2015 First Round Projection

Last Updated: January 27, 2015 8:09 pm

1Tampa Bay*Jameis WinstonQBFlorida State
2Tennessee*Leonard WilliamsDESouthern California
3Jacksonville*Randy GregoryDENebraska
4Oakland*Amari CooperWRAlabama
5Washington*Shane RayLBMissouri
6NY Jets*Marcus MariotaQBOregon
7Chicago*Dante FowlerDEFlorida
8AtlantaVic BeasleyOLBClemson
9NY GiantsDevante ParkerWRLouisville
10St. LouisBrandon ScherffG/TIowa
11Minnesota*Andrus PeatOTStanford
12ClevelandKevin WhiteWRWest Virginia
13New OrleansBud DupreeOLBKentucky
14Miami*Landon CollinsSSAlabama
15San FranciscoLa'el CollinsG/TLSU
16HoustonDanny SheltonDTWashington
17San Diego*Trae WaynesCBMichigan State
18Kansas City*Ereck FlowersG/TMiami
19Cleveland (from Buffalo)*Eddie Goldman5TFlorida State
20Philadelphia*Shaq ThompsonLBWashington
21Cincinnati*Malcom BrownDTTexas
22Pittsburgh*Marcus PetersCBWashington
23Detroit*Jordan PhillipsDTOklahoma
24Arizona*Benardrick McKinneyLBMississippi Satte
25CarolinaOwamagbe OdighizuwaDEUCLA
26BaltimoreMel GordonRBWisconsin
27Dallas*P.J. WilliamsCBFlorida State
28Denver*Devin FunchessWRMichigan
29IndianapolisCameron ErvingC/TFlorida State
30Green BayMichael Bennett5TOhio State
31New England*Dorial Green-BeckhamWROklahoma
32Seattle*Jaelen StrongWRArizona State

19 thoughts on “2015 First Round Projection

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  3. Jerry

    Do you think the red flags that are flying on Winston, will be a moot point by the time the Draft
    in Chicago takes place or do you see an sernario, where Tampa Bay might pass because of the PR hit it could take an Winston
    falls like Randy Moss?

    1. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      WINSTON will be an enigma right thru the Draft. There are lots of practical reasons for Tampa to take WINSTON, bat after the JOSH FREEMAN debacle can they risk another PR hit?!

    1. Colin Lindsay

      Spencer: We do not in fact publish a guide ourselves; we do usually put out a pre-season college football draft guide in the fall. There are a number of good guides out there. The one that I would get if I was getting one would be Frank Coyle’s Draft Digest. Lots of well written analysis. Good luck with it.

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  6. Kevin

    If Scherff is still on the board, I don’t think they would pass over him to select Peat. Their greatest need along the OL is at LOG followed by tackle. Scherff could fill the hole at OG, while also potentially possessing the skills to play LOT if Kalil continues to struggle.

    1. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      Like your thinking. SCHERFF could be another GALLERY and OG might be his best position. HIs versatility would help the VIKES.

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  8. Sherrane

    How did you determine the player positions? Bud Dupree will be a 4-3 DE before Randy Gregory will and neither will play DL in a 3-4. Gregory, provided there are no medical concerns, will be the best 3-4 OLB in this draft whereas Dupree could be the best pass rushing 4-3 RDE.

    1. Colin Lindsay

      Sherrane: As much as possible we base our positions on what we hear NFL teams are thinking about the different players; Gregory is certainly getting looks as a 3-4 OLB but 4-3 teams are pondering if he can put on enough weight to play DE in that scheme as he has the frame to get considerably bigger. Meanwhile, Dupree would appear to be better suited to play a 4-3 DE right now, but some 3-4 teams are looking at him as a possible OLB in that scheme because of his length and quickness. Of course, nobody is looking at either as a down 3-4 DE.

    2. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      DUPREE has a strong tendency to shy away from contact. There is no way he playes DE in the NFL unless purely as a pass rush sub-pakcage guy. I like ZA’DARUS SMITH a lot more as all around player with excellent pass-rush skills.

    3. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      Speaking for myself, I dtermine player psotitions based on their college reseum but how i think it will project to the NFL. Needless to say my slotting will not agree with some NFL scouting departments especially depending upon what scheme their team currently plays on either side of the ball.

  9. Patsfan 12

    Wr strong seems to only work outside the numbers and shows no interest in blocking.

    Why would bb bother with such a limited player.

  10. PhillyBilly

    Obviously the Eagles want a more mobile QB but at 20 no chance of Mariota, Winston is a PR nightmare. Do they go for the best CB? Who is the best for them?

  11. Shimon Cohen

    Is Ellis McCarthy staying in school ? Is Bret Hundley a little over rated on this list ? Do you really think the Giants would take Collins over Peat or one of the Flowers ? Isn’t taking a RB below # 20 now a “No-No ?” Do the Jets really want the potential problems with Winston ? Is Shelton really better than Goldman ?

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