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Draft watch: Friday the 13th

ESPN has a doubleheader this evening with defending national champion Clemson playing at Syracuse at 7 PM ET and California hosting 8th ranked Washington State at 10:30 PM ET. And with much of the Giants focus shifting to the future and the draft, there are a couple of players worth an extra look in tonight’s games. Clemson junior… Read More »

How’d we get here??

Woe is us! Indeed! There is probably no one simple answer to how the Giants got to 0-5. Certainly, the media and internet are awash with fingers pointed at the Maras (but not the Tischs), G.M. Jerry Reese, head coach Ben McAdoo, QB Eli Manning, the offensive line, and all the rest of the usual suspects down the… Read More »

Giants post-draft buzz

Got a chance to chat with a guy who is pretty close to the Giants last evening and this was the gist of some of what he had to say. Going into the draft the #1 guy on the Giants short list was Mahomes (more on that below). They were prepared to try and move up if Mahomes… Read More »

Reading the Big Blue tea leaves … and seeing a lot of tea leaves

One of our favorite parts of the pre-draft process is trying to figure out what the Giants are thinking and where they might go with their early picks. Some years we’ve figured it out pretty early, others, though, we haven’t had a clue. With the clock ticking on the 2017 draft, which is now just over a month… Read More »

We stand on OG for thee!!!

We really don’t think the Giants will go into the 2017 draft looking to select an offensive linemen with one of their early picks. (To make a long story short, the Giants obviously have some issues up front, especially on the right side of the line; however, the more likely scenario is that they once again try and… Read More »

Giants bye week review

With the Giants on their bye week it’s as good a time as any to take of the state of the team heading into the second half of the season. On the one hand, the Giants have to be happy enough with their 4-3 record that has them very much in the thick of the NFC playoff chase.… Read More »

Chicken Little on the prowl

Judging by the emails we have received from our fellow Giants’ fans this week in the wake of Sunday’s loss to Washington, one would be thinking that while the world as we know it isn’t actually about to end, but the season is just about done! However, this is one of those times one really likes to be… Read More »

Giants-Dallas review

What a difference a year makes! What a difference a point makes! A year ago the Giants reeled out of a devastating last-second loss in their season-opener in Dallas that somehow set the tone for a second straight disappointing 6-10 record. And it appeared that the Giants just might be in for another heart-breaker in Dallas with the… Read More »

How the Giants ended up with a second Eli and other notes from the 2016 draft …

We’re still not sure of all the details because we never got the full story from one trusted source, but this is our best take on how the 10th pick went last Thursday based on nuggets of information we have been able to piece together from several different sources. Literally from the time that they went to see… Read More »

Sometimes one can’t see the forest for the trees: An alternative theory (of sorts) on the state of the Giants …

Like most Giants; fans we’ve been struggling for weeks trying to make sense of the current state of the Giants. They are 6-8 with two weeks to go in the schedule and needing wins in both of their final two games, plus some help from other teams to have any chance at all of making the playoffs for… Read More »