER to name a few. I believe much of the reaching is because certain teams have “discovered gems” that they must have, but they become fearful that if they wait too long their gem will be snatched away from them by another team. SO they take a player they luv a round or two early. Conversely, we get into Round 4 and some “surer” players are taken than the reaches before them. Of course another factor at play on all this is that as SHAKESPEARE said, ‘Every eye forms its own beauty’.

Another factor at play in any Draft is the element of random selection. By that I mean that more often than you might think a team’s needs just do not line up with the best talent available when their next pick comes due. A good example of this phenomenon was Round 2 Friday. Clearly the PACKERS need to be on the hunt for some ILB help after purging their roster at said position this off-season. However, before the PACKS pick at 62 rolled around the following ILB went off the Board: Pick 43/McKINNEY, PIck 45/KENDRICKS, PICK 48/PERRYMAN. Combine those selections with the fact that the SAINTS grabbed ANTHONY @ Pick 31, right after the PACKERS passed on him, and the run on ILB cleaned out the quality closet. It could be several rounds before the next quality ILB comes up again for consideration. THis is one factor that prompts team to trade a few even just a few spots in the heat of Draft battle. to get their guy.

The two biggest name players who are still on the Draft Board now have reasons clearly defined as to why they have slipped so far, and may continue slipping. LA’EL COLLINS is in Louisiana awaiting a blood test to determine paternity and answer more police questions about the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Carly there is some serious concern around the League about this becoming he next AARON HERNANDEZ affair. JAY AJAYI is off some teams’ Draft Boards because there is concern about an old knee injury which some feel will develop into a bon-on-bone situation in the knee and end his playing career in a few years. He should get taken by someone today but at a Pick late enough that if he only plays 2-4 years it was still worth the Pick for short term reward.

Here by position are some of he top names I think we should watch for in today’s selection process:


Enjoy the day folks. Be back with some live time blogging in about an hour.

Draft Blog Day 2

Clearly late surfacing concerns about JAY AJAYI’s past knee issues have some substance or there is no way the guy is still undrafted.
If the STEELERS are patient COATES can be a big time addition for them. I have seen improve greatly from 2013 to 2014 with his catch ability. But he still needs more coaching up so he can do a bit more than just go long.

PACKERS take a WR in Round 3, passing on XAVIER COOPER/DL to take TY MONTGOMERY, I think his return ability is a big deal to the Pack.

Interesting selection of SEAN MANNION to be the Rookie developmental QB for the RAMS.

Geneo GRISSOM will be a project for New England, but his multiple talent and athleticism will play well in the PATS defense.

Last pick of the day is PAUL DAWSON/LB to the BENGALS. That’s a good one for this team that is weak at the LB positions.

It clearly looks now like NFL teams are really convinced the La’el Collins situation is very serious and I’,\m thinking he may be not be drafted on Saturday.

THat’s a wrap. I will get up in the morning and try to translate some more of this before we plunge into Rounds 4-7.

Draft Blog Day 2

Boy did CHRIS CONLEY hit a home run at the COMBINE. As a guy with 36 catches as a senior he moved himself into the Top 100 with his athleticism in Indy,

The BROWNS take another Pick at the non-WR position. Maybe he can work out of the slot for them.

I think the pick of JOHN MILLER at OG gives the BILLS a smart and stout OG who may be a plug and play guy for 7-8 seasons.

Best of luck to the newest JET in LORENZO MAULDIN/OLB who has had a horrific life in over a dozen foster homes. Red Dread will make a solid pro IMO.

Chris MAGER makes it a total of 2 smaller school guys in the Top 100 so far. Expect a ton of them on Saturday.

Draft Blog Day 2

MIght we see more D for FALCONS? But how about a RB since they have lost several players there.

COLEMANis the man and fills a big need.

NFLN is showing the party at TEVIN COLEMAN’s house in Illinois. ESPN is still on commercial break. SCREW ESPN I am switching my watching to NFLN right now!

Hey Colin tell your INATS that just cause OWI’s name is a lot like OSI does not mean he can compete well at the NFL level. Toom any hip injuries on his medical chart for my taste. Oh wait I get it. They need that name cause they cut KIWANUKA.

Draft Blog Day 2

Round 3 is roaring along with a pretty young lady currently getting cancer treatment @ St Jude’s hospital.

TEXANS trade up to finally take JAELEN STRONG off the Board and the TEXANS give up a lot including DEVIER POSEY. JETS appear to be collecting WR. They must have a dozen on the roster now.

Seattle had way too many Picks for as good as they are. Trading a bunch of Day 3 Picks to get TYLER LOCKETT is a great move. He will upgrade their receiving and return games.

You can see the RAMS building up a bigger OL to clear the way for TODD GURLEY. JAMON BROWN may not be pretty but he is effective. I see him fighting for a starting OG slot, but he can back up both G and RT if needed.

CLIVE WALFORD looks like an immediate upgrade for the RAIDERS at TE, where they have a bunch of guys right now. RIVERA can transition to a move-TE/H-Back role now where he belongs.

Draft Blog Day 2

Leave it to SEA HAWKS to draft FRANK CLARK, who has had domestic violence issues, off the field. As I have said multiple times this roster in Seattle is going to implode one day in the near future. I almost had him off my Board!

Per their cocky ways the PATS make a huge reach for JORDAN RICHARDS. He’ll flame out as another TAVON WILSON Pick. His STanford ALEX CARTER would have been a much wiser selection.

Gotta take a break for a bit folks. Be back a bit into Round 3.

Draft Blog Day 2

Trent Dilfer making a good point of how ROD MARINELLI can be more than just a Coach to a guy with GREGORY.

PACKERS are coming up and I see 3 names of interest potentially…

The ILB guys are gone until Saturday IMO.

OOps there goes MARPET. Way to go ESPN had to have a commercial and missed a PIck. It’s only Round 2 for crying out loud. PACKERS are up and in.

Like the PIck of ROLLINS, but I don’t think he’s big enuf to be of much help at that ILB spot that they purged this off-season.

Draft Blog Day 2

Clearly the medical report on JAELEN STRONG’s wrist must not be good. There is no other explanation for this long of a wait.

Now that’s a long tall Texan standing up there.

Great coverage guy with a propensity for INT. But he is small and can get run over in run support. Now they have to hope he cannot hit the curve ball.

HAVENSTEIN was one of he smartest people I talked to at Media Night in Mobile. Communications Major who I thought should have been in Law School. Very impressive guy. Must play at the RT to avoid trying to block speed rushers.

GOLDEN is the better Michael Sam as a pro prospect.

One of the worst looking athletes in his underwear in Mobile. But is a functional athlete. He could be super in a couple of years when whipped into shape in the Broncos Training Room… TY SAMBRAILLO.

So the JONES BOys are rolling the dice. The risk/reward is now huge. Chock up another fulltime baby sitter on the Cowboys payroll. Jason Taylor is a good comparison with the pads on, but not off he field.

Draft Blog Day 2

ABDULLAH will be a nice weapon to replace REGGIE BUSH in the Motor City. And watch him in the return game.

You know they thought the STEELERS might take the best TE in the Draft! That is why the RAVENS traded up. Fills a big need for the RAVENS who have lost TEs galore to VFA and injury.

Someone tell the STEELERS to jump to Plan B and grab CLIVE WALFORD/TE/MIami. Either that or take DB/ROLLINS from the other MIami in Ohio.

Draft Blog Day 2

Hey I’ll bet NATE ORCHARD can really help out MANZIEL and catch a ton of balls as a BROWNS.

If the DOLPHINS can light a fire under PHILLIPS big butt he has starting potential. Right now he looks like a solid rotational, flash player. Maybe SUH can fire him up.

IF I’m the agents for RANDY GREGORY I’m talking him into leaving Chitown ASAP before we get to Round 3.

MITCH MORSE was the first guy outside my Top 100 to be drafted this year. I had him at No. 101. I just sent his Dad a quick note of congratulations. Hey it’s not his kid’s fault that he messed up my Big Board.

TIme for a vanilla Pick from the BENGALS methinks. Wow ICKY is a bit heavier but the shuffle looks pretty good. Clearly the BENGALS are in a mood to rebuild their OL right now. THat’s 2 OT in two picks. By 2015 FISHER will muscle up and be starting at LT for them. This will save them big bucks when their current starting OT’s are Free Agents. WHITWORTH will be too ild to keep, SMITH likely too expensive.

Draft Blog Day 2

I think they want to move ROWE to Safety. They have signed several CB already. Give CHIP credit for not drafting a DUCK yet. But it is another PAC-12 player for him.

CARL DAVIS/DL/IOWA might be a BIG help on the DL for the CHARGERS. He could hold up well as a 3-4 DE.

There goes PERRYMAN. Clay Matthews I hope you are resigned to being an ILB most of the time. By the way, if that is he guess, I would guess CLAY will look to exit Green Bay for the West Coast and an OLB fulltime slot for his next contract.

Goose bumps for JIM KELY’s reception in Chicago. I fear JIM faces a never ending battle with cancer and we need to treasure him while he is still with us.

Draft Blog Day 2

PACKERS fans try to relax, but it’s looking like there will not be an ILB worth picking by the PACK @ #62. Maybe Whitey can draft a FB and slide him over to ILB later in the Draft.

BY the way if any of you missed it the PACKERS do intend to switch their No, 1 Pick S/RANDALL to CB when Camp opens.

TARTT, the local boy at the Senior Bowl in Mobile is a very good athlete with good athleticism. Can play in the box, but is decent out in space as well.

EAGLES are on the clock and I think JAKE FISHER/OT of Oregon is their man.

Draft Blog Day 2

BROWNS trade a Pick to the TEXANS. Im guessing RAY FARMER has no clue who to take so he traded out. The BROWNS keep adding Picks but not necessarily functional players. Owner HASLAM might do himself a big favor by firing FARMER and signing KEVIN COSTNER. I am truly feeling sorry for all you loyal BROWNS fans. Maybe you can petition the League to move this team to L.A. and apply for an expansion team under new ownership.

I’m not sure KIKAHA can play outside full time in the NFL. But if you move him inside you mitigate his pass rush potential. I/m not in luv with this guy. I agree with MEL on this player.

Draft Blog Day 2

OK one of the bad boys has been taken… DGB. This is somewhere between PLAXICO BURRESS & LARRY FITZGERALD. The question is can someone in the TITANS organization get inside his head and mentor him. Kid has had a tough life and deserves the benefit ogf the doubt and a chance to turn himself around as a human being.

This has pissed me off for years when ESPN flip/flops events between their multi channel network. It’s a pain in the ass IMO.

PANTHERS move up to RAMS Pick. How about that OT to help protect CAM NEWTON?!

Here we go gotta change the channel. THanks a lot ESPN. Hell they aren’t even ready to make the switch to ESPN 2. Wake up ESPN suits… you are morons.

I still see FUNCHESS as a move-TE as a pro. I also see that the PANTHERS still don’t hold any value in quality at the OT positions. How insane is that concept.

Not sure its the right CB, but JALEN may need a baby sitter in Flowery Branch, GA.

Draft Blog Day 2

Did you listen carefully that when the pick was read PRESTON SMITH was called a LB?
Not sure I see him as being that mobile. He’s also a bit light as a 5-Technique. This reminds me a lot of RYAN KERRIGAN coming out of Purdue.

Home team… DA BEAS are up. It has to be a defender. Go DICK BUTKUS!!!

Butkus says he likes the big guy… EDDIE GOLDMAN as a NT for the new 3-4 Defense in the Windy City. 6’4/336 Will control the middle of the line of scrimmage.

TITANS are on the clock with the GIANTS former Pick.

ON my DIRECT TV feed they keep showing Hannah & her talking horse. THat Hannah would be DEREK JETER’s main squeeze if you didn’t already know.