GBN Big Board: Top Prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft

Note that while the following rankings incorporate GBN staff evaluations of the respective players, the final ranking reflects as much as possible the latest intelligence on how NFL teams currently have the players graded.

* indicates underclassmen
X indicates a player has some kind of injury that could impact his final grade
O indicates a player has some kind of off-field issue that could impact his grade

Last Updated: February 26, 2015 10:55 pm

*Leonard WilliamsDTSouthern California
*Jameis WinstonQBFlorida State (O)
*Marcus MariotaQBOregon
*Amari CooperWRAlabama
*Dante FowlerDEFlorida (OLB)
*Randy GregoryDENebraska (X)
Kevin WhiteWRWest Virginia
*Shane RayOLBMissouri
Brandon ScherffOTIowa
Vic BeasleyOLBClemson
Danny SheltonDTWashington
*Trae WaynesCBMichigan State
Bud DupreeDEKentucky
*Andrus PeatOTStanford
*Landon CollinsSSAlabama
Devante ParkerWRLouisville (X)
La'el CollinsG/TLSU
*Dorial Green-BeckhamWROklahoma (O)
*Mel GordonRBWisconsin
T.J. ClemmingsOTPittsburgh
*Shaq ThompsonOLBWashington
*Eddie GoldmanDTFlorida State
*Jaelen StrongWRArizona State
*Malcom BrownDTTexas
*Todd GurleyRBGeorgia (X)
*Jordan PhillipsDTOklahoma
*Ereck FlowersOTMiami (X)
*Marcus PetersCBWashington (O)
Cameron ErvingC/TFlorida State
*Arik ArmsteadDTOregon (X/DE)
*Benardrick McKinneyILBMississippi State (OLB)
Owamagbe OdighzuwaDEUCLA
*Jalen CollinsCBLSU
*Danielle HunterDELSU
AJ CannOGSouth Carolina
Nate OrchardDEUtah (OLB)
*Eli HaroldOLBVirginia
Michael BennettDTOhio State
*Sammie CoatesWRAuburn
*Maxx WilliamsTEMinnesota
*Brett HundleyQBUCLA
Carl DavisDTIowa
Devin SmithWROhio State
*Tevin ColemanRBIndiana (X)
*Donovan SmithOTPenn State
*PJ WilliamsCBFlorida State
Hau'oli KikahaOLBWashington (DE)
Quinton RollinsCBMiami (Ohio)
*Duke JohnsonRBMiami
Jake FisherOTOregon
Lorenzo MauldinOLBLouisville
Paul DawsonOLBTCU
*Devin FunchessWRMichigan (TE)
Kevin JohnsonCBWake Forest
Cody PrewittFSMississippi
Eric KendricksILBUCLA
*Nelson AgholorWRSouthern California
Ameer AbdullahRBNebraska (X)
Cedric OgbuehiOTTexas A&M (X)
Denzel PerrymanILBMiami
*Mario EdwardsDEFlorida State
*Breshad PerrimanWRCentral Florida
Ifo Ekpre-OlomuCBOregon (X)
Clive WalfordTEMiami
Phillip DorsettWRMiami
*Jay AjayiRBBoise State
Tyler LockettWRKansas State
*DJ HumphriesOTFlorida
*Alex CarterCBStanford
Derron SmithFSFresno State
Tre McBrideWRWilliams&Mary
Jeremy LangfordRBMichigan State
Josh ShawCBSouthern California
Anthony HarrisFSVirginia
*Ellis McCarthyDTUCLA
Ty SambrailoOTColorado State
Ty MontgomeryWRStanford
Arie KouandjioOGAlabama
Bryce PettyQBBaylor
Byron JonesCBUConn (X/FS)
Preston SmithDEMississippi State
Josh HarperWRFresno State
Laken TomlinsonOGDuke
Kurt DrummondFSMichigan State
*Javoris AllenRBSouthern California
D'Joun SmithCBFlorida Atlantic
Gabe WrightDTAuburn
*Jesse JamesTEPenn State
*Mike DavisRBSouth Carolina (X)
Senquez GolsonCBMississippi
Trey FlowersDEArkansas
Doran GrantCBOhio State
Ali MarpetOGHobart
*Xavier CooperDTWashington State
Jaquiski TarttSSSamford
Zach HodgesOLBHarvard
*Nick O'LearyTEFlorida State
David JohnsonRBNorthern Iowa
*Gerod HollimanFSLouisville
Reese DismukesCAuburn
*Lorenzo DossCBTulane
John MillerOGLouisville
Mike DavisRBSouth Carolina
Markus GoldenDEKentucky
Justin HardyWREast Carolina
*Charles GainesCBLouisville
*Kwon AlexanderOLBLSU
*Jeremiah PoutasiOTUtah
TJ YeldonRBAlabama
Grady JarrettDTClemson
Sean MannionQBOregon State
Za'Darius SmithDEKentucky
Ramik WilsonILBGeorgia
Ben KoyackTENotre Dame
*Jordan RichardsSSStanford
Antwan GoodleyWRBaylor
David CobbRBMinnesota
Tre Jackson OGFlorida State
Justin CoxCBMississippi State
Hronas GrasuCOregon
Geneo GrissomOLBOklahoma
Vince MayleWRWashington State
Henry AndersonDEStanford
*Tyler KroftTERutgers
Stephone AnthonyILBClemson
Cameron Artis-PayneRBAuburn
Kevin WhiteCBTCU
Jamil DouglasOGArizona State
Trinca Louis-PasatDTIowa
Daryl WilliamsOTOklahoma
*Chris HackettFSTCU
Jamison CrowderWRDuke
Zxavier DicksonOLBAlabama
Jeff HeuermanTEOhio State
Corey CrawfordDEClemson
Jacoby GlennCBCentral Florida
Karlos WilliamsRBFlorida State
Hayes PullardMLBSouthern California
Chris CovingtonDTFresno State
Rob HavensteinOTWisconsin
*Ronald DarbyCBFlorida State
MyCole PruittTESouthern Illinois
Lynden TrailOLBNorfolk State
Tony ChickilloDEMiami
*Durelle EskridgeFSSyracuse
BJ FinneyCKansas State
Malcolm BrownRBTexas
Louis Trinca-PasatDTIowa
Steve NelsonCBOregon State
*Max VallesOLBVirginia
Wes SaxtonTESouth Alabama
Ibraheim CampbellSSNorthwestern
*Stefon DiggsWRMaryland
Garrett GraysonQBColorado State
Corey RobinsonOTSouth Carolina
Cedric ReedDETexas (X)
Jordan HicksOLBTexas
*Matt JonesRBFlorida
EJ BibbsTEColorado State
LaDarius GunterCBMiami
Mike HullILBPenn State
Tony LippettWRMichigan State
Tyeler DavisonDTFresno State
Dominique BrownRBLouisville
Jake RyanOLBMichigan (X)
Adrian AmosSSPenn State
Sean HickeyOTSyracuse
Jalston FowlerFBAlabama
Eric RoweCBUtah
Rashad GreeneWRFlorida State
Derrick LottDTTennessee-Chattanooga
Ed RobinsonOLBNewberry
Robert MyersOGTennessee State
Nick MarshallCBAuburn (QB)
EJ BibbsTEColorado State
Tyrus ThompsonOTOklahoma
*Darius PhilonDTArkansas
Trey DePriestILBAlabama
Shane CardenQBEast Carolina
Marcus HardisonDTArizona State
Clayton GeathersFSCentral Florida
Tyler VargaRBYale
Jacory ShepherdCBKansas
Joey MbuDTHouston
Adam SheadOGOklahoma
Tony WashingtonOLBOregon
*Chris CovingtonDTRice (X)
Terrance MageeRBLSU
Damian SwannCBGeorgia
Chaz GreenOTFlorida
Frank ClarkDEMichigan (O)
Damarious RandleFSArizona State
Cody FajardoQBNevada
Justin MantonPKLouisiana-Monroe
Dres AndersonWRUtah
TJ SurrattDTSouth Carolina
Ben HeeneyILBKansas
Marcus MurphyRBMissouri
Craig MagerCBTexas State
Mitch MorseOTMissouri
Angelo BlacksonDTAuburn
Martell SpaightOLBArkansas
Kenny BellWRNebraska
Blake BellTEOklahoma
Tony Jefferson FSUCLA
Connor HallidayQBWashington State
*Rakeem Nunez-RochesDTSouthern Mississppi
Martin IfediDEMemphis
*Josh RobinsonRBMississippi State
Davaris DanielsWRNotre Dame
Jon FelicianoOGMiami
Quandre DiggsCBTexas
Terry PooleOTSan Diego State
Davis TullOLBTennessee-Chattanooga
Nick BoyleTEDelaware
Bryce HagerILBBaylor
Titus DavisWRCentral Michigan
*James SampleFSLouisville
Blake SimsQBAlabama
*Rakeem Nunez-RochesDTSouthrtn Mississippi
Bobby McCainCBMemphis
Kyle LoomisPPortland State
Derrick LottDTTennessee-Chattanooga
*Laurence GibsonOTVirginia Tech
Taiwan JonesILBMichigan State
Jean SifrinTEUMass
*Trey WilliamsRBTexas A&M
Tevin McDonaldFSEastern Washington
Tavaris BarnesDEClemson
Bobby HartOGFlorida State
Dezmin LewisWRCentral Arkansas

20 thoughts on “GBN Big Board: Top Prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft

  1. Jerie O'Connor

    Colin, how will Brandon Schreff’s hamstring injury at the Combine affect his currently high draft position in the 1st round?

    1. Colin Lindsay

      Jerie: The hammy should not affect his status at all; and the fact that he ran in the 5.05 range which is very good for a guy that size probably solidified his grade at the top OL; the only negatiives for Scherff were the fact that his arms only measured 33″ and then he had a disappointing bench but is still a guy known as a workout warrior.

    1. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      THank you so much for the compliment, but dont be bashful to tell us what you want more of going forward. Just don’t ask me to do a lot of Mocks. They give me headaches to do. Colin is better at it anyway.

      1. rick

        Can you tell me the story on ILB Amarlo Herrera. Hes 4th rd on 1/2 the sites and UD on the other 1/2.
        Why such a large discrepancy?

    1. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      THanks very much. Now a favor. Click on an ad now and again so we can cover expenses of running the site. NO not salaries, just costs.

  2. 3CARD

    You have Kevin Johnson listed twice at 61 and 100 also EJ Bibbs is from Iowa State not Colorado State

  3. Jeremy

    So far, this draft is not nearly as talented or deep as last years. Not only did last years draft have more underclassmen, but the top level talent seemed better. I’m sure there will be some good players that come from this draft, but I am just not seeing any stars. It always has to play out, sure, but I’m just not as excited right now. Some guys I’m watching, sure. Anyone agree or disagree? We still have 4 months…

    1. Colin Lindsay

      You are dead on Jeremy in saying that the 2015 draft pales in comparison to last year’s draft especially at the very top of the board. Indeed, one could make the case that maybe other than USC DE Len Williams, nobody in this year’s draft would have been a lock to be a top 10 pick last year. That said, what makes this year’s draft interesting I believe is the day two talent. There is some real depth out there at RB, WR and along the OL, especially at OG and RT. And while there isn’t the same talent on D there are some emerging prospects at DT and there is real depth among the 3-4 OLBs, as well as some keepers at safety. And in many ways a less talented draft is a challenge for pro scouts because you have to be that much more diligent in your assessments.

    2. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      PIgskin Paul will beg to differ on one aspect here. I believe it is weaker at the top, but almost as deep as last year. By the time we get awed by a few more surprises at the Combine having extra picks will again be a big deal forsome teams.

  4. Bane

    Pretty solid list. A little surprised by Eric Kendricks at 72. He think he could make it into the top 40.

    I’m a long time reader. The new design is great. Thanks!

    1. Pigskin Paul Guillemette

      KENDRICKS size plays against him. He cost himself not attending SR Bowl. PP

  5. Jeremy

    I’m wondering why LB Stephone Anthony, from Clemson, isn’t on this list? Surely he is in top 200 players?

  6. dancin'max

    I have Andrus Peat as my alternative for Scherff if the Giants pick an OT with the 9th overall pick.

  7. Tmonee

    I’d put RB Wisconsin Melvin Gordon into the top ten, I know the position of RB is on the decline in terms of how GM’s view the position. However, once GM’s and coaches get to meet this kid and see what kind of person he is, to go along with HUGE 3 down potential as a franchise type RB, he should get picked in the top 12 picks, he is a safe pick both on the field and off, and can get on the field from day one in the NFL. He would fit well with a few of the teams picking in that range.


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